Artificial Green Wall Manufacturer China

Sunwing is an artificial green wall garden plants factory supplier in China manufacturing and supplying ranges of artificial plant wall coverings for business or commercial!

Leading Artificial Green Walls Supplier in China

Sunwing industries ltd is a leading Chinese artificial plants wall coverings or faux ivy wall manufacturer with:

  • Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Certificate: Reach/BSCI
  • Packaging Details: 5 PLY Brown Carton
  • Port: Nanjing/Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Lead/Frame Time: Est. Time(days) 45

Sunwing Artificial Wall Garden Wholesale

UV & Fire Rated | Warranty: 3+Years Outdoors/5+Years Indoors

H SERIES artificial vertical gardens iron backing
Size : 50*100cm/pc | MOQ: 100pcs
Size: 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 50pcs
plastic PE backing L series artificial green walls panels
Size: 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 50pcs
artificial wall panels supplier custom
Bespoke Plants Wall Panels Supplier
fire retardant level
UV over 2000 hours
no heavy metal ROHS
indoor 5-year warranty
fire rated faux plants

Fire-retardant Artificial Living Walls Supplier China

Artificial vertical gardens or artificial green walls are premium combinations of lifelike artificial foliage or silk leaves and backing grid panels for home, garden, or landscape designs.

To meet interior fire codes for building commit, our IFR(inherently fire rated) wall greenery is certified by ISO13823 fire tests for level B+ fire-retardant effect flame test for application on the building.

Sunwing exports faux ivy walls to global online or offline retail, wholesale or installation business on a B2B basis. Welcome to get trade inquiries.

Sunwing Artificial Vertical Garden FAQs

What is Artificial Vertical Garden?

An artificial vertical garden is made up of interlocking panels of fake foliage, bushes, and even flowers. Fake garden walls are usually put together in sections by fixing the backing of each panel to the surface of a blank wall or fence. Here’re 6 facts you must know about artificial plants wall.

What is fake garden wall made of?

Simulation plants can be made from plastic, silk, and paper. While they can be manufactured UV-treated and fire-retardant for long and safe indoor and outdoor decorations.

What certificate do Sunwing artificial wall plants have?

When it comes to interior or exterior green wall installation, you may have to take local regulations into accounts, such as construction terms or height. Usually, it would help if you asked for a plants wall supplier to provide ISO 9001 complaint certificates, UV-rated test reports, IFR test reports.

Artificial Vertical Garden or Living Wall?

Unlike living plants which require severe living environments and maintenance, artificial green walls or vertical garden panels are easier to install and more cost-effective with the least maintenance like water, pesticide, or fertilizer. In addition, there will be no problems like allergies to people. More details on:

Are There Different Types of Artificial Green Wall?

For different local markets, there are demands for different artificial vertical gardens of various styles. As the leading artificial vertical garden factory supplier in China, we manufacture most ranges on the markets.

How to install an artificial wall garden?

Green wall panels are easy to install on a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard, timber, stone, brick, and concrete. The best way to install an artificial wall is dependent on where it is installed. Concrete wall: With electric drills, screws, expansion tubes, or best with iron grid panels.Wire fence: Use zip tiles to easily attach these plant panels or fences for privacy or aestheticism. For more information on how simple it is to install vertical wall panels, you can refer to our artificial green wall installation guide.

How to maintain or clean an artificial vertical wall?

We suggest cleaning artificial green plants with hose or similar every few months. Besides, you may also wish to add some UV-protected spray to prolong the life of artificial plants for even longer (not necessarily required though, as many garden wall panels are UV-proof).

Can you put artificial vertical garden outside? How long can it last?

Yes, of course. Outdoor artificial green walls can be manufactured to be long-lasting and evergreen with UV additives to be UV proof in harsh weather outdoors.

Most artificial garden wall plants can last or be fade-resistant for at least 3 years outdoors and 3-5 years indoors.

How about the package?

Sunwing artificial living wall panels can be packaged with a custom logo or package design as clients require. For normal packaging, please check:artificial vertical garden packaging

How to import artificial wall plants for Sunwing?

Any ideas about the artificial vertical garden or interests to get a free sample, you are welcome to request an artificial green wall catalog or check our latest artificial vertical garden designs or more best artificial plants lines. For more market analysis, please refer to: