Tips for Newcomers in the Artificial Plant Industry

Plants artificial are not tacky with continuous development, instead there exist more prospects. Do you want to follow the path to success of leaders in the artificial plant industry? Exactly you will make profits of products if you are engaged in this business with effort more or less. Refer to these tips and avoid dropping into the pit.

Before you start, there are two options that you face – become a brand agent or seek a supplier’s help.

Should you be a brand agent or not?

Even if it’s your first time entering the artificial plant market, you will find branding of some top suppliers has been deeply rooted among the people, which is successful to some extent. But is it certain to reap colossal profits as you become their agent?

Advantages of being an artificial plant brand agent

  • No need to use your own fluid capital
  • Not necessary to keep a lot of stock
  • Relatively low risk
  • Some powerful brands can provide enough franchise support, including product development, customer management, etc.

Disadvantages of being a faux plant brand agent

  • For some well-known brands, both the agency threshold and the cost are high. Still, the profit margin of commodities is less.
  • Whether the general agency or exclusive agency, you cannot enjoy the right to act on behalf of all artificial greenery categories (including hot-sellers), thus losing part of your profits.
  • You may suffer a lot upon encountering artificial plant bands that have no stable brand image or rich experience in retail management.
  • More importantly, you are losing your once-powerful grip on brand marketing.

If you want to give up this option to be an agent, consider following the success of artificial plant manufacturers.

Discovering capable artificial plant suppliers is better

With so many artificial plants manufacturers popping up, you need to open your eyes wide in case of being cheated. A capable manufacturer or factory should have the following fundamental conditions.

#1. cost and quality control

Sourcing from an artificial plant factory is a robust solution for your business as it takes full responsibility for all products and focuses more on quality. By working with a manufacturer you will pay less to get the same premium artificial plants compared with a branding agency.

#2. excellent production capacity

In addition to product quality, the equipment and technical level of a manufacturing factory is also key to defining it’s professional or not. Here’s a practical suggestion is that you can take a business trip to the factory you want to work with.

#3. domestically reputed for wide varieties

As a faux plant factory with strong capacities, it needs to be equipped with different molds producing a wide range of artificial plants for the sake of diverse needs among nations. What you can do is to find such a supplier as you can procure some of the most popular products catering to the local market.

#4. a certain understanding of the market

Profound insight and timely strategies to respond to the ever-changing artificial plants market are also fundamental to any manufacturer. You can get in touch with a supplier to ask for their thoughts about the latest artificial plant trend in the globe.

#5. no patent infringement

Suppliers in some regions are accustomed to applying for patents on their products in order to increase ancillary value. When you are working with a supplier, please pay attention to whether he has plagiarized or misappropriated the trademarks, brands, etc of other suppliers.

Where to find a reliable and capable artificial plant supplier in the world? Yes of course, mostly in China. So how can you select one in ten thousand?

Using Sunwing custom artificial plant manufacturing service

Up to now, customization has become a wow factor in achieving success in the artificial plant industry.

——Artificial plant design

artificial green wall panel H021

Concept: The demand for simulated plants is different in different regions and countries, so you have to provide products that meet the needs of your local market. Likewise, Sunwing is committed to offering customizable designs for importers, architects, and property developers, etc.

Method: First is the artificial plant category, Sunwing specialized R&D team has designed many varieties like artificial hedges, plant walls, trees, potted plants, flowers, moss, and so on.

The second is the diversity of a single category including sizes, colors, patterns, etc.

Let’s take Sunwing’s top-seller artificial plant wall panel H021 as an example. Inspired by trendy and favorable green walls in some regions, we come up with the design and manufacture with our own thoughts. This is not only aimed at specific regions but also to open up more markets in the world.

——Manufacturing technology

uv protection and fire retardant artificial plant

Over the years, leading suppliers have excavated more functions than the ornamental value of faux plants. With advanced technology, the artificial plant ranges can be UV resistant and fire retardant. On most occasions, artificial living plants are custom-made to achieve functional impacts but some special models come with attributes. Of course, the price of customization is higher than regular items.

Another situation you may get trapped in is whether patented manufacturing technology is the best. Well, actually not because the performance of UV protection and fire safety is no longer something a supplier can be proud of. Registered brands, trademarks, or patents are only used for added value while the performance needs thinking twice. The deciding factor is the fact speaks for itself. Sunwing can provide the standard or super-standard for your business plan. Ask for UV stable/ FR test reports now.

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