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Wholesale Artificial Plants From China

Whether you are a home, garden, or landscape retailer, wholesaler, or design company, china artificial plants can be a great product to expand or add to your current offer lists! Sunwing now offers all kinds of indoor and outdoor rated artificial plants, flowers, and trees on a B2B basis. We offer wholesale pricing for the minimum orders required. Discover Artificial Plants on Trends 2021

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Artificial Fence

Made of 100% fresh new PE, Sunwing Artificial Hedges and Fence Screenings can be custom-made for different commercial projects, such as office buildings, apartments, restaurants, hotels, or other residential uses. The best-selling Faux Boxwood ranges among our artificial hedging products are widely used as Privacy Defender, Space Divider, or Noise Purifier.

  • Lifelike and Evenly Distributed Leaves
  • Easy to Move and Install for Any Application
  • Certified for Fire Resistance & UV Protection
  • Almost Free Maintenance Cost

Artificial Plants Wall Coverings

Sunwing Artificial Plants Wall comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. Even if they are sold in individual panels, you can easily mix and match them to create your design for various purposes. Some styles can be manufactured inherently fire rated(IFR) and certified by ISO13823 tests for level B fire-retardant effect, which is necessary for large construction projects.

  • Ultra-realistic Foliage of Industry-leading Material
  • Natural Connection without Hassles
  • No Special Requirements for Installation
  • Completely Safe for Pets & Human

Artificial Flower Arrangements

At Sunwing, our designers employ a wide variety of leaves, flowers, and other accessories to come out with different artificial wreaths, artificial hanging baskets, and artificial floral arrangements. The artificial hanging plants and flowers can be sold in single bundles or matching with containers, which inspires creativity.

  • Molded from Commercial Grade Material
  • Clear Texture and Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • keep Bright Colors Throughout the Year
  • Glam Up Any Room or Special Event

Artificial Plants in Pots or Artificial Trees

Sunwing Artificial Plants in Pots, Artificial Potted Trees are a great choice to upgrade the interior environment with a natural aesthetic and a bit of greenery. With different styles and colors, they can be used to enrich your balcony, garden, or some events like weddings, exhibitions, etc. Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

  • Naturally Occurring Variegation & Soft Textures
  • Without Ongoing Maintenance
  • UV-treated & Fire-retardant Bespoke Options
  • Perfect to Add Color to Any Arrangement

Artificial Hanging Plants

Sunwing Artificial Hanging Plants, including hanging topiary balls, branches, and hanging garlands, are great solutions to draw all eyes to your ceilings. Among them, fake vines and ivy bunches are the most popular decorations for ‘green ceilings’. They are also suitable for many indoor & outdoor green wall decorations. We have a wide variety of types, sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

  • Customizable Design & Accessories
  • Stay Botanically Accurate with Textures and Colors
  • No Allergy, Pollen, or Pests
  • Cost-effective Alternative

Preserved Dried Plants

Sunwing mainly provides the following 4 collections of preserved plants: preserved moss & moss frames, preserved potted plants, preserved topiary, and natural dried wreaths. One of the key benefits of using preserved dried plants is that they are storable for a few years, which gives your business or project flexibility to adapt to seasonal changes.

  • Super Natural Preserving Technique
  • Require No Watering or Special Treatment
  • Easy to Use in Various Designs
  • 0% Waste or Loss While in Storage

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China Artificial Plants Wholesale Catalogs

Are you sourcing for a new artificial plant supplier in China for your new product line or business? Sunwing can be a good option that is worth your try. With over 17 years of artificial plants, trees, flowers, or grass manufacturing and export experience, Sunwing can offer an import guide on both sourcing and product suggestions with professional reports for your market! Check Sunwing artificial plant wholesale catalog page for more info.

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