10 artificial landscape grass tips & ideas

Artificial landscape grass is the ideal solution for residential and commercial applications. Or else, a high-quality fake grass lawn is a safe, durable, and perfect play surface for children and pets. Sunwing landscape grass has proven to be the smart choice for homeowners, businesses, and contractors as it saves money, precious resources, utilities, and maintenance costs.

This post below shows 10 general inspiring ideas and tips for introducing an artificial turf landscape.

Add Value to Your Home with Artificial Landscape Grass

add your home value with artificial landscape grass

When it comes to house value, sellers and buyers often turn blind eyes on home gardens whilst the interior of a house, the location of the property, and its access to local amenities is arguably the biggest influencing things.

Will artificial landscape grass hurt home value?

In theory, artificial grass won’t hurt the value of a house because it doesn’t grow, doesn’t die, doesn’t let weeds through, and doesn’t look unkempt as a result.

Does artificial landscape grass add value?

Artificial grass is more expensive to buy compared to natural lawns, but that doesn’t mean it will be reflected in the amount your house is valued at. Natural-looking artificial turf is a long-term investment for homeowners as it can certainly offer plenty of benefits that natural grass cannot, including:

  • Low maintenance
  • Never die
  • Never fade
  • Look great for years to come

Above all, these benefits could well increase the value of the overall house. You need to show your prospective buyers how to make the garden and the grass work for them, and this is where the details come into play.

Artificial Grass for Pets: What You Need to Know

artificial landscape grass for dogs

Artificial grass landscaping is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners looking for a drought-friendly alternative to a traditional lawn. You may have heard the reasons for getting fake grass; it demands less upkeep and maintenance, requires no water, and can stay healthy year-round. So what else do you need to know?

Pet-safe artificial landscape grass

Fake grass for pets is much more resilient than traditional lawns as it can withstand any wear and tear inflicted by the dog’s claws, paws, or nails.

Non-Toxic and non-harmful chemicals

Some dogs or cats simply can’t resist the urge to chew or lick an artificial grass surface, especially a newly installed one. But it’s important to always opt for lead-safe, non-toxic artificial grass for pets.

Shorter pile heights of artificial landscape grass are easier to clean

Artificial grass is easy to clean when it comes to pet droppings. In addition, it will not scoop up a dog’s business when the grass needs a cut.

Dogs won’t ruin the artificial landscape grass

The good news is that pet waste won’t negatively impact your artificial grass, and turf is easy to clean. Also, introducing dog-friendly designated poop patches allows for maximum absorption and draining.

The shock pad isn’t meant For pets

Whilst the shock pad can drain rainwater, pet urine can leave behind some smells in the foamy layer which can become noticeable over time.

Synthetic Landscape Grass for Kids Playtime

artificial landscape grass for kids playing

It’s not easy to find the right surface for a kindergarten playground. Traditional choices such as natural lawns and safety mats have both advantages and disadvantages. However, if you choose artificial turf for a play area, it could make sure that there is amazing flooring for the kids to play on.

  1. Artificial landscape grass provides a softer landing
  2. Less chance of getting muddy on artificial turf playgrounds
  3. No more grass stains on artificial landscape grass areas
  4. Reusable and good surfaces make children play for longer
  5. Synthetic landscape lawn reduces allergy risk
  6. The proven durable surface has a longer service life and keeps kids safe
  7. Artificial landscape grass is more economical and works out as great value for money in the long run

Ensure A High-Performance Residential Putting Green

Synthetic putting green grass is not the same type of artificial grass used for most applications. The surface should offer proper flexibility, golf ball rolling, and bouncing.

Premium synthetic putting green and realistic fringe grass

3 styles of artificial putting green

  • Bent turf style with very short blades is commonly used for putting green surfaces.
  • Texturized turf works nicely, whether you’re a professional or beginner.
  • The slit-film style mimics the natural grass you see on gold golf courses, which allows the tournament-level practice.

residential synthetic putting green

Installing fringe grass around your green gives your putting green a “real golf course” look. With taller and straighter fringe grass, you can practice chipping as well as putting. Sunwing artificial landscape grass is ideal for putting green fringe areas.

Proper sand-infill

For putting green bentgrass, the infill keeps the elasticity and stability of the surface. Infills affect the ball control and speed of various shot degrees. We recommend using smaller-sized silica sand — the smaller the size, the less disturbance to the speed or control.

Professional installation

Do some research to make sure your project is successful. Please pay attention to the most important parts of the installation are base preparation, cup setting in, turf cutting, jointing, and sand infilling.

New Build Artificial Grass Garden Ideas

Family artificial grass garden landscaping

Installing artificial grass is a good starting point because it’s soft and easy to maintain. New gardens may struggle to grow grass, because the soil is usually in a bad state, and the gravel that can be found everywhere hinders growth. Artificial landscape grass is a worthwhile investment to solve this problem and add your garden value quickly.

Easy-to-maintenance gardens

Fake grass is great for those who don’t have time to maintain the garden, and pairing it with the focus terrace area is a good way to add a dimension that doesn’t require any further effort. Artificial turf for landscaping requires little maintenance but will add some much-needed life to your garden along with shrubbery or climbing plants.

Artificial Landscape Grass for the Commercial Use

artificial landscape grass for the commercial use

In addition to residential applications, artificial landscape grass is suitable for commercial areas, such as office floors, restaurant fronts, cafe fronts, or walls. The evergreen artificial lawn adds vitality to the business district.

