Maybe you are an event planer, needs some instant decoration to fix on the setting wall like plants, or a photographer, wants to add vitality to your photography studio by plants, even an interior designer, requires some plant-like artwork as an interior decoration.. But the problem is coming. Do you have more time and energy to take care of living plants? Or throw it away after using it once?It may be a small cost, but a waste,and the next time you need it, you have to order it again. Now, you can have another choice! That is art framed plant wall.

Indoor Art Framed Plants Wall

Instead of silk plants of decades past,technology, craftsmanship and materials that produce artificial plants are more advanced than ever before. It is hard to tell the difference in appearance between artificial plants and live plants. With the use of fresh new PE, these artificial plants wall with frame can keep lush for 5 years long indoor without watering or trimming.

Different from simple artificial hedge panels, art framed plants wall does not require iron mesh to assist in fixing, just need to be fixed in the same way as a regular photo frame. and when the mission accomplished,you can put them away for the next use or just fix on the wall as a work of art. All these benefits save your time and cost.

Why Sunwing Artificial Plant Wall in Frames

Different from the cheaper varieties sold by mass retailers, SUNWING artificial plants are made of high quality materials, incredibly lifelike and resist fading. We make high-tech molds based on live plants. Each stem, leaf, and petal is created individually, with amazing botanical accuracy in shape, color, and texture. When placing our artificial wall screening in the frame, it can take the place if any wall art decoration.

We supply various types of art framed plants wall, such as artificial hedge panels, artificial vertical garden, preserved moss,etc. If you have special requirements, we also offer unique customized services.

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