artificial living or preserved moss comparison

In this article, let Sunwing artificial plants introduce all moss ranges from artificial moss, preserved moss, living moss, and dried moss on their features and differences.

Artificial Moss Faqs

  • What is Fake moss?

Artificial moss is an imitated form of real moss in life. They simulated the live moss looking and functions and can benefit all kinds of green walls or art-crafted work in every way.

  • Are there different styles of fake moss?

While there are different kinds of fake moss walls, the fake moss range is also remarkable as well. They can even offer more rare moss forms for design in harsh environments.

fake moss tiles ranges from sunwing

fake moss tiles range from Sunwing

Live Moss and Dried Moss

  • What are Living moss and dried moss?

Living moss is freshly collected moss without any preservation. They will grow like in wild with first-class maintenance. Dried moss is a dried form of live moss and they can be rehydrated again to grow to a new plant.

  • Are there different styles of live moss tiles?

Of course, the most popular living moss wall on the market is

preserved moss and dried moss difference

preserved moss and dried moss difference

Preserved Moss Faqs

preserved moss varieties

preserved moss varieties

1. What is Preserved Moss?

Preserved moss is real moss that goes thru a natural preservation solution like glycerin to preserve its color appearance and natural elements for years.

2. Is preserved moss toxic?

Real preserved moss are absolutely human-friendly! Preserved moss is naturally transformed than chemically preserved. They keep its perfect aspects of wild moss while requiring no complicated living maintenance.

3. Different preserve moss lichens varieties

The markets’ most popular preserved moss ranges are listed below:

preserved moss varieties guide china

preserved moss varieties guide china

  • Preserved sheet moss: Sheet moss is a type of flat sheet-like carpet moss which grows to cover rocks and soil with a marbling color.
  • Preserved mood moss: Mood moss grows in large, thick clumps and got its name for people characterized its color change with temperature as “Moody”.
  • Preserved Pole Moss: Pole moss is also called pincushion moss or bun moss. Pole moss grows in a tight, circular rock-like form with intense green color.
  • Preserved Reindeer Moss: Reindeer moss is actually a kind of lichen growing in arctic lands and forests.
  • Preserved Deer foot Moss: Deerfoot moss is similar to reindeer moss but got a tighter and softer texture.

4. Can we install preserved moss everywhere?

Of course, preserved moss can survive without a strict living environment.

5. Where to buy preserved moss bulk?

If you plan to procurement preserved moss in bulk for business or projects, here is a full buying guide for your reference:

-Where to import?

Most preserved moss manufacturers are from Europe where there are lots of wild forests and arctic lands perfect for growing moss lichens and since 2021, because of the climate changes and other predictable reasons, they are not able to feed the whole preserved moss markets and many preserved moss buyers begin to source out there. Here, China will be the place to go. It is the second biggest preserved moss exporter in the world.

-How to tell the quality of the preserved moss?

First of all, you have to know the difference between preserved moss and dried moss while dried moss got a shorter shelf life and requires costly maintenance to live long. Be sure to ask the following two questions before importing:

  • The manufacturer’s methods of preservation
  • The lifespan or product warranty of preserved moss

While the preservation may be costly and the price may be higher than those normally so-called preserved moss which can only keep its appearance for only 1-2 years.

6. How to make preserved moss?

The most common way to make preserved moss is using a natural solution of Glycerin. For industry production of preserved moss, there are simply several simple processes:

  1. Collect moss from wildland
  2. Remove unwanted articles
  3. Dry it to the most
  4. Preserved with glycerin
  5. Dying in all kinds of color shades
  6. Dehydrated the final product to last for long
  7. ..

If you are interested in a DIY process for home preservation please refer to moss lovers’ article on how to make moss preserved at a home base.


7. Does preserved moss clean air?

Preserved moss does not clean air as it is a preserved form of natural moss and doesn’t produce oxygen as live moss does. Check these two articles: the reasons why preserved moss walls for indoor decorations or more preserved moss walls FAQs for more information.

Living Moss & Dried Moss

Dries moss is a dehydrated form of live moss which is crispy than the live soft moss. They can both grow lively to some degree.


Preserved Moss vs. Dried Moss

Unlike preserved moss, dried moss can be rehydrated to grow with certain moisture. Preserved moss will go through natural preservation and keep its appearance for many years without maintenance while dried moss may require lights, moisture, or sun for growing in certain environments.

preserved moss and dried moss difference

preserved moss and dried moss difference

Preserved Moss Walls vs. Living Walls

Preserved moss walls and living walls can defer in their lifespan, maintenance required, and health benefits for well-being, etc.

Regarding Lifespan:

Preserved moss will last over 10 years with a good preservation process while living walls lifespan will depend on the maintenance quality and its environments sometimes 3 years at most.

Maintenance Required:

Preserved moss walls don’t require lights or fertilizer to live long while living moss requires costly and constantly maintained.

Benefits on Well-beings:

The live moss wall produces oxygen and purifies the air or indoor space which will have a good compact on well-being. The preserved moss lost its function of photosynthesis in process of preservation.


Artificial Moss Walls vs. Preserved Moss Walls

Compared to real moss preserved, the artificial moss walls are made of silk or fabrics. The preserved moss keeps its original green aspects and looks more natural than the mimic moss form.


Inspiring Moss Walls Art Gallery

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reindeer moss or rock like moss lichens for wall design

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preserved moss for ceilings and walls

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Choosing Sunwing Moss Walls Bulk from China!

If you are sourcing for a preserved moss or artificial moss walls wholesale supplier from China, you are welcome to get the latest moss walls catalog to project e-book or the latest moss wall catalog for your reference.

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