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Take the organic beauty indoors and outdoors to the next level with the best artificial hanging plants. At Sunwing, we supply premium, commercial, realistic fake hanging plants in a full range including artificial creepers, artificial hanging plant baskets, artificial potted hanging plants, floral hoop wreaths, etc. for indoor and outdoor projects. With brilliantly vivid colors, exquisite artificial flowers, and lush green foliage, Sunwing industries limited‘s ceiling wall decor artificial plants have been a favorite with customers all over the globe.

Why Artificial Hanging Plants?

artificial hanging plants add accents

  • Add color

It’s sometimes difficult to find the perfect blend of decoration and color in a splash. However, artificial hanging plants come in handy as they instantly bring vitality indoors and can incorporate with everything around. This further helps to spice things up by adding or changing the plants depending on the seasonal decor.

  • Cost-effective

Hanging artificial leaves and flowers can help you easily make offices and other commercial projects fresh and natural. From a cost-effective point of view, it is a very worthy choice. There are different varieties and prices of artificial hanging plants, and one of them must meet your needs.

  • Non-allergenic

When it comes to indoor friendly plants, artificial wall or ceiling plants are suitable for decor because they won’t cause allergies or pests that may cause harm to children or pets indoors — just making a wow statement in your decor.

  • Freedom to design

Though artificial trailing plants fit well no matter in home interiors or commercial areas, if you run out of your design ideas, Sunwing design team can kindly help you make up the desired decorating inspiration.

  • Stimulate initiative

Artificial greenery is useful in introducing anything positive into decoration. Well, hanging artificial plants make us feel fresh and focused more than just look good.

  • Easy to maintain

In addition to considering the price and items, whether it is easy to care is another important factor when customers decide to choose artificial plants for decoration. Most of our artificial hanging plant products use brand new PE materials, which guarantees that the finished items can keep bright colors throughout the year.

Best Artificial Hanging Plants and Flowers Collections Wholesale

Top1. Artificial Hanging Creepers —- MOQ: 360 pcs

ceiling wall of a bar

  • Leaf: wave grass leaf with a soft feel
  • Length: 80cm, easy to install, and apply for any wall decor design
  • Made of fresh new PE, eco-friendly and safe for both human beings & pets
  • Bespoke service is available, such as outdoor warranty, customized color, or style

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Top2. Artificial hanging basket —- MOQ: 50 pcs

These hanging baskets we produced are not exactly the same as those you see in other craft shops. Both molded and extruded from commercial grade materials.

  • Maintenance & carefree
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Healthy & eco-friendly

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artificial hanging plants baskest outdoors

Top3. Artificial floral hoop wreath —- MOQ: 50 pcs


artificial hoop wreath

Gorgeous wall hanging hoop wreaths are originally designed and handcrafted with a wide selection of China artificial flowers decorated with green foliage, which can glam up any room or special event in just one second.

  • Hanging floral wall accents
  • Multipurpose & versatile
  • Durable & Reusable

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Top4. Artificial Trailing Plants —- MOQ: 100 pcs

Here are two major popular potted hanging styles, PZ043 & PZ045. Some of you prefer hanging decorations, and maybe you will become interested in the artificial potted indoor hanging plants.

  • Height:110 cm
  • 100% Fresh New PE, no toxic materials involved
  • Bespoke UV proof & fire retardant
  • Stable pot, difficult to break into pieces

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indoor artificial potted hanging plants

Top5. Artificial leaves or artificial shrubs —- MOQ: 800 pcs

ceiling decor for a restaurant

For diverse styles and designs in interior and exterior artificial landscapes, Sunwing manufactures various artificial leaves for wall hanging. Because of advanced technology and an innovative design team, up-to-date faux plant arrangements are in the process.

  • Outdoor UV protected
  • Bespoke flame retardant, different styles
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years, indoor 5 years

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Top6. Hanging artificial topiary balls —- MOQ: 50 pcs

  • Regular Diameters: 18cm, 28cm, 38cm and 48cm
  • Ultra-realistic appearance
  • Diverse foliage type
  • UV-treated for exterior use
  • Customizable shapes, sizes, and hanging chains
  • Fire retardant material for commercial use (If required)

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artificial hanging topiary balls for decor

Tips & Ideas for Artificial Hanging Plants Decoration

tips for artificial hanging plants decor

Don’t cut corners — prioritize quality

Many people have a misconception that artificial plants are cheap plastic products that cannot replace the beauty of real plants. But that’s not the case. Today, artificial plants made of high-quality materials mimic every detail of natural plants. They are ultra-realistic, non-toxic, and completely safe for indoor use. Besides, good artificial plant wholesale from a reliable supplier can give a warranty of at least five years. That’s why we recommend you invest in high-quality artificial plants.

DIY freely — artificial hanging plants from the ceiling & walls

The artificial hanging plants can be sold in single bundles or matching with containers, which inspires creativity. Here’s a list of the different ways you can create a hanging indoor garden.

Suction them to the window

Make a window box, a type of container for flowers or plants in the form of a box attached on or just below the sill of a window. The stylish window box can make the exterior of your home attractive and add color to a home no matter what the season.

Build a wall trellis

This wall trellis gives you a place to hang the artificial plants as well as other objects like photos or LED lights, freeing up your floor for more important things and creating a unique wall.

Hang plants from the ceiling

DIY a hanging planter or order an instant artificial hanging basket, use a chain to hang them from the ceiling, which is perfect for the corners of any space. Making the faux hanging plants spill out like a waterfall from the ceiling dramatically toward the floor is a great way that suitable for porch, patio or public space decoration.

Where to Source Cheap and Realistic Artificial Plants Hanging?

source artificial hanging plants in china

Actually, artificial hanging plants are just one of the product lines of artificial plant supply. There are 3 main ways you may find useful.

  • Search artificial hanging plants online

It’s one way to know about trends and get more details. If you run a small business, you can find some qualified artificial plant suppliers on websites like Amazon, Alibaba, Made-in-China, etc.

  • Big scale and professional fairs will help

Some big scaled fairs in the world have sectors on artificial plants, such as:

  • China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Address: Guangzhou

  • China Artificial Plants and Related Products Fair

Address: Jinan, Shandong Province

Shanghai International Simulation Plant Flower and Accessories Expo

Address: Shanghai

In addition, if you want to gain a foothold in this industry, then you need to consider costs and profits in the long run. Therefore, it’s a wise solution to import cheap but quality artificial hanging plants from a Chinese artificial plants manufacturer. But you still pay attention to some tips for newcomers in the artificial plant industry.


The best advantage of artificial plants is that they don’t require any maintenance, so you can keep them in the darkest corner of your home or office without worrying about whether they lack enough sunshine and water. Adding artificial hanging plants to those seemingly lifeless areas is a great way to lift the overall atmosphere of your space. They will turn the dullest room into a lush oasis, turning it into a pleasant space to spend time in.

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