China Artificial Plant Pots Manufacturer

Sunwing is an artificial plant pots factory supplier in China manufacturing and supplying a full range of plants and trees for business or commercial!

Leading China Artificial Plants & Trees Supplier

Sunwing Industries Ltd, as one of the best artificial plants and trees supplier and manufacturers in China, has its own factory creating and supplying all grades of artificial plants, trees, and pots wholesale for business.

  • Strict quality assurance system
  • Certificate: Reach/BSCI
  • Delivery time: 15-30 days
  • Supply ability: 10000 Units/per Month

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Sunwing Artificial Plant Pots From Small to Large Ranges

Optional UV & Fire Rated | Warranty: 2+Years Outdoors/3+Years Indoors

UV over 2000 hours
fire retardant level
no heavy metal ROHS
indoor 5-year warranty

UV Resistant Artificial Outdoor Plants & Trees

UV resistance is the ability to resist UV rays or sunlight. Stronger daylight means more UV rays which will decrease the artificial plants’ lifespan. So it’s worth considering adding UV resistance to your artificial plants if you’re working on outdoor landscaping or construction projects.

What about Sunwing outdoor artificial plants? We add a premium-grade chemical stabilizer, absorber, or blocker during the manufacturing stage. The whole artificial plants are referred to as inherently UV protected.

Let our experts find the best solution for your project or business in the related industry.

Sunwing Artificial Plant Pots FAQs

Do artificial potted plants actually look real?

Yes. We guarantee that our lifelike artificial potted plants are as beautiful as the real ones. In fact, our research and development apartment has created a line of real-touch artificial plants that mimic Mother Nature’s intricate details, such as naturally occurring variegation and lifelike textures.

Are fake plants tacky?

Not really. Nowadays, artificial greenery with a pot is no longer tacky-looking. Because of high-end technology, expertly detailed to reflect a natural appearance, artificial plants have been in a rising decor trend both indoors and outdoors. They are popular for natural realism, versatility, and long-lasting beauty.

Are artificial plant pots better than the real deal?

More and more plant shops and commercial projects use artificial plants pots — there are some additional benefits to introducing faux plants. From eliminating toxic threats to pets and children to helping to cut down on budgets, artificial plants can prove to be a better investment than living plants while the choice is entirely up to you.

What different types of artificial potted plants?

As a leading artificial plant supplier and manufacturer in China, we have covered all your selection from office plants, house plants to large outdoor artificial plants with planters. Our plant collections including UV-resistant artificial plants are more than natural-looking features:

  • Download more artificial trees catalog for reference!

    Can artificial plants go outside?

    Yes, of course. It mainly depends on different materials. Most of our faux greenery plants come in plastic and can be UV-proof, specially designed for outdoor environments.

    Polyester plants. Polyester is a material that is often used in outdoor furniture and décor. Polyester plants are naturally mold- and mildew-resistant.

    Plastic plants. Plastic is another material that can withstand the elements, so keeping them outside is fine.

    Silk plants. Most silk plants and flowers are not meant to be kept outdoors.

    UV-treated faux plants. One of the best things about many artificial potted plants is that not only can they be kept outside, but they are designed for outdoor use.

    Paper plants. Like silk, anything made of paper should not be stored outside.

    Read more about reasons to choose artificial plants for the outdoors.

    How long do artificial pants last outside?

    Since our artificial plants are made of synthetic plastic materials, you will expect them to last longer than weather-resistant silk. More importantly, when treated with UV protection additives, they will have a lifespan of several years. Regularly, we provide a 2-3 years warranty for artificial outdoor plants.

    Where to buy artificial plant pots?

    When sourcing faux potted plants, read this artificial plant pots guide. As mentioned before, at Sunwing Industries ltd., you can opt for multiple artificial plants that can meet your local customers’ needs. You can place a trial order or require samples to check quality the first time.

    Can I change the pot or planter?

    You can ask for customization as long as your order meets a certain quantity so not only the pot can be changeable but also the foliage type can be customized. According to the way of planting pots, we stock cement and ceramic pots of high quality and durability. But once put into mass production, artificial plant pots can not be changed nor replaced.

    Is there any need to maintain artificial plants and trees?

    Yes, but only a little maintenance is needed. While our selection of fake plants in pots eliminates the need for daily maintenance, we suggest cleaning it and wiping away any dust it might have gathered.