the fullest artificial plants import guide for UK

Provided you are starting the faux greenery business in the UK, whether for retail, landscaping or wholesale, do not miss this artificial plants import guide to help you with your profitable business plan.

Latest Artificial Plants UK Market Analysis

1. Import Trend

This set of data (from 2018-2021) intuitively shows the overall artificial plants import situation in the UK.

UK artificial plant import market with graphs

Artificial Plants Import Value in the UK from 2018-2021,
Data from

Annual volume report

On the first graph, we need to focus on several peaks: the highest in April 2019 is total volume, and the maximum in December 2019 is year-on-year growth. Besides, we should pay attention even at the beginning of the global epidemic, the year-on-year volume has reached its peak in April 2020. The outbreak of the epidemic has a certain impact on the import of simulation plants in the UK, but it shows a rising trend from February 2021. If you seize the opportunity and work out a plan in advance, the total artificial plants import value is expected to reach the peak of 2019.

artificial plants import data in the UK

HS Code 6702 UKImport Volume from 2018-2021,
Data from

HS codes import report

On the right of the second bar chart, we can clearly see that several customs codes representing artificial plant categories. Likewise, there’s a peak of data in April 2019. The UK import market is generally positive as the epidemic has not had a far-reaching impact on it. Overall, the first quarter and the fourth quarter can be said to be the best time for purchasing in the UK.

Note: HS 6702 refers to flowers, leaves, fruits and products made of plastic, silk, chemical fiber and other materials.

2. Search Trend

search trend of artificial plants in the UK

Artificial Plants Global Search Trend from 2020-2021,
Data from

Popularity Over Time

Over the past 5 years, the search volume for artificial plants in the United Kingdom has been in the fluctuating increasing trend. Especially from April 2020 to April 2021, even if during the epidemic, locals’ demand for fake greenery has not decreased.

Search Popularity by Sub-area

According to the administrative division of the UK, the four constituent countries all show their interest in the artificial plant industry, followed by Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England.
No matter what area you are in, you can also have great ambition to start your business from now on.

3. Main Products

UK import artificial plants

As shown in the picture, the most frequently imported artificial plants are evenly distributed in different administrative areas. Take Scotland as an example, artificial boxwood hedges are the main products imported from Sunwing. Besides, Artificial Potted Plants, Artificial Green Walls, and Artificial Flowers are also popular in the UK. You can rely on the information and making a detailed import plan is better early than late.

Please download the import manual here when you want to purchase from Sunwing.

Cases of UK Artificial Plants Import for Retail

1. Industry

Running a local retail store is not easy with your own imagination, so you should learn from Jenny’s success story. As Sunwing’s main customer in the UK, Jenny has been engaged in artificial hedges and plants for about 5 years.

2. Channels

Up to now, Hedged In has stretched to the official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, youtube, and offline retail store, etc.

3. Service

Hedged In aims to provide the locals with exceptional service as well as excellent ready-made and custom-built hedges at unbeatable prices.

  • UV Stable: High UV rate for long-lasting outdoor use
  • Bespoke Hedge: Made to measure, one-off creations
  • Express Shipping: Next-day delivery on orders before 12:00 noon
  • Onsite Installation: It ensures a perfect fit

4. Projects

indoor & outdoor artificial hedges projects


Amazing Garden Fence Makeover

“Outstanding bespoke hedge building services, individually designed to suit a modern lifestyle in the best home and business locations. Finished to perfection, reflecting our dedication to creating unique artificial hedge screens based upon our wealth of experience in building Privacy Screening which our customers love to live in, and that stand the test of time,” said Director of Hedged In.

5. Testimonial

“We source and purchase artificial hedges and plants from Sunwing since my company’s establishment. With mutual trust in quality, we look forward to ever-lasting cooperation,” said Jenny.

6. Product List

The following are the most popular artificial plants imported from Sunwing:

  • A001 Artificial Boxwood Hedges
  • A040 Artificial Floral Hedges Panel
  • A078 Artificial Lavender Hedge Panel
  • B028 Artificial Plants Wall
  • B052 Artificial GreenWall

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top artificial hedges & plants import in the UK

Cases of Artificial Plants Import for Landscaping

1. Industry

In addition to starting the retail business, some of you take responsibility for artificial landscaping. Whether you’re living in rural or urban areas, you will find happiness and make profits through selling our landscaping artificial green walls across the UK.

2. Channels

When starting a small artificial plants import business, you can establish an online website, creating accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

3. Service

  • Customer Service & After-sales Support
  • Self Installation Guide & Hassle-free Installation Service
  • Assist the UK with Choosing the Right Product for Their Project
  • Free Shipping on UK Orders over £150

4. Projects

exterior and interior landscaping projects


Supreme Exterior & Interior Landscape

For Outdoors: With UV-protected performances, you’ll find it stunning and efficient to use artificial vertical walls outdoors, lasting for years to come.

