complete guide of plastic plants vs silk plants

Both real and simulated plants have their pros and cons. However, considering various factors (weather, season, green thumb, etc.), artificial plants are slightly better. If search online, you can find that many artificial plants manufacturers made plants as plastic and silk. Both plastic house plants and silk plants look so realistic that you may need to touch and smell them to tell them apart.

If you are a plant lover but lack a green thumb, then fake plants are a great invention for you. Simulation plants of different materials have different characteristics and scope of application.

Before deciding to buy, you need a detailed description and comparison of plants made of plastic and silk . That’s what this blog is about.


  1. Appearance

In terms of appearance, the difference between the two is not much, both have a realistic appearance. Specifically, plastic plant leaves are closer to the color of real plants, and cloth plants are more vibrant. In addition, when you touch the two, you will also find that the two feel different.

realistic plastic plants and silk plants


  1. Material

First we need know what type of plastic is used to make artificial plants. To save costs, some businesses may use recycled materials as raw materials. Plants made from it are cheap, but smell great and look unrealistic. With the emphasis on safety and the development of science and technology, new HDPE materials with FR/UV flame retardants come out. Products made from it are generally considered to have the best realistic appearance and higher quality. Artificial silk plants are made of polyester, polymers and plastics.

material of plastic house plants


  1. Application

Different materials mean different adaptations to the environment. The synthetic plants made of plastic are added with high-quality chemical stabilizers, absorbers or blockers at the manufacturing stage. This additive prevents the color of plastics from fading due to sunlight.Most silk plants are not suitable for keeping outdoors. They are so delicate. Outdoor environments such as rain, sunlight, etc. can damage fibers and dyes. But decorative silk plants treated with a special coating are protected from the weather. So check them for this coating before putting them outdoors. Another thing to note is that fake plants designed for the outdoors generally last about two months.

plastic plants outdoor


  1. Clean

Wherever they are located, these faux plants become dust collectors. But one of the great things about choosing synthetic plants is that you can easily give them a new look. In some cases, you can choose water, a feather duster, a small brush to carefully clean plastic house plants or silk plants. A vacuum cleaner will work too, but take steps to prevent dust from filling your home. In contrast to fake silk plants, sturdy plastic greenery plants can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

clean plastic plants


To sum up, for the selection of silk plants or plastic plants, factors such as the environment and the characteristics of the two need to be comprehensively considered. But it is undeniable that whether it is silk artificial plants or plastic house plants, it is a great indoor and outdoor simulated decorative plant. You can contact us for best affordable plants.

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