Best Choice Artificial Ivy Products for Decor in 2021

Artificial ivy, as one of the trendy artificial plants in 2022, will elevate your business regarding design and decoration. I’m glad you are in the right place. Today, you will get up-to-date news about the best choice of lifelike ivy products and inspiration from our cases.

Still have no idea in mind? Keep up with my pace, please!

Instant Artificial Ivy Ideas

Inspired by a variety of ivy screen ideas for your own home design. Check out the perfect option about decorative faux ivies to “Do It Yourself”. Refresh Home Interiors & Outdoor Landscaping with Best Choice Ivy Greenery.

instant fake ivy decor ideas

Fake ivy plants are available for adding accents to both indoors and outdoors, bringing so much comfort. They come in multiple forms and shapes such as ivy panels, rolls, trellis, thus transforming your yards, patios, paths, and hone garden landscapes. From minimalist modern decor to more formal, elaborate styles, the purpose for creating ideal scenery is to enrich the idea rather than compete with it. Planning for interior spaces? Think about fire safety and heavy metal-free materials used in artificial evergreen ivy leaves. For an outside landscape decoration, fade-resistant or UV-protected elements are necessary for regions where annual sun rays are sufficient.

Recently, we’ve completed several artificial ivy privacy fencing projects for our customers. Can you imagine a huge curtain composed of evergreen ivy leaves in the living room? Anyway, wow.

What Factors Should You Consider about Faux Ivy?

English ivy or common ivy, also referred to as Hedera helix is native to Europe and Western Asia but popular worldwide. Normally, natural ivy tends to cling to gardens, walls, tree trunks, growing in abandoned spaces and the wild. Nowadays, ivy becomes a familiar sight as an ornamental plant of strong vitality.

7 aspects to care about


– Silk and Polyethylene are mostly worth consideration because of the real touch and realistic textures and colors.


– Various types are available to choose from for the spectacular decor such as artificial ivy hanging, bush, inplanter, green wall, etc.


– With advanced techniques, a majority of artificial plants tend to extend their life expectancy beyond the general warranty.


– Minimal maintenance spares you no time and energy, hence saving you much dispensable cost.


– Consider whether fire-rated or UV-treated ivy plant is essential to different spaces except for ornamental value.


– Fake ivies, blended into artificial living walls, plant arrangements, and privacy screens are ideal for residential and commercial architectural designs.


– Not all plants can adjust to changeable climates nor withstand extreme weather.

Interior Design with Artificial Ivy Plant

Realistic ivies require minimal maintenance and can be recyclable for years to come. Natural-looking evergreen artificial plants strengthen the interior/ facade of commercial and industrial properties apart from residences.

interior design with faux ivy plantsHanging ivy – Whether on the ceiling or shelves, artificial hanging ivy vines add elegance and a few comforts to your interior decor.
Ivy garland – Green fake ivy garland can make a fabulous decoration for windows, tables, stairs, porches, and even weddings.
Potted ivy – Enhance your interiors with potted ivy plants that don’t need a green thumb, so as to create a lively green environment.
Ivy bush – Add a few touches of green with artificial plant arrangements such as ivy bushes to homes, offices, and boutiques.
Green wall – As an essential factor of greenery, ivy foliage is well integrated with the surrounding. Besides, the artificial plant wall absorbs much noise once arranged either indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor Fake Ivy for Fence

When it comes to garden transformation and decoration, our artificial ivy hedge is ideal for chain-link fencing. The selection of artificial outdoor ivies including panels, rolls, and trellis, ensures privacy as well as decorating outside your home. These ivy plants are great lasting with the UV Protected!

outdoor artificial ivy for fence

Artificial ivy fence panel – Close-knit leaves are in an orderly placement to provide blockage from the bright glare of the sun while not stopping air from flowing back through the panel.
Plastic ivy roll – Plastic and polyester leaves are fade-resistant to keep their fresh-looking all year round.
Expandable ivy trellis – Using a lightweight and durable frame made of real willow branches, our expandable trellis with artificial leaves will surely enliven your garden without maintenance.


Decorative artificial ivies have a lot in common with other artificial greenery plants.

  • Quality – 100% fresh new material composition
  • Customization – sizes, styles, and patterns are up to you
  • Safety – no damage to the wall structure and SGS certified Heavy Metal Free
  • Stability – resistant to high temperature, rain and frost
  • Simple install – snap lock
  • Long warranty – UV guarantee for outdoor use

Get artificial ivy engaged in your homes, gardens, yards, offices, and even in swimming pool decor. In case you have any questions about our content and product, then please feel free to contact us. We shall help you with a quick response.





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