6 Facts You Must Know about Artificial Plant Wall

The artificial garden wall is a wall decoration designed according to the needs of users by splicing individual foliage branches together. The branches increase the sense of hierarchy and diversity of the artificial plant wall. If you are looking for a faux plant wall supplier, there are 6 facts you must know about it.


In general, there are three types of Artificial Vertical Garden.

#1. The first kind consists of simple artificial hedges, the style of the wall depends on these hedges. This kind of artificial vertical garden is based on simple artificial leaves, but the style will change a lot by those different combinations. With superb coverage and good aesthetics, this is the preferred choice for the fence in many courtyard owners.

#2. The second class is a combination of artificial hedge and artificial foliage, which adds some new elements to the simple products. The existence of artificial foliage makes the whole panel more flexible and changeable, It’s perfect for interior decoration.

#3. The last one is all made up of artificial foliage, this is the best choice for all DIY enthusiasts. It is more creative than the other two kinds because All these foliages are within your consideration. You will have your unique garden with it.

1. Is Artificial Plant Garden harmful to health?

Generally, artificial wall plants are made from plastics, which has led to many misunderstandings about artificial plants. However, plastic has pros and cons when it comes to utility, durability, cost, safety, and performance. The materials of premium artificial plant walls are PE and PVC, which is non-toxic and has no bad smell, safe for your home, pets, and guests. 100% recyclable and sustainable, your artificial vertical garden can be recycled when you decide to part with it.

artificial plant wall landscape

What is undeniable is that there are bad businesses selling fake plants made of inferior materials. Therefore, it is particularly important to select a qualified artificial plant wall supplier and learn how to tell the quality when looking for fake plant wall wholesale, which will be introduced below in the article.

2. Can artificial plant panels withstand bad weather?

For the exterior artificial plant wall, the first concern is that if the fake plants withstand high temperature, exposure to sun, wind, and rain. A high-quality artificial plant wall can dispel your worries with its solid back panel and firmly fixed leaves. And you should choose the UV-resistant version, which protects the artificial plant wall from fading and cracking under long-time sun exposure.

A reliable artificial plant wall supplier can provide a warranty for several years for the fake plants, especially suitable for long-term outdoor landscape. Because of the price difference between the UV resistant and normal version, it is suggested to combine the service time and environment for a comprehensive consideration of the faux plant wall wholesale plan.

3. Is it necessary to choose fireproof fake plant walls?

In some conditions, fireproofing can not be neglected for interior design, especially in workplaces or public places like shopping malls, banquet halls, and restaurants. Staff and customer safety should never be put at risk for the sake of interior design. If you’re adding new decorative elements to your interior design, consider whether there are potentially flammable items.

Artificial plant wall office decor

With health and safety increasingly being taken seriously, most employers are extremely conscious of reducing risk. A fireproof artificial plant wall will not ignite or spread fire and is one less item to worry about when compiling your fire safety checks. In addition, you should check the local regulations that may require the use of flame retardant artificial plants before seeking fake plant wall wholesale.

4. Fake plant wall needs no maintenance.

While real plants require the right spot, the right soil, the right amount of water, the right location, and the right weather to look their best, artificial ones arrive ready to go, and always looking good. The artificial vertical wall needs no maintenance after an easy installation, which saves your time and cost in years to come.

The only thing you can do if you want is cleaning the artificial plant wall. It is easier to clean artificial plant walls outdoor, just rinse them or with the help of rain. As for the artificial plant wall indoor, you can brush off the dust with a duster and wipe stubborn stains with a damp cloth. The cleaning frequency depends on you, but remember to fully display the beauty of artificial plants.

5. How to distinguish the quality of the artificial wall garden?

When you need fake plant wall wholesale, you should distinguish the quality from the following four aspects.

  • Appearance: High-quality artificial plants have lifelike leaves with a clear vein and outline. Their color is similar to their real counterparts.
  • Smell: A premium artificial plant wall is made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to health, while the poor quality one is made of some recycled materials, may have a pungent smell.
  • Touch: The artificial plant with high quality has smooth and soft touch with flexible branches while the poor quality one has rough touch.
  • Firmness: The back panel of a good fake plant wall is very thick, flexible, and can be bent 360°.Even if an adult man tugged at it, it wouldn’t break.

6. Source of inspiration: Artificial plants wall case study.

As a leading manufacturer with 15 years of experience in fake plant walls wholesale, SUNWING has supplied artificial plant walls for many interior design and landscaping projects and received a lot of support and praise from our customers. Here are 3 cases for your reference.

  • Artificial garden wall for logo display

artificial plant wall logo

  • Fake plant wall for the backdrop

fake plant wall backdrop

  • Exterior faux plant wall for stereo garage

artificial plant wall for garage


To sum up, more and more people are willing to use green plants in decoration. However it is not easy for all plants to grow anywhere, it is also expensive to purchase and maintain these plants. Because of this, the artificial plant wall becomes a great alternative. Any questions or ideas, welcome to contact us online or send an email to sales@plantsartificial.com.





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