Sunwing commercial artificial grass wholesale is a flexible and high-quality solution for owners or designers of restaurants, bars and cafes who want to create lawn areas. Meanwhile, fake lawns will not bring inevitable difficulties to enterprises by taking care of natural grass.

Whether you wish to provide a functional grassed area, such as a beer garden, or would just like to have the ornamental appearance of a well-tended lawn outside a window or beyond a terrace, Sunwing has the right products to meet your needs. Here is Sunwing artificial plants projects for your reference.

6 Things to Consider about Sourcing Artificial Grass for Landscape

Artificial landscape grass not only looks beautiful and clean all year round but also saves you a lot of time and money. There are a few things you need to consider when sourcing artificial grass for your local.

1. Size of the lawn area

When ordering the grass you’d better always order a little bit more than you need for spares.

2. Quality of the synthetic landscaping turf

You can request samples from some synthetic turf manufacturers or suppliers and compare them with each other to check out the right selection for your business.

3. Realistic colors

Artificial grass for landscape is available in a range of colors; the type depends on your local tastes.

4. Thickness of the turf

Turf density is the number of synthetic yarns per square foot of turf, determined by the surface weight and pile height. The higher the price, the denser the turf, and the better the quality, the longer lifespan it has.

5. Blade length

Artificial turfs blade length selection depends on the area to cut, ground conditions and the type of grass among other considerations.

6. Backing and filling

Polyurethane or latex is the most frequently used material for synthetic grass backing. Besides, rubber crumb and sand are popular infill materials to help keep the lawn elastic and resilient.

7. UV-proof and fire-retardant performance

Usually, UV protection ensures a longer lifespan of the artificial landscape grass, especially outdoors. While regardless of the indoor or outdoor environment, an FR-resistant landscaping lawn stops a flame from spreading.

Sunwing Best Artificial Landscape Grass

Sunwing synthetic grass factory is reputable for manufacturing a full range of artificial landscaping grass applied for residential, commercial, DIY, pet, golf, cityscape, and more than supplying premium synthetic lawns worldwide. What sets us apart from workshops is that our fake grass for landscape goes far beyond the surface, including no watering or mowing, optimal drainage, and zero damage to the ground. The most popular artificial grass is the artificial deck tiles, which are easy to install and will reward you with a fantastic landscape.

DQ3-15 artificial turf grass

Artificial Landscape Grass PPE281220DQ3-15

Straight Pile: Polyethylene (PE)
Curved Pile: Polypropylene (PP)
Yarn Shape: Flat
Tufts Density/sqm: 20100
Fiber Color: 4-tone
MOQ: 1000sqm
UQ4-20 fake artificial grass manufacturer

Fake Grass Landscaping PPE401216UQ4-20

Straight Pile: Polyethylene (PE)
Curved Pile: Polypropylene (PP)
Yarn Shape: “U”
Tufts Density/sqm: 16800
Fiber Color: 4-tone
MOQ: 1000sqm

Customized & One-stop Artificial Landscape Grass Wholesale Supplier

As an artificial grass wholesale supplier or installer, to avoid the simple price competition, you may need your products to be unique on the local market. We can customize unique products based on your market taste.

Customization lines in the following aspects:

  • Pile height: We can produce artificial grass pile height from 6mm to 60mm.
  • Density: We can change stitches per square meter to reach your target price or the performance you like.
  • Dtex: Dtex is a manufacturing term relating to artificial grass turf yarn measurement. We can change Dtex to make the grass stronger or softer.
  • Backing options: For most applications, we recommend SBR Latex backing or polyurethane backing (Costlier). Besides, styene-butadiene Latex, mesh fabric / Leno fabric, PU backing, etc. is also available.
  • Blade shape: The blade shape will affect the resilience and touch feeling of artificial grass. We have more than eight blade shapes for reference.
  • Colors: We can change the colors to match your market.

Sunwing one-stop artificial plants recommendation for landscaping

residential artificial landscape grass and plants

Apart from the bespoke service, Sunwing has capabilities of integrating factory-direct artificial plants and grass products for the sake of various occasions and regions. For example, artificial hedges fences, artificial living walls, and artificial potted plants can fit well with fake grass in the garden landscape.

Size: 20″x20″

MOQ: 200sqm

Size: 40″x40″

MOQ: 100sqm

Size: Order to Manufacture

MOQ: 50pcs

Artificial Landscape Grass Installation Guide

Normally, we do not provide on-site installation service but we can offer installation online support. You can refer to this one-to-three artificial landscape grass installation instruction for DIY projects.

  1. Plan out and measure the area to determine how much artificial lawn, geotextile membrane, and jointing materials you will need.
  2. Remove the original lawn with tools – a spade and wheelbarrow.
  3. Lay a base of granite dust and ensure an even distribution across the entire area designated for your artificial grass installation.
  4. It’s a recommended but not necessary tip to lay a geotextile membrane to make the artificial landscape grass last as long as possible.
  5. Install and trim excess lawn to shape
  6. Join artificial grass carpets neatly and finish.


To get mutual trust and a long-term relationship with customers, Sunwing Industries Ltd. promises to provide testing reports as well as samples as required. We’d like to work together with you to solve problems, promote a more profitable artificial grass business. If you have any questions about our landscaping grass, sports turf, or artificial plants, welcome to download the artificial grass catalog and please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@plantsartificial.com

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