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Sunwing is a factory-owned artificial hedges supplier in China that manufactures and exports ultra-realistic artificial hedges for residential and commercial businesses. ODM & OEM Service Accepted.

Leading Artificial Hedges Supplier in China

Sunwing industries ltd is a professional Artificial Hedges Manufacturer and Supplier with 18 years of experience. We provide a wide range of faux hedges panels, artificial hedges in planters, and artificial topiaries.

  • Supply Ability: 100000 PCS / Month
  • Packaging Details: 5 PLY Brown Carton
  • Certificate: UV Report, SGS, ISO9001, ROHS
  • Port: Nanjing/Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Lead Time: 15-30 Days
artificial boxwood balls mats trees and topiaries supplier

Classic Artificial Boxwood Hedges Series

Size: 50×50 cm | MOQ: 200 sqm

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Color Options: Light green, dark green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, etc.
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Indoor 5 years
  • Application: Fencing, Yard, Walkways, Pools, Halls, etc.

We make sure that our artificial boxwood hedge is a 100% botanically accurate foliage structure. With 100% fresh new PE, our faux box hedges are not only lifelike with lush greenery but also durable with a long-lasting life. We commit to manufacturing hyper-realistic artificial hedges, hoping to provide the best products and services.

Artificial Hedge Panels

Size: 50×50 cm | MOQ: 200 sqm

  • Material: 100% fresh new PE
  • Foliage options: Pine Leaves, Ferns, Money Plant, Christmas Leaves, Duck Foot Wood, etc.
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Indoor 5 years
  • Application: Real Estate, Wedding, Hotel, Restaurant, Garden, etc.

Our faux hedges panels come in a variety of leaves and textures. They can be manufactured UV resistant and fire retardant to fit indoor and outdoor landscaping or commercial uses. No matter the weather condition or season, your artificial hedge walls are going to stay evergreen all year round. Request the artificial hedges catalog to know more details.

Artificial Hedge Panels

Sunwing Artificial Hedges FAQs

What is the material of artificial hedges?

Our artificial hedges are made of 100% fresh new PE rather than any recycled waste PE, ensuring a natural looking.

Is there any difference between different PE materials?


New PE: The product quality is better. With New PE material, the color will look more vibrant. Besides, artificial hedging or fences smell also ok, without any sharp aroma.

Recycled Waste PE: The quality is bad — the color looks very dim, appears very fake, and the smell is very almost unbearable.

Here are some tips for telling the quality of faux hedge panels.

Do your products have UV protection?

Yes. We add UV powders into PE material so that artificial hedges panels can be UV resistant outdoors. And our products passed the SGS UV test. You can ask for our SGS UV test report.

Are your artificial hedging products fire-retardant?

No, it’s not fire-rated regarding normal artificial hedges. But if you have specific requirements like inherent fire retardant performance, we can customize for you while the price is higher than normal ones.

Can artificial hedges be used outdoors?

Yes, of course. With UV protection, our hedges fence can withstand outdoor elements without fading for years to come.

Are faux hedges & fences friendly to the environment?

There’s always a myth that all plastic hedges are bad for the environment. However, our artificial hedges have passed SGS Heavy mental tests and require no water, fertilizer, or special maintenance.

What are the certificates or test reports?

Up to now, Sunwing has SGS UV test report, Intertek UV test report, SGS heavy mental Test report, and SGS Reach test report.

Do artificial hedges have any problems of color fading, color differences, leaves falling off? And how to control these problems?

Color Fading: Within warranty, the color will fade very slowly. After the warranty, if products are under very strong sunshine, the color will fade fast.

Color difference: We have a color standard for each item. And we keep a record of the color percentage for each item. During production, workers will check the leaf’s color and compare it with the standard one. And our QC team will do an inspection before container loading to make sure everything is good.

Leaves falling off: As mentioned, our QC team will inspect each order. Once they find leave falling off and more than our inspection standard, we will do re-production.

What are the selling advantages of your artificial hedges?

  • 100% new fresh PE
  • UV resistant
  • Environment friendly
  • 3 years warranty for outdoor, 5 years for indoor
  • Waterproof
  • No smell
  • Easy to install
  • For boxwood hedge, it is 4 layer leaves. Some suppliers provide only 3 layers of leaves. It looks denser.
  • SGS UV certificate, Heavy Mental certificate, Reach certificate

What about your box quality?

We use a standard exporting carton box with 5 layers of corrugated paper. And also, we could print your brand information or logo, or other designs on our box. We also could help design a unique box for your company. For the extra cost, we need to check according to your design.

How many pieces are in one box?

