FAQs About artificial boxwood hedge planter wholesale

Sunwing knows your business project needs a high-quality and cost-effective artificial boxwood hedges planter without thinking about the lead-time issue when it comes to importing artificial plants from china! How do you benefit from faux boxwood hedges planters? It’s time to give your clients outstanding, before that, you should read this article, including:

What is The Material of the Artificial Boxwood Hedge Planter?

The bottom planter is a 1.6 cm thick solid WPC (wood plastic composite) board and weighs 20 kg/m2. The whole set of hedge planters is five sides of boxwood leaf cover + four sides of stand WPC without bottom boards. Boxwood leaf made of 100% fresh PE, can keep pristine all year round! We manufactured all kinds of boxwood mat styles include: faux boxwood hedge planter, faux boxwood topiary, and artificial boxwood in frames!

Check this article to learn more styles of faux boxwood mats!

How Long do Artificial Boxwood Hedge Planters Last? 

Artificial hedges planter is often available for three years on the market. The color of the leaves will gradually fade as time goes. Sunwing industries ltd. Now offers a three-year indoor and five-year outdoor warranty.

Can The Fake Hedges Planter be Folded?

We have developed our latest two foldable planters in response to clients’ demand and save on shipping costs!

Check out Sunwing’s new artificial hedges in planter!

Benefits of Artificial Boxwood Hedges Planter

Artificial privacy planters are more prevalent in recent years due to practicality, providing protection where privacy is lacking while also bringing green!

  • Keeps aesthetic all year round

Fake box hedges planter does not degrade in quality as the seasons change, turning yellow or losing its leaves, and it always has an appealing appearance with its natural green walls.

  • Enhance the unappealing appearance & create a private space

The tall fake hedges planter is great for creating private rooms. Use it for hiding areas that are not perfect.

  • Low-cost maintenance

This fake plant does not require water or air and is not pruned compared to natural plant walls. It can withstand bad weather, making it possible to keep it up in high winds.

So, where can artificial privacy planters be used?

Professional Advice For Bulk Fake Box Hedge in Planter Application


Artificial hedges plants to create a privacy screen

artificial boxwood wall without planter hpa001 nc

Create Commercial Protected Screen

artificial hedges in planters supplier

artificial hedges in planters for restaurant decoration

Faux boxwood hedges panels are available for commercial and private privacy protection. Here we’ve collected some application ideas proposed by artificial boxwood hedges panels in the industry


In addition to mainly adding beauty and art to life, artificial hedges planter meets the majority’s requirements! It can combine with other artificial plants such as artificial leaves and artificial flowers to achieve aesthetic effects.

  • Create Commercial Protected Screen 

Widely used at significant rental events, it is a good choice for partitioning and decoration. We recommend that you use removable or foldable artificial fences for more accessible transport.

  • Outdoor Wedding Boundary Denotation

Create an area in the wedding zone that is not to be disturbed. Replace the fake flowers on the curb with an artificial planter can create a more personal and warm atmosphere for your guests.

Check out Sunwing artificial plants for walls to get inspired!

4 Tips Before Importing Artificial Hedge Planters 

Before wholesale artificial hedge planters, price and quality were not the only considerations. You should never blindly import artificial plants, here are “need to know” tips to assist you in making the right decision.

  • Make sure the size of the artificial hedges.

Sunwing’s regular artificial privacy with planters measures 100cm in length, 25cm in width, and 100cm in height. Measure the space and select the most appropriate faux boxwood in planters; you can customize your particular size if you need.

  • Choose the faux box hedges planter styles.

Sunwing artificial plants manufacture several faux hedges planters based on the client’s demands, in diverse sizes and colors, faux box hedges with a folding function, without planter, etc. You should know as much as practicable about your demands!

For more new styles details, check Sunwing’s new artificial box hedges in planter!

  • Ensure the quality of artificial box hedge planters

Artificial box hedges made from new materials feature lush foliage and brilliant colors that fade during transportation. The second point of consideration is wind resistance. You can check this blog on how to secure a high artificial boxwood planter from the strong wind!

Here are some tips for telling the quality of faux hedges.

  • Check the artificial plants whether UV-resistant, Fire-retardant Protected.

You should take these factors into account when sourcing artificial plant suppliers! The artificial boxwood leaves will fade in the sun over time, so fake hedges planter suppliers produce UV-retardant to keep the evergreen leaves. Fire protection should not be overlooked.

Here are some articles about UV protection artificial plants &Fire-retardant artificial plants!

Three Types of Sunwing Artificial Hedges Planters

Sunwing has these two structures for our hedges in planters:

  • WPC bottom +mesh stand +artificial boxwood mats
  • Mesh stand+ artificial box hedges panels

The planter is enormous and challenging to move about, so we installed four wheels on the bottom (2 directional wheels + 2 universal wheels) to make it easier to move!


Artificial hedges in planter HAP001-BC

artificial-hedges planter-hpa001

Artificial hedges planter HPA001-NC


Regular faux boxwood in planter HPA001

Faux Boxwood In Planters HPA001

  • Leaves: Milan Leaf, 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Base: WPC plate and iron
  • Size: L100, W25, H100cm & Customization
  • MOQ: Decided by the size

Foldable Fake boxwood hedges planter HPA001-BC 

  • Foldable & installation
  • Leaves: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Base: WPC plate and iron
  • MOQ: 10PCS

Artificial boxwood wall without planter HPA001-NC

  • Free-standing & Bulk transport & requires installation.
  • Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Size: 95*95*25cm; Special sizes can custom
  • MOQ:10PCS

If you are interested in faux boxwood in planters, welcome to download our latest faux hedges planter catalog!



Whether you are a supplier or distributor of artificial boxwood hedge planter, it is necessary to choose a fake hedges planters supplier with a competitive price, premium quality, and perfect service. Discover how Sunwing Industries Ltd. can benefit your company right now!

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