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Are you eager to learn how to increase sales for your artificial turf company in the post-pandemic era? Don’t worry. It’s not a big problem. This article will ease your anxiety. Read now!

Do you find a downturn in sales of your company? Are you anxious about your company’s declining performance due to the pandemic? Congratulation! You are luckier than your peers because you have found this article that offers the secret to improving the performance of faux lawn companies in the post-pandemic era. To make it clearer for you to read, I’ll start with a brief overview of the information you’ll get next.

Breakthrough of artificial turf companies in products

Let’s come straight to the point. The secret I just mentioned is to choose the artificial green wall to expand your business range. As the head of a company, you are always responsible for the company’s profitability. It’s normal that when you expand into a new business, you are worried about whether your company will receive a return on your efforts. Relax. fake plant wall panels will not disappoint you. I will tell you the concrete reasons. Let’s proceed.

artificial green wallThe similarity between artificial turf and artificial green walls

1. Similar customer groups

Regardless of the type of company or individual, their need to buy both products is the same, so developing a customer for a plant wall is relatively easier for a faux lawn company than for other companies. Here are the customer requirements common to both products:

    • Low maintenance

Living walls, like natural grass, require maintenance at regular intervals. However, artificial grass is made of plastic, so it does not need watering, seeding, or mowing. Most of your customers choose to save themselves this hassle by purchasing a fake lawn. Happily, faux leaves walls are also made of plastic and do not require much maintenance either. What’s more,  UV protection & fire retardant artificial plant walls made of 100% fresh new PE offer a 3-5 year warranty. Sounds perfect!

    • Pest control

All as known, natural plants attract insects and pests feeding on them for nutrition, which leads to frequent maintenance. Thanks to the plastic material of artificial turf and faux plant wall panels, these animals are not interested in bothering fake ones. As a result, your customers can put worry aside and enjoy their time.

    • Cost saving

As mentioned above, artificial green walls rarely need maintenance as much as fake lawns, so customers can save loads of money while saving energy. Meanwhile, the price of faux leaves walls themselves is also reasonable and approachable. Nobody refuses cost-effective products, including your potential customers.

    • Creating a green garden

No one wants to live in the most inhospitable circumstances. Many people even spend numerous money on holidays in an environment with natural plants. Of course, your potential customers desire to create a garden in residential and commercial spaces. Both artificial grass and fake green walls offer this chance.

artificial green wall

2.  Common product application

artificial green wall application

As you can see, the application scenarios of artificial plant walls are similar to those of fake lawns, which is no stranger to an artificial turf company. It is always easier to learn in areas you are familiar with.

artificial green wall application

3. Easy installation

The installation of artificial plant walls is easier than that of faux turf. As a result, you do not need to spend a quantity of time and cost for the staff to learn the installation of new products.

4. Unchanged company positioning

An artificial turf company focuses on decoration. The addition of faux plant walls expands the company’s business from the original outdoor decoration to indoor and outdoor decoration. The company’s positioning has not changed, but the business has expanded.

Pros of artificial green walls

1. Promising market

To start a new business, I think you may need some market information to help you make the decision. Here are some data from Google Trends and Abrams, which could explain well that artificial green wall is becoming another hot-sale item after grass. Let me display them one by one for you as below.

    • More and more people are interested in artificial plant walls

First, See below a photograph, which shows that artificial grass spreads almost all over states. Surely, it means the high popularity of artificial grass to some extent, but it also means Market Saturation and Low-price Competition.

google trend artificial grassSecond, as the below picture shows, the keywords “artificial green wall” representing our product indicates that it is gradually becoming hot in some states and is potential. Meanwhile, the profit margin is still large.

google trend artificial green wall 1Third, the picture shows that more and more people have been interested in artificial green walls in the past decade, which means that your potential customers are boosting.

google trend artificial green wall 2

Fourth, from Abrams, the global artificial plants market is upward from 2017 to 2021. Trade volume dropped in 2020 due to the pandemic. Recovery from 2020, with a trade forecast to reach US$1.84 billion by 2022. The artificial plants market still has significant potential. Keep up with the trend. Yes, you are not the first to see this business opportunity, but you are you’re still one step ahead. Take action!

