ultra trendy pool decor ideas

Pool decor ideas

Browse modern swimming pool decoration to get inspiration for your own backyard oasis. Discover modern pool deck ideas and landscaping options to create your unique pools. Spectacular Swimming Pools That Will Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Resort.

When decide to make a Decoration and upgrade your pool, some building material ,such as wood fence, green walls or artificial plants take you different style.

 swimming pool decoration

Modern pool -Inspiration for a large modern backyard stone and rectangular lap pool remodel. Give modern pool a privacy and clean scenes, From minimalist modern swimming pool designs to more formal, elaborate styles, the key to creating a sophisticated swimming pool is to complement the landscape rather than compete with it. Planning a pool in full sun? Consider surrounding with drought-tolerant plants and cool decking materials. For a cooler watering hole, lush up the landscape with plants that thrive in the shade. And for a whimsical touch, embellish your pool with a charming outdoor fountain or a stylish garden ornament.

Recently, we have completed an indoor swimming pool decoration project for our customers, which has a good result. So we made a statistic. In the pool-related projects we have done, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are involved. This article summarizes some tips for decorating swimming pools with artificial plants. I hope to help you a little.

What do you need to consider before beautify your pool?

If Flashed in your mind is to plant green trees, Avoid deciduous trees and those with spines or cones. Finally, consider the plant’s needs. The pool is likely situated in full sun where there is quite a bit of exposure, and since they will get splashed a lot, avoid plants that prefer dry conditions. Meanwhile, please conside the
Suggestion below.

5 ways to consider when decorate your pool

Durability– Choose lants need resist to salt water
Maintenance– Easy to maintain, especially exposed to the sun,plants need water in large volume. Another ways, you need take some times to clean defoliation.
Privacy– To keep privacy, please choose large and Dense plants.
Space– If pool is small, hanging plants or samll potted trees can meet your needs.If the space is large, Vertical gardens and plant walls are good choices.
Climate- Weather is a factor that cannot be ignored, not all plants are suitable for growth in any environment

What are the best artifical plants to put around a pool?

 Artificial Large trees – The perfect way to add shade to your poolside.
Tropical palms – Common plants on holiday islands,you will enjoy this.
Artificial Hedges – Perfect for privacy with life-like and dense leaves.
Topiary plants – Creating an elegant and manicured look, these plants are a classic.
Vertical garden – A chic space-saving solution.
Artificial Hedges in Planter – Unique and memorable, this is both greenery and art.
Artificial grass– Artificial turf is a safe, non-slip surface, which makes it ideal for use around a pool area

Indoor Swimming Pool Design with Artificial Green Wall

artificial plants

Indoor swimming pools are most commonly found in large hotels, gyms, and villas. In order not to appear monotonous, the choice of decoration next to the pool becomes very important. Compared with outdoor, the indoor environment is relatively dim, and the surrounding decoration is best to choose a brighter color, such as yellow, coupled with the light, it can make people relax.

As an excellent wall decoration, the advantages of artificial plants make it the first choice for many interior designers. For safety reasons, we added fireproof materials in the production process, so that the artificial hedge walls are not easy to burn, they will not emit irritating gas, and will not cause harm to the human body. This beautiful and safe decoration can also bring a good mood to people resting by the pool.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Decoration

outdoor artificial hedges

Compared with indoor, outdoor swimming pools are more open and have a wider field of vision. There is no dim light, so you can choose a darker color as the background decoration. If the swimming pool is relatively large and on flat ground, a fence is required as a cover. The dark green artificial plants wall has good shading and can protect the privacy of the host to a certain extent. Generally speaking, in such open-air occasions, solid color fences are more comfortable, because the fences are realistically constructed and can be integrated with the surrounding environment.

outdoor swimming pool

In addition, some deep well-type outdoor swimming pools are not very large, and the light conditions are also relatively limited. The solid color decoration will be slightly monotonous. The variety of colors of the artificial hedges can meet the matching of dark and light colors, and different patterns are spliced together, giving designers more inspiration.

The fresh PE material used in all vertical gardens can not fade for a long time and can withstand the sun, rain, and rain outdoors. It is a good choice for indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

Artificial Grass: Swimming Pool Landscaping

About your pool in your backyard, you do not need to vertical privacy , you can choose Artificial Turf to lay arround your swimming. Landscaping has the ability to transform any backyard into a modern oasis that can be enjoyed for years to come by friends and family. For that reason, artificial grass has quickly become an integral part of swimming pool landscapes.

Artificial Grass for Swimming Pool Landscaping


Easy installation– Installs directly over any poolside hardscape surface or flooring without nails or glue to create a soft, poolside landscape artificial turf grass solution.
Safety- A cushioned surface and gritty sand infill make for a slip-resistant poolside surface.
Durability– Artificial grass landscaping around pools is designed to last 8-10 years.

Artificial Plants Trees Surrounded a Pool

Pools is a place that take you fun and relaxing addition to a back yard.And it is difficult to keep clean.In order to save your time from collecting leaves, flowers, and petals by removing your natural trees,Choose artificial plants surrounded your pool.

There is a whole line of artificial trees that are specifically designed for outdoor use. They look just like the real thing and even feature a UV coating that helps to protect the synthetic leaves from fading in the sunlight.

Recently, Artificial Plants widely used in outdoor and indoor decoration, vertial garden is oneof most favored product,if you want to know more about vertical garden knowledge . Welcome to share your swimming pool design dieas with us. Subscribe us Now





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