Useful Resources

Installation Guide

With the step-by-step instruction book, the installation process is easy and fast. Under the vividly illustrated instruction, it is a breeze to apply any artificial hedge products to places like walls and fences and in no time and the instant beauty soon comes to life.


The E-book gives more than a detailed display of our products. It also includes company information, production process and various services we provide. Check it out and learn what we can offer to you.

SUNWING Brochure

The brochure gives you an overview of our artificial plants products in variations of shapes, hues, designs, etc. The wide range of collections won’t let you down.

Request a Quote

If you are a retailer and wholesaler and wants to enrich your product catalog in artificial foliage, SUNWING can be your best choice. Contact us and see what we can offer you with premium customized products to meet your specific needs.

Case Studies

  • Artificial Hedges Planter Dividers
    Create a cozy private retreat space divider or boundary
  • Artificial Hedge Wall Office Décor
    Top greening solution for office design or decorations
  • Outdoor Faux Hedges Wall
    Eye-catching building façade green wall covering
  • Outdoor Artificial Vertical Garden
    Transform your garden into exotic greenery paradise

Good People. Kind Words.

Their Artificial Foliage Walls Work Perfectly…
SUNWING helped me with 2 office designs, their artificial foliage walls work perfectly in creating a naturalistic environment and enlivening the place.
Mili Miller
Interior Designer (3 years)
Two of Their Products Soon Become My Best Sellers
The artificial plants market is robust in recent years. I'd like to improve my sales and I contacted SUNWING. Two of their products soon become my best sellers.
Abdul Malouf
Artificial Plants & Trees Retailer (2 years)