ultimate guide to artificial garden walls

In this ultimate guide, we answer all your questions about artificial garden walls and provide expert advice for you. We dig into the differences between faux greenery and natural plants, explore the different types of green wall panels available, and offer tips on other top concerns.

What is an Artificial Vertical Garden?

An artificial vertical garden, also identified as an artificial green wall, artificial garden wall, fake plant wall, artificial living wall, etc. Unlike a natural vertical garden system, an artificial plant wall is made up of interlocking panels of fake foliage, bushes, and even flowers. Artificial garden walls are usually put together in sections by fixing the backing of each panel to the surface of a blank wall or fence.

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What are Artificial Garden Walls Made of?

The material of artificial plant walls depends on the product type and quality you purchase. Cheap artificial plants can be made from plastic, silk, and paper. While on the better end of the spectrum, some artificial plant manufacturers add UV-resistant or fire-retardant additives, ensuring a longer service life for commercial projects. The panel backing frames can either be plastic or iron for different purposes.

What Certificates Should Artificial Garden Walls have?

When it comes to interior or exterior green wall installation, you may have to take local regulations into account, such as construction terms or height. Usually, it would help if you asked for a plants wall supplier to provide ISO 9001 complaint certificates, UV-rated test reports, IFR test reports.

Artificial or Living Green Walls?

The days of tacky-looking artificial green walls are long gone. If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase artificial garden walls, these interesting facts perhaps ease your doubts:

  • Natural Connection without Hassles
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Incredibly lifelike
  • No Need to Hire a Landscaper or Gardener
  • No Special Requirements for Installation
  • Completely Safe for Pets & Human
  • Functionality, Noise Control
  • Easy to Install, Outdoors or Indoors
  • Durability
  • Unlimited Options

Click the link to learn more about real vs. fake green walls.

Are There Different Types of Plant Walls?

uv protected artificial garden wall

fire retardant artificial vertical garden panel

customized artificial garden walls

Artificial vertical gardens come in various colors and sizes. Even if they are sold in the form of individual panels, you can mix and match them to create your own design. Otherwise, let an artificial wall plant factory supplier create a customized project or exclusive design for your business.

How Much Do Artificial Garden Walls Cost?

Artificial greenery walls cost depends on the panels quality, where you buy them, and the size of the wall. Generally speaking, suppliers will give you a range of fake wall plants options ranging from dozens of dollars for entry-level products to several hundred dollars for top-of-the-line items.

When looking at the cost of artificial garden walls, it is important to consider the time and savings of using plants that do not require any soil, fertilizer, pruning, or regular water treatment. Moreover, maintenance cost is super-low.

How to Install Artificial Garden Walls?

Green wall panels are easy to install on a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard, timber, stone, brick, and concrete. The best way to install an artificial wall is dependent on where it is installed.

Concrete wall: With electric drills, screws, expansion tubes, or best with iron grid panels.
Wire fence: Use zip tiles to easily attach these plant panels or fences for privacy or aestheticism.

For more information on how simple it is to install vertical wall panels, you can refer to our artificial green wall installation guide. While for large commercial projects, please get in touch with our team sales@plantsartificial.com or local install companies.

Can You Move a Fake Plant Wall?

Moving real plants can be a delicate process. If you introduce a vertical garden system made up of living plants, you may find it’s getting too much sunlight, insufficient sunlight, or that repotted plants.

The simulated plant walls obviously do not encounter these problems and can be easily removable and movable to new locations. It’s also easy to replace the panels to create a new look.

How to Maintain or Clean Artificial Wall Plants?

Keeping artificial garden walls look great requires not so much as keeping plants alive. We suggest cleaning artificial green plants with hose or similar every few months. There’s a myth about faux green walls getting very dusty. Not really, if people are already dusting as part of their household or cleaning routine.

Besides, you may also wish to add some UV-protected spray to prolong the life of artificial plants for even longer (not necessarily required though, as many garden wall panels are UV-proof).

Can You Put Artificial Garden Walls Outside?

When designed for outdoor elements, manufacturers will take methods to make faux wall plants UV resistant. One is to add premium additives during the manufacturing stage; another is to spray on foliage in the end. Both ways can protect leaves from fading too fast, thus lasting long in the sun.

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How Long Do Artificial Vertical Garden Walls Last?

Most artificial garden wall plants can last or be fade-resistant for at least 3 years outdoors and 3-5 years indoors.

High-quality stabilizers added to plastics will greatly extend the lifespan of outdoor green wall plants. However, there are still many variables that make it difficult to specify the exact service life.

Variables include:

  • Amount of direct sunlight the plant receives
  • Geographical location
  • Weather
  • Humidity
  • Altitude
  • Reflection
  • Stratospheric ozone

Where to Source an Artificial Plants Wall Supplier?

China is the world’s largest exporter of artificial plants like artificial grass turf or artificial garden walls. Because most artificial hedges factories or plant walls manufacturers are based in China, the quality and pricing of different artificial greenery wall plants vary. Buyers or importers need to consider selecting suitable and responsible exporters or suppliers of Chinese artificial plants for business.

When searching online, you’ll find a few good artificial plant suppliers on Chinese websites such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, and so on. Bear in mind that go to the factory as far as possible, negotiating the most competitive prices, checking quality, and looking at production procedures, by the way.

How to Be an Artificial Vertical Garden Distributor?

Actually, many artificial garden wall factories in China need global sales agents or dealers to open up overseas markets. Each artificial wall manufacturer or supplier has different requirements and benefits concerning the faux greenery dealership. If you’re interested in the artificial vertical garden industry and consider working with suppliers, joining the dealer program will be a great idea.

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