Artificial Hedges For a Property Development

Nowadays, more and more artificial plants appear in our lives, in restaurants, shopping malls, or private gardens? We also have some customers in the real estate industry, they are willing to use commercial artificial hedges for property development. This trend is becoming more and more obvious.


Commercial Artificial Hedges Project

Commercial Artificial Hedges Project

As you can see from the picture, this commercial project has just been completed. We have to say that artificial hedge panels give the exterior of the building a new look. This is indeed an attractive focus. Besides, the color of synthetic foliage is copied from the natural color, which is very popular among our customers.

Suppose you want to own some different colors. In that case, various artificial branches can be added to our hedges to make the whole look more vivid and make the building more fashionable, suitable for property development.

Artificial Hedge Wall for Indoors

In addition to the outdoor application shown in the above photo, you can have another choice with various artificial foliages when designing interior walls, which are more varied and flexible. With these simulated plants, the indoor environment has become lively and lively. At the same time, it will bring a good mood to people in the environment. Indoor plants are still a necessary condition for interior design. Sunwing supplies all ranges of artificial hedges, view the best-selling artificial hedges panels from China!

Sunwing artificial plant foliage is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. Whether your creative application is indoor or outdoor, our stylish solution will thrive in the most demanding settings. From vibrant airport facades to greener balconies, our artificial green walls can reimagine any location for the better. Refer to Sunwing customer’s green wall projects.

Install Artificial Hedges For a Property Development

For installation, have you ever had problems with such things? But don’t worry, if you use our hedges, we can offer you installation manuals to help you to install. It doesn’t matter even if you are not capable do the interior design we have our own design team to tailor it for you. Here is the install artificial green wall video for your reference:

Choose Sunwing as Your Artificial Hedge Supplier

For property development, quality is critical. Founded in 2004, Sunwing Industries Ltd is one of the best artificial plants manufacturers in China. Our ambition is to provide the most true-to-life collection of artificial plants and greenery of high quality. At present, Sunwing’s factory has passed the ISO 9001 international quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, and the products have also been given the international market certification requirements.

Conclusion: Sunwing artificial plants supplier can assure you the high quality and after-sale service for commercial artificial hedges, would you like to try to order some from us? If you want to know more about our products and design, please contact us thru email at





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