For Indoors:  Sunwing fire retardant greenery wall is designed to be your first choice, which has passed ISO13823 fire tests. Besides, fresh PE materials cause non-toxic allergies or health problems to pets and humans.

5. Testimonial

testimonial of Sunwing artificial wall plants

6. Product List

What are the best artificial green walls import for your business? Check out them now.

  • B026 Faux Greenery Wall Ivy Bushes
  • B031 Faux Floral Plants Wall
  • B041 Faux Fern Foliage Wall
  • B052 Faux Jungle Green Wall
  • B053 Faux Lush Green Wall

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best artificial green walls import in the UK

Cases of UK Artificial Greenery Import for Wholesale

1. Industry

The profit model of wholesalers and retailers is quite different as you need to meet a certain amount of sales to get enough profits when wholesale. So before doing the wholesale of simulation plants, you have to have a deep understanding of customers’ needs.

2. Channels

Likewise, if you do really want to follow the success of artificial plants import wholesale, you should consider these actionable promotion channels. For instance, build up an official website, Instagram, Linkedin, etc; in addition, you can also join Amazon, Homedepot, Overstock to promote your products.

3. Service

  • Premier Destination for High-quality Greenery
  • Largest Selection of Faux Trees, Plants & Flowers
  • Designer Curated, Horticulturist Designed & Approved
  • Amazing Prices for Every Budget

4. Projects

wholesale artificial plants projects in the UK


Best Holiday & Festival Decorations

The boundaries between family, work, school, and entertainment have never been as vague as they are now. We expect that trend is to continue to develop in the future. You may start your journey to invest in DIY projects. Fortunately, you can achieve your dreamy house through some planning and a hasty budget. Moreover, we’re here to supply your locals with a wide variety of trendy artificial products for your wholesale plan.

5. Testimonial

“It’s really happy to work with Sunwing on our wholesale business since 2018. Sunwing is a reliable manufacturer supplying all kinds of artificial plants, trees, flowers, green walls, and even moss. Now, we’ve become a trustful wholesaler in the UK and provide the best products and service for our customers.”

6. Product List

Here, we collate the top 10 UK artificial plants import in 2020. Otherwise, you can refer to more tips for newcomers in the artificial plant industry.

top 10 imported artificial greenery plants in the UK

Top 10 imported faux plants in the UK 2020

  1. Faux fiddle leaf fig tree
  2. Faux potted hanging plant
  3. Faux olive tree
  4. Faux fern
  5. Faux Monstera
  6. Solar-powered topiary garden ball
  7. Faux boxwood topiary
  8. Faux palm tree
  9. Faux flowers
  10. Faux wreath

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Above all, these products reflect the general needs of people and lay the foundation for your wholesale preparation.

By the way, if you are sure to become a local wholesaler in the UK, you should pay attention to the following issues of looking for suppliers.

  1. What is the minimum order quantity from the supplier?
  2. How many kinds of products can the supplier provide?
  3. How long will the lead time of your order take?
  4. Can the supplier provide customized service for your local market?

Trendy Faux Plants for UK 2021

Inspired by tips & ideas, what are the best-imported greenery plants regarding the retail, landscaping, and wholesale in 2021?

#1. Moss Wall – MOQ: 50 kg

Discover the premier realistic artificial moss tiles and preserved reindeer moss supplied by Sunwing! Due to the difficult supply of reindeer lichens in Europe, sourcing from a Chinese moss wall supplier is a perfect choice!

According to customer requirements, we provide artificial moss and reindeer moss to meet indoor and outdoor decoration needs. We can provide sheet moss tiles, framed moss, and artificial moss for the convenience of decoration.
artificial plants import


artificial & preserved moss catalogs

Artificial & Preserved Moss Art Catalog

artificial and natural pampas grass wholesale supplier

Artificial/ Dried Pampas Grass

#2. Dried Pampas grass – MOQ: 500 pcs

Apart from artificial pampas, we also supply naturally dried pampas that can be more fluffy to create a gentle atmosphere, perfect for home and wedding decor. Whether you are establishing or enriching the artificial plant business, artificial/ natural pampas will be your first consideration.
artificial plants import

#3. Artificial Plants Pots- MOQ: 50 pcs

Faux trees can be ideal decorations for indoor and outdoor design because they can prevent ultraviolet rays or fire from spreading in different environments. Sunwing has its own artificial trees and plant factories, covering a wide range of fake potted trees. If you want to have this product on your sales list, these trees are very flexible in customization. The regular range covers bamboo trees, ficus trees, olive trees, and snake plants, etc.
artificial plants import

artificial trees for home office or commercial

Artificial Plants & Trees Catalog


Today, we collect information and ideas especially for new retailers, landscapers, and wholesalers in the UK artificial plants import market. But we shall prepare the import guide for customers in other countries and regions. Thanks in advance for your interest and welcome to contact our friendly sales team, make a phone call to (86)13951936338 or send an email at





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