    • 2017 2021 artificial plant trade volumnMore and more lawn companies are selling artificial green walls

Artificial grass industry leaders like Green Market, easy grass and SYNlawn had added artificial hedges wall panels to their range as a new product line. Take a look at SYNlwan, the largest artificial grass company in North America. Since 1965, it has succeeded in promoting fake turf. SYNlawn started to sell artificial green walls farsightedly in 2019.

2. To meet additional customer requirements

    • More flexible application: fake leaves wall panels can be installed in any indoor or outdoor space for decoration, including restaurants, hotels, offices, backyards, and building walls,, while lawns are mostly used outdoors.
    • More diverse and innovative styles: As a seller of artificial turf, you must know that monotonous fake lawn is only limited to a few common kinds and a few conventional colors. However,there are various styles of simulated green walls. you can choose numerous desired plant species to design panels of different colors and styles according to customer preferences

3. Easier to sell to retailers

Artificial plant walls take up less space, making it easier to pack and ship. Compared to fake lawns, faux leaves walls can be installed by individual users.

4. Lower tariffs

Take the United States as an example,the tariff on artificial turf is 6%, and that on artificial plant walls is 3.4%.(data from MOFCOM

Breakthrough of artificial turf companies in suppliers

The success of a fake lawn company is certainly inseparable from excellent suppliers. Your past achievements have proved the strength of the suppliers you are cooperating with. However, I suggest that you’d better try a new supplier to add a new product line. OEC data shows that 90% of the world’s simulated plants are imported from China. How to choose an appropriate Chinese supplier selling artificial green wall panels? l list some key points.

1. Factory direct

The factory can offer lower purchase prices. You can communicate directly with the manufacturer, who can adjust your purchasing plan more quickly according to the customer’s needs to reduce the purchasing cycle. 

2. High-quality

Product quality is always one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining consumers. You can ask the factory for certificates such as SGS, ISO-9001, GMP, etc.

3. ODM & OEM Service

If you have your own ideas for products or have your own brand, it is particularly important that the manufacturer offers ODM & OEM services.

4. Customer package design

Packaging is the clothing of the product. As the saying goes, “The tailor makes the man,” which is the same for products. The packaging of products greatly impacts the customer’s experience and their perception of your brand. 

5. Fast delivery

If your project is in a hurry for products, then whether the supplier can be delivered quickly is a factor you must consider. Whether the supplier has sufficient existing supply and a mature supply chain determines the delivery speed.

6. Professional teams

The professional team determines whether your products are competitive or not. A specialized technical team can bring leading performance to your products, such as UV protection & fire retardant, etc. A creative design team can design the most popular and best-selling product styles. An excellent marketing team is able to offer market data and analysis and individual solutions tailored to different clients.

7. Social responsibility audit

Make sure you are working with a socially responsible company by asking if they are BSCI, TUV, Sedex or C-TPAT compliant. A socially responsible company is more likely to provide value to you and your partnership will be more stable.

8. Both Producing artificial turf and faux plant walls

Please choose a factory that produces both artificial turf and faux plant walls. They are able to give you good advice on how to combine both products to cope with the depressed market in the post-pandemic era with their rich experience.

Having read this, are you about to embark on a search for a supplier that meets the above criteria? No hurry, please allow me to recommend Sunwing Artificial Plants, a professional supplier with 18-year exporting experience. Sunwing Artificial Plants not only offers all of the above but always puts value for our customers first.


factory certificationpackage customeNow, I hope you are fully aware of that how to increase sales for your artificial turf company in the post-pandemic era. I would be happy if this article would help you with your business as Sunwing Industries Ltd. has been prioritizing providing value to our clients. If there is anything you are confused about, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. Welcome to contact us thru





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