different types of artificial green wall panels

Artificial vertical gardens can come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. The design and manufacturing of all types of artificial green wall panels is constantly developing, providing even more options for various purposes. Even if the production process of your own wall plants may be daunting, Sunwing makes it easy.

How We Classify Our Artificial Green Wall Panels

Faux green walls come in many different shapes and sizes. Because they’re sold in individual panels, you can mix and match to create your own design, or get an artificial vertical garden supplier, such as Sunwing Industries Ltd, to help design and manufacture bespoke artificial green wall panels for you.

how to classify artificial green wall panels

Indoors or Outdoors

Outdoor plant walls are primarily visual elements, made with UV-resistant foliage. They can also be cost-effective in that they are almost maintenance-free and will save your pocket in the long run. In addition to bringing greenery into urban landscapes, the construction of artificial living walls has no restrictions in terms of the harsh weather as they are weather-resistant and UV-stable.

Regarding indoor green wall installation, you’ll want to consider building requirements (some commercial buildings will need fire-tested green walls). Some styles of our artificial green wall panels can be manufactured inherently fire rated(IFR) and certified by ISO13823 tests for level B fire-retardant effect.

Size and Design

The design of artificial green wall panels is usually not limited by size. Although wide types are easier to maintain than tall ones, the overall design and manufacturing aren’t too dissimilar between differently proportioned products.

Artificial vertical walls made of metal or plastic modules are usually rectangular because it is more difficult to manufacture circle shapes. Though simulated green walls have no air circulation features, their design options are endless.

Most indoor green walls are wall-mounted, although free-standing and double-sided models are not uncommon either. In terms of commercial green walls, most are custom-made solutions.

Sunwing Artificial Green Wall Panels Types

We can use any foliage that you want. Typically, ferns, grasses and green leafy products are used, adding subtle color with faux flowers, which helps bring vibrancy and texture. As a professional artificial plants manufacturer, we can provide high-quality plant walls and perfect artificial green wall panels. To meet different needs, we design and produce the following three series.

artificial green wall panels series

“H” Series: Heavier but with more luxury looking

Different foliage sprays creatively assembled on iron grid panels for long-lasting lush greenery.

The H series of artificial plant wall panels at Sunwing are high-end with desired bespoke arrangements of various artificial single plants. These artificial foliage sprays are botanically made with quality fresh PE materials, so the price is higher than other series. (Able to be UV-protected & fire-safe) They are perfect commercial green walls choices.

“L” Series: Light-weighed and easily installed

Made with different low height artificial foliage panels as basement and foliage branches as an addition to the full design.

For L series of artificial green wall panels, they consist of different low height artificial foliage panels as basement and different foliage branches as an addition to the full design. This vision is less expensive because the foliage branches used are just applied on large part of the green walls. (Commercial-grade)

“B” Series: Less expensive and outdoor rated

Foliage sprigs and branches freely added on artificial hedge panels for an instant look.This artificial wall plant series is normally the cheapest of the three, made with a large statement of artificial hedges panels and several chosen branches on it as supplement. When you choose just 3-4 foliage sprigs on the arrangements, the cost will be much lower. (UV-treated)

Top Recommended Artificial Green Wall Panels

Our talented design team has an extensive background in floristry, building every artificial green wall to be as authentic and naturally beautiful as possible. Below are our “dark horses” styles of artificial green wall panels. Before launching to the world market, we have exported some brand new models to our customers in U.K. and U.S… Of course, the response was good.

artificial vertical garden best seller 2021 suniwng

Artificial Vertical Plant Walls | The Night Elf Series H023-25

The series is comfortable forest green, instantly bringing us into the uninhabited forest. Each panel of this type comes in the size of 50*100cm, so you can mix any two of the panels to form different styles you want. If you don’t know how to calculate the wall size or how to arrange our vertical garden wall panels, our professional horticultural designers will help you.

  • Regular size: 50x100cm
  • MOQ: 300pcs

Artificial Green Wall with Jungle Elements L044

In order to make this design look not monotonous, artificial Persian grass bundles are added to the appropriate position, adding a three-dimensional sense and wild beauty to the whole, giving people a feeling of jungle. Dark and Light green have obvious color differences, which forms a strong visual impact and can leave a deep impression on users. The yellow filling and red embellishment enrich the overall style of the artificial garden panel.

  • Regular size: 100x100cm
  • MOQ: 50pcs

artificial wall garden PE backing best seller sunwing

artificial vertical garden best seller 2021 suniwng

Fake Garden Wall | The Forest Gallery Series B052

This plant wall uses a splicable panel, which can be spliced and then fixed to the wall during installation, and then disassembled when it needs to be replaced. This kind of artificial plant wall does not require special maintenance, will not wither or fade easily, and can have more choices. From a long-term perspective, it is a relatively low-cost plant decoration.

  • Regular size: 100x100cm
  • MOQ: 50pcs

Read more about The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Garden Walls.

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