Our artificial hedge is 50x50cm per piece; 12pcs in one carton box.

How many sqm in one 20ft container, 40HQ container?

For boxwood hedge, like A001, we could load around 966 sqm artificial boxwood hedge panels in a 20ft container, and about 2358 sqm in a 40HQ container. If different items are mixed, it may be less a little bit.

Artificial Hedges in Planters

Artificial Hedges in Planters

MOQ: 10-20 pcs

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Planter: WPC plate and iron
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Indoor 5 years
  • Application: Real Estate, Wedding, Hotel, Restaurant, Garden, etc.

It is a perfect way of dividing any space you would like using Sunwing easy-to-move artificial hedge planters, both interiors and exteriors. If you have creative ideas of size, style, or aesthetic in mind, we can create your ideal hedge planters.

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Planters FAQs

What is planter made from? Which colors are available?

The bottom planter is made of a solid WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) board, with a 1.6cm thickness and weight of 20kg/sqm. We offer two standard colors: grey and brown.

What is the structure of your hedges in planters?

We have these two structures for our hedges in planters:

WPC bottom +mesh stand +artificial boxwood mats
Mesh stand+ artificial box hedges panels

Are the wheels of planters exposed?

Yes, the wheels are exposed to move around. Our planter has 4 wheels in total (2 directional wheels + 2 universal wheels).

How about the covering of your hedge bottom?

The whole set of hedge planters is five sides of boxwood leaf cover + four sides of stand WPC without bottom boards. All sides are covered except the bottom of our fake hedges.

How to secure artificial boxwood plants from the strong wind? Check this guide:

How to secure high artificial boxwood planters from strong wind?

As far as the material for the hedge, can you send me samples?

The quality of hedges varies with different materials. We are glad to send you samples to check out. Any inquiries are welcome.

Artificial Topiary Plants

MOQ: 5-50 pcs

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Style: Topiary Balls, Trees, Letters
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years; Indoor 5 years
  • Application: Festivals, Weddings, Parties, Supermarkets, Residences, etc.

1. Artificial topiary balls can stand in different pots or planters. The high flexibility allows you to move them anywhere.

2. Faux topiary trees in pots come in a range of styles and spheres, spirals, cones, and other shapes.

3. Topiary letters are perfect for advertising your company & brand or celebrating unforgettable events, like weddings or birthday parties.

Artificial Topiary Plants

Sunwing Artificial Topiary FAQs

What is an artificial topiary plant?

Faux topiary plants are popular decorations for interior and exterior use. Composed of synthetic materials, an artificial topiary can be constructed in various shapes. The most common form is simple geometric options, such as balls, spheres, or cubes. But more complex topiaries resemble animals or other characters.

What are faux topiary balls or trees made of?

Artificial topiary balls and trees are mainly made of LDPE structures and leaves, sometimes supported by iron. To achieve UV protection and flame retardant effect, we manufacture artificial topiary plants with polyester blend materials and additives.

Can artificial topiary plants go outside?

Of course yes. As mentioned above, we insert UV-resistant additives during production. Instead of UV spray-coated on the foliage, our artificial topiary plants can be fade-resistant and last longer for years to come.

How long do artificial topiary plants last?

With industry-leading materials, UV-proof additives, or fire-retardant manufactured, artificial topiary balls and trees can usually stay indoors for at least 5 years and 3 years outdoors.

How to select artificial topiary?

You need to consider these aspects before importing or according to the indoor and outdoor landscape design.

  • Topiary Styles: artificial topiary trees like cone trees, spiral trees, or topiary balls trees; artificial topiary ballstopiary letters or animals
  • Accessories: In-pot or without pots
  • Sizes: Tall, large, or customized?
  • Leaves styles: Select unique foliage for your artificial topiary like boxwood balls, ivy balls or etc.

Read more about artificial spiral trees for decorations.

Do you supply pre-lit artificial topiary plants?

Yes, we do. As required, we can also add LED lights surrounding the balls and trees, turning them into a boxwood lamp at night.

What foliage options are available to make my topiary?

Although our topiaries are often made using faux boxwood, we have a range of both green and floral foliage options at our disposal to make your brandy new topiary.

For a clean-looking, distinct topiary shape, we suggest using boxwood and ivy. Wild grasses and other free-flowing foliage can be used when a topiary doesn’t need as distinct a shape.

How to maintain artificial topiary balls or trees?

Unlike living plants, artificial topiary plants require less maintenance. But without maintenance, an artificial topiary will be a dust collector, so just clean them with water or cleaning cloth regularly is okay.

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One-Stop Custom Solutions

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Strict Quality Inspection

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