Some people like a house with a garden, but privacy screen has become a problem for them to consider. Aside from all kinds of traditional decorations, an outdoor artificial boxwood hedge is a new and exciting way to dress up your wall in your yard.

In all products, the artificial boxwood hedge is undoubtedly the most popular. Whether you want to keep the prying eyes of the neighbors away to protect your privacy or you have a rotting iron fence that is on its last legs, you can use an outdoor artificial boxwood hedge as a quick covering. And the effectiveness is best and amazing.

fence privacy with artificial boxwood hedges

Outdoor Artificial Hedges for Fence Privacy

Most artificial hedges are being made currently that can all accomplish the take of covering a fence. The common denominator they all have is that they are made from UV-infused resin, which keeps the sun from fading the product. This is a significant point to consider and pay close attention to when ordering your plastic hedge products.

Among all artificial products, an artificial boxwood hedge panel has a better hiding power for privacy. It can cooperate with other products such as artificial leaves and artificial flowers to achieve aesthetic effects.

Artificial Privacy Hedge Fences Can Also Have Aesthetic Appeal

Besides those utilitarian reasons like safety, security, privacy, sound insulation, and so on, we can’t build a fence without aesthetic appeal. Just because a fence has an important job to do, that doesn’t mean it can’t be regal and gorgeous. Besides, some homeowners choose to erect artificial hedge fences primarily for their curb appeal.

Original Outdoor Fencing Hedges

In the past, timber, soil, stone, and metal were widely used for fencing. In the well-timbered countries, such as colonial and 19th-century North America, many timber fence patterns were developed, such as the split rail laid zigzag, the post rail, and the picket. Later, people began to care about the aesthetics of the fence. Fences of living plants have been made in many places, such as the hedges of Great Britain and continental Europe and the cactus fences of Latin America. On the East European Plain and in the western United States, fences of turf were erected that often stood for years in the absence of heavy rains.
However, most plants inevitably wither when winter comes, and few can serve as fences. When choosing a plant, consideration should be given to factors such as growth rate, viability, and resistance to pruning, etc. This is enough to cause headaches, right? After selecting, a large amount of money, time, and energy are needed to cultivate and maintain it, which often discourages busy people. At last, you have to choose a simple wood fence or artificial hedge fence with no time to consider its appeal.

ourdoor garden fence
At this point, an alternative appeared. That is an artificial hedge. Today, with the development of science and technology, artificial plants’ lifelike appearance is beyond doubt, and they can perfectly replace living plants in decoration. When choosing artificial hedges, you no longer have to consult an encyclopedia to learn about the right plants for the fence, you need to consider the style and quality of the hedge. If your budget is limited, consider the price.

Installation of Privacy Artificial Hedges

The artificial hedges installation process is also simple and convenient. It doesn’t require you to turn into a hardworking gardener or pay much money for a professional.

  • You need to order the desired style and dimension of hedge panels to fit your fence.
  • Then, connect panels piece by piece. If needed, they can be easily cut down to size using a pair of scissors and then joined with cable ties.
  • The last step, staple, tie, screw or adhere panels to a fence, making sure to attach them securely.

The whole process can be done by yourself and your family, and it won’t take much time. I believe you will feel the joy of achievement after completing the beauty. You can download the artificial fence hedges installation guide here.

installation privacy artificial hedges

Outdoor Fence with Artificial Green Wall with White Flowers

UV Protected Artificial Living Walls for Fence

privacy hedging fence

Classic Artificial Boxwood for Privacy Screen

outdoor fence screen with artificial vertical garden

Artificial Vertical Plants for Fencing Screen

Maybe you have other ideas that you don’t want to cover the whole fence. Separate artificial hedges panels or mats will be a good choice for you to design your own unique fence as you wish. Get a wholesale quote from Sunwing artificial plants with MOQ: 200SQM





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