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The application range of simulated plant wall is very wide. Types of industry designers who have to choose artificial plant wall panels in their design:

  • Architects
  • Landscape architects
  • Interior designers
  • TV/movie producers
  • Industrial designers
  • Home renovators
  • Photographers
  • Trade show managers and more


Architects Guide to Artificial  Plants Wall – Why & Where

Long gone are the days of brutalist architecture that showcase exposed building materials and structural elements rather than decorative designs. Living in buildings and cities full of modern factors, people have noticed the importance of green plants. Eco-friendly buildings that imitate or add natural elements to architecture are becoming a trend since live plants cannot adapt to all conditions or are practical. Artificial plants can fill the gap. From commercial buildings to private homes, every design incorporates artificial plant wall.


Artificial Wall Plants Application Scene

The characteristics such as realism, UV resistance, and easy installation make the application of simulated plant walls very extensive.

  • Foyers
  • Multi-Residential
  • Office Areas
  • Child Care & Aged Care
  • Display Living
  • Hospitality, Entertainment & Leisure Venues
  • High-flow Traffic Areas
  • Public Spaces
  • Auditoriums


1. A foyer is an entrance hall or other open area in a building, especially a hotel or theater. It can serve multiple purposes. In addition to common areas, decorating a residential foyer is also a great opportunity for you to wow your guests as they enter your home. It is the current trend to decorate the foyer with a simulated plant wall.


2. A multi-residential is a plurality of dwelling units with a common base and common space or equipment. Decorating with a plant wall can both increase comfort and provide privacy for the inhabitants.


3. The ecological office can bring us visual relaxation and reduce the fatigue caused by work. Green plants are the key to creating an ecological environment. But growing live plants in a clean or closed office is sometimes not practical. Therefore, synthetic plant walls that can be installed directly without soil and water are becoming more and more common.

artificial wall plant in office


4. After installing the artificial plant wall on the wall of the child or senior activity center, we can easily put photos, letter circles, and other decorations on it, without worrying about damaging the wall, and it can be recycled. Added energy and fun.


5. The thing that can best show the attitude of life is the greenery. A lush plant symbolizes a positive attitude. But those plants inevitably wilt. The artificial greenery wall is not affected by the weather environment, etc., and remains evergreen.


6. People tend to relax in hotels, entertainment, and leisure venues. This requires the decoration of these places to be differentiated from office buildings. In addition to modern decor, natural factors should also be considered. For example, the decorative plant wall inside and outside the cafe seems to be a forest oxygen bar in the city.

artificial greenery wall at cafe


7. Crowding occurs when an area has a particularly large flow of people. We need to use some items to reduce this feeling.


8. There are always places that are being renovated in public places or some unsightly places or items that need to be covered. The greenery wall can provide a good shading effect, and it is also beautiful, which can be perfectly matched with the surrounding environment.


9. Auditorium interior wall design is very important. The colors of the decorations should not be too bright, and the elements should not be too many. Boxwood faux plant walls are the choice for many auditoriums. In addition, if it is a wedding hall, the green plant wall is also a background wall suitable for taking pictures.

artificial plant wall at wedding


Architectural Green Wall Design

Plants can have a soothing effect. But the installation of truly green walls is not easy. Plants need to absorb nutrients from the soil, but soil inevitably spoils the beauty of the walls and is not safe. Lack of sunlight can stunt growth, and maintenance is laborious. It’s scientifically proven that realistic-looking artificial plants can have the same soothing effect. For maintenance-free green walls, plants cannot be installed directly on the wall. The designer designed panels of different materials such as plastic and inserted the foliage sprays directly on the panels. Then install the panel on the wall. This will not damage the wall. The integrity of the building is guaranteed.


How architects are using faux plants in their designs

Here are some of the best ways for architects to successfully incorporate fake plants into their architectural designs.


1. Leaves wall —— Artificial green walls are rapidly entering the realm of our lives. Commercial spaces, such as restaurants, office entrances, shops etc., mall facades, etc., as well as residential spaces, such as private gardens, etc., can be seen.

faux plant wall in building design


2. Trailing plants —— It’s a fun way to have hanging plants in space. In addition, they can be combined with lighting.


3. Artificial grass ——It is wise to lay fake grass in high-traffic areas. Artificial turf is cleaner and more straight.


4. Potted plants —— Large potted plants are an easy way to add greenery. Without long waits and tedious routine maintenance, they deliver the desired botanical results quickly.


5. Mixing real and fake – this is actually one of the ways to make artificial plants look more realistic. It sounds incredible, but it’s one way to make your artificial plants look more authentic. If you want to enrich your greenery without too much distraction, consider a combination of the two.


Artificial Green Walls for Interior Designers & Architects

Interior designers and architects love to enhance their designs with super-realistic faux living walls. Designs can achieve exciting combinations of style and functionality with them. Choosing fresh plants comes with other hassles, and artificial greenery in commercial buildings offers the same visual effect while being easier to install and less costly and maintain. Faux plant walls are available in a wide variety of combinations and can add real creativity to a commercial or residential building. For how to choose, the following two issues need to be considered.


1. Choose location

The related question for designers and architects is how much space to decorate. Covering the entire wall or half of the wall from ceiling to floor makes a difference.  If any decoration does not consider the size of the space, the effect will be greatly reduced.


2. Select style

The biggest difference from living plants is that artificial greenery provides a lot of flexibility for design. Since the plants are mounted on individual panels, the same plants can be selected for the entire panel, or multiple plants can be mixed to create more visual interest. Choose from a classic boxwood hedge or fern wall for a regular look or a mix of plants for a tropical effect.

Some faux plant suppliers will also provide customer ordering services and contact customer service for relevant information.

different kinds of artificial wall plant


3. Installation requirements

The final issue to consider is the structural requirements of the installation. Different mounting surfaces have different mounting methods. You can ask customer service to get the installation tutorial.


UV Artificial Green Wall Project- By Our Design and Installation

Sunwing is an experienced artificial plant manufacturer in China, which was established in 2004. It has a professional team and advanced technology. High-quality products and services make Sunwing very popular in the market. The product has anti-UV properties and can be safely used outdoors.


Qatari clients used Sunwing’s plant wall panels to decorate the outdoor fences, providing decor and privacy. This impressive faux green wall was successfully installed in one day.

building artificial plant wall outdoor

In addition, there are cases about three-dimensional garages, indoor swimming pools, etc.

artificial wall panels about garage

fake plant wall in swimming pool

We provide a full range of services from consulting, design, and research to after-sales. Contact us to breathe new life into your building.

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