Artificial Pampas Grass Series for Indoor Decoration

Phragmites are tall grass that grows perennial or wet. In open areas with water sources, it can use its rapidly expanding reproductive capacity to form adjacent reed communities.

NAME: Artificial Reed Grass Series for Indoor Decoration PT008
MATERIAL: Plastic, silk
WARRANTY: Outdoor 2 years,Indoor 3 years
PACKAGE: Decided by the size
MOQ: 50 Pots or1000 pieces/color

Single Artificial Reed Grass

Specifications of fake reed grass

Artificial Pampas Grass Wholesale

Regular Size: 120cm | MOQ: 1000pieces/color

Artificial Pampas in Pots


Artificial Reed Grass in Pot

Regular Size: 90/120/150cm | MOQ: 50 pieces

Artificial Pampas Grass Pots with Different Styles

The natural reed grass colors will change with the seasons; we can produce them based on different colors and styles for consumers to decorate and display on other occasions.

Fake Pampas Grass with Spring Color
Feature Reed Grass Pot with Autumn Color
Feather Reed Grass Structures

Sunwing MultiColored Artificial Pampas or Reed Grass

  • Tall in height: The regular height is 120cm. There are smaller or taller dimensions for your decor or landscape project.
  • Premium in materials:  Sunwing processes the stem in paper-wrapped iron, ensuring durability and vividity with hyper-realistic in colors and textures.
  • Rich in colors: This eye-catching pampas grass has several colors in all, which can be a symbol color of four seasons.

Incorporate Fake Pampas Grass into Your Design

At present, people use more and more different styles of reed grass potted plants in interior decoration, event decoration, and other places. These vivid colors also bring different experiences to users. If you want to know more about real natural pampas grass wholesale, please contact Sunwing Artificial Plants in time.

Wedding Pampas Artificial Landscape
Tourist Spot with Fake Pampas in the Pot
Home Decor with Faux Pampas
Artificial Pampas Grass Bunches in the Hotel
Artificial Hanging Sway Pampas in the Restaurant

Manufacturer Direct Premier Artificial Pampas Grass for Your Business