market trend of artificial wall in the uk 2022

Are you confused because you can’t figure out what kind of artificial plant wall your British consumers will like in 2022? This article will solve your puzzle. Read now!

Do you feel that consumers’ preferences are changing rapidly? Do you find that more and more consumers prefer artificial plant walls instead of living walls? Do you want to meet your consumer preferences and stand out in the marketplace? Well, you’ve found luck today! This article is set to help you stay ahead of the market and tell you the secret: which faux green walls will be immediate hits in the UK in 2022. Sellers who think for their customers will always be successful. I know you are super excited to get this secret. To give a briefing, I will list what you will get out before diving deep into them one after the order:

Research Report on Hot-selling Artificial Hedge Walls & Vertical Garden in the UK

Market research provides consumers with an opportunity to express their opinions. To help you obtain more accurate market information providing a basis for decision-making and improving your competitiveness, Sunwing Artificial Plants conducted market research on artificial plant walls. Through Google and social medial platforms, 15 sellers of artificial green walls are investigated, including 10 artificial plant retailers, 4 artificial plant manufacturers and suppliers, and 1 home decoration company. After data collection and analysis by our professional marketing specialists, the result was a report on hot-selling artificial hedge walls & vertical gardens in the UK. Take a look at what your competitors are selling to attract your potential consumers.

research report on hot selling artificial hedge walls & vertical garden in uk

Top-selling Faux Hedge Walls & Artificial Leaves Walls in the UK

OK, let’s say the answer directly. According to the analysis data, the top-selling artificial hedge walls & artificial green walls in the UK are shown below:

lush artificial fern wall or grass mat

Lush artificial fern wall or grass mat

dark green faux ivy wall

Dark green faux ivy wall

artificial boxwood wall

Faux boxwood wall

fake garden walls with dark green hedges matched with bunches of leaves of bright colors such as yellow green or burgundy

Vertical garden

Analysis of Artificial Hedge Walls Preferences in the UK

The 3 best-selling faux fence walls in the UK:

dark green fern wall or grass mat 1

Dark green fern wall or grass mat

dark green faux ivy wall 2

Dark green faux ivy wall

artificial boxwood wall

Artificial boxwood wall

Sunwing similar styles:

faux ivy wall a018

A018 Faux ivy wall

Price of Artificial Hedge Walls: about 15£-32£(50cm * 50cm)

Analysis of Artificial Green Walls Preferences in the UK

The main color of the artificial vertical garden is dark green. The TOP 2 are:

No.1 Dark green leaves (smaller leaves similar to ivy) matched with a few green bunches of leaves (like ferns)

vertical garden with dark green leaves and few green bunches of leaves

No.2 Dark green fence wall paired with bunches of leaves in claret, blue, purple, and white. Most of the styles are firework-like plants like grass and ferns. Meanwhile, British customers also prefer style customization.

fake garden walls with dark green hedges matched with bunches of leaves of bright colors such as yellow green or burgundy

Sunwing similar styles:

vertical garden hl014

HL014 Vertical garden

vertical garden hh011

HH011 Artificial green wall panel

Price of Vertical Garden: about $75-550 (1m * 1m)

*The above report is derived from a sample survey and is for reference only.

Hot-selling artificial plant walls in the UK 2021

Sunwing Artificial Plants has 18 years of experience in the export of fake green wall panels and has cooperated with 100+ UK clients. Our analysis has a certain reference value because of a large number of sales data. According to Sunwing sales data of fake fence panels & artificial garden walls in the UK, the hot-selling styles in this region are as follows:

top5 artificial plant wallsMarket Forecast of artificial plant walls in the UK 2022

Now it’s time to reveal the secret I mentioned above. Combined with the research report and Sunwing’s sales data 2021, we predict the best-selling artificial hedge walls & vertical gardens in the UK 2022.

Which artificial plant walls will be immediate hits in the UK 2022?

A001 4-layer Foliage Fake Boxwood Hedges

The first choice must be boxwood hedge walls. Classics never go out of fashion. Boxwood will always be one of the most classic styles and it is a must-have for your stocking list. Customers will always pay for the classics without hesitation, and they are more interested in products that offer good value for money. Artificial boxwood fences are the perfect combination of both. Don’t worry, it won’t make you regret stocking it to appeal to your consumers.

boxwood applicationA038 Fake Leaves Wall Greenery

A large number of your potential consumers are looking for a product that will brighten up their environment and bring it to life. The artificial fern wall is the answer. Unlike boxwood, this one has longer, more lush foliage. It will blend in perfectly and refresh the surroundings wherever it is installed. Without a doubt, a faux fern fence is a perfect choice for your stocking, which will always please your consumers.

fern wall applicationA018 Artificial Garden Wall Ivy Leaves

Native to the European region, ivy in the shape of a pentagram is no stranger to British consumers. Living ivy leaves have always been the ideal material for urban 3D landscaping, so it is only natural that consumers prefer fake ivy hedge walls.

A018 Artificial Garden Wall Ivy Leaves application

A027 Faux Green Wall Panel Red Flowers

Some customers find a plain green wall of plants rather monotonous. The consumer-minded designer has thoughtfully embellished the green hedge with red flowers that are both beautiful and not ostentatious. After all, everyone likes flowers that never fade.

artificial plant wall applicationHL014 Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Greenery Decoration

The vertical garden has a wider range of plants and colors than a fence, and it caters to consumers who require a design for their products. HL014 selects green with different saturation and conspicuous wine red to make the whole panel more hierarchical. However, the overall style is still simple, which accords with the general preference of the British.

HL014 Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Greenery Decoration applicationWhat are the features of top-selling artificial plant wall panels in the UK?

You must be wondering why these products are sweeping the UK. Let me clear up your confusion. Here are features of hot-selling green walls in the UK.

1. Simple style

Elegant Brits prefer simple styles to suit their distinctive tastes. Whether it is a fake hedge wall or a vertical garden, British consumers prefer simple styles and are less likely to buy exaggerated products such as tropical green wall panels. Sunwing creative designers are always able to design styles that satisfy consumers.

2. 100% fresh new PE

As we all know, it rains from time to time in the UK, which is very detrimental to the shelf life of faux leaves walls, so the material of products is crucial. But don’t worry, Sunwing Artificial Plants always has our clients in mind. All our fake green wall panels are made of 100% fresh new PE instead of recycled plastic, which greatly prolongs the product’s service life.

3. Fire retardant leaves walls

The UK has very strict fire protection requirements for interior decoration. Many of your potential consumers want to beautify their space with their desired faux plant walls, but the action is stopped by a safety test, resulting in a break in the purchase. Sunwing Artificial Plants is always trying to put consumers’ worries aside, and the Fire retardant leaves wall is the perfect solution to this problem.


Now, I hope you are fully aware of artificial plant walls trending in the UK 2022. I would be happy if this article would help you with your business as Sunwing Artificial Plants has been prioritizing providing value to our clients. If there is anything you are confused about, please feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer. Welcome to contact us thru





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