7 Ideas on Artificial Outdoor Plants

Add some accents to your space with artificial outdoor plants, saving you money and lasting a lifetime. There is no better to decorate porches, patios, balconies, and more, than outdoor artificial plants. What are you waiting for? Come with me to explore the top 7 ideas on decorative outdoor faux greenery.

Artificial Outdoor Trees

Whether you’re living in an environment with a large courtyard or an apartment lacking outdoor space, outdoor artificial trees are the perfect solution.

fake outdoor trees

Transform a large outdoor space into an oasis by putting aside artificial tropical palms. The artificial outdoor plants and trees are so natural-looking that you can feel like you are on vacation from time to time. Sunwing artificial trees for outdoor use are resistant to high and cold temperatures even if in winter.

Artificial potted small trees provide the shade of green as well as privacy for the corridor or apartment. There’s a variety of small fake trees available for you to choose from, so don’t let a limited area stop you from building a dream garden.

Artificial Topiary Plants

Simple yet effective, classic yet modern, artificial outdoor topiaries bring grace to outdoor spaces. An artificial topiary often sculptured into various shapes blends in well with contemporary or classic formal exteriors.

Perfect combinations of replica boxwood and craftsmanship are excellent examples of artificial outdoor plants. It’s been a long time for the real boxwood to grow but a shorter time to reproduce the boxwood look, complete with lifelike, soft, and lush leaves. As expected, the faux boxwood keeps stable and will never outgrow its shape with/ without a pot.

Other artificial plants like :

Get more artificial topiary plants, welcome to download the artificial plants catalog.

Made of high-quality materials, our faux topiary series with amazing realism and natural-like features, becomes a part of patios, porches, courtyards, etc. If you are interested in faux topiary, welcome to view top FAQs about artificial topiary plants.

Outdoor Artificial Bushes

artificial outdoor bushes

Clustered delicate artificial leaflets create a brimming shrub and brighten up dim corners around the porch or low-light spaces. Decorative faux foliage plants are a charming addition to any settings in need of greenery or a touch of nature. There’s a wide collection of artificial leaves for wholesale that caters to your tastes.

Plastic hanging ivy

– Abundant ivies with exquisite craftsmanship and evergreen appearance are clustered together to form graceful wreaths, garlands & swags for doorways, ceilings, and holiday decorations.

Artificial pampas grass

– Colorful and beautiful faux pampas grass is ideal for exterior wedding decor, static, and swaying.

Lifelike artificial vine or fern

– Full and luscious artificial green ferns are easily bendable for backyards, forecourts, balconies, or outdoor arrangements like multiple leafy artificial vertical gardens.

Grass leaf panels

– As one of the most popular artificial outdoor ornamental plants, lightweight but premium artificial grass bushes instantly add textures to your hanging baskets and window boxes.

UV-rated Artificial Green Wall

artificial outdoor green wall landscape

Without worries about upkeep after installation, artificial boxwood and plant walls are very suitable for covering bland, boring, and unattractive features. UV-stable green wall panels capture the colors, forms, and movements, providing a high-impact visual contrast until their lifetime.

Here are the top FAQs about UV protection artificial plants.

Freeform artificial vertical walls

Green walls can be displayed in various media types, including the sheet type, structural type, freestanding type, etc. The free-form artificial outdoor plant wall is easy to make your style consistent with your exterior scheme and landscape. Besides, using 3D wall art helps hide the unsightly views on a wall or other problem areas. Free-form artificial vertical gardens also provide privacy covering with artificial boxwood materials to convey an eco-friendly artistic effect for your business.

Artificial Outdoor Plants in Planters

artificial hedges in planters

Unique and memorable artificial flowers and plants in planters are both greenery and art, thus creating a separated cozy space for the outdoors. You may use zinc and identical planters for the front porch to add some height along with faux plants recreation.

  • Window boxes

A designed window box with artificial outdoor flowering plants is a triumph of color, texture, and style. With the help of a window sill full of flowers and vines, even an urban house without an above-ground planting area has the chance to turn into a stare-worthy garden.

Made of premium raw materials, faux boxwood hedges are typical plants, and they perform well in any space. They are applicable as wall coverings, space dividers, path contours, and garden greenery. No matter what your project needs, Sunwing artificial plants will help you bring any hedges in planters ideas into “life”.

Click to get more tips about securing high artificial hedges planters in a strong wind!

Create A Verdant Outdoor Pool with Artificial Plants

When deciding to improve the exterior pool decor to a new level, some artificial outdoor plants take you different styles. Unlike real plants, artificial greenery won’t drop leaves into the water and can stay longer with protection from rays of sunshine.

artificial outdoor plants around the pool

What to consider for a swimming pool decor?

  • Durability – Choose plants that are resistant to saltwater.
  • Maintenance – Easy to maintain, especially when exposed outdoors, so take into account real or artificial?
  • Privacy – Please choose large and dense plants for better privacy.
  • Space – If the swimming pool is small, topiary or potted trees can meet your needs. But if the space is large, vertical gardens and wall coverings will be an ideal choice.
  • Climate – As you may know, not all plants are available in growing in any weather and environment.

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5 Best Outdoor Artificial Plants for Landscape & Build


If you’d like to spruce up your outdoor spaces without constant maintenance, then choose to use a variety of artificial outdoor plants instead of living greenery. Sunwing’s collection of artificial trees, bushes, topiary plants, hedges, and many other plants are specially designed with elements that resist UV rays, helping transform porches, enhance outdoor entrances/exits, and even add a touch to decks, terraces, balconies, and the entire yards.

As a one-stop artificial plants supplier, Sunwing always puts clients’ profits first. Give us a quote if you are interested in importing artificial plants from China. Looking forward to meeting you!





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