How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating

If you love greenery with various unique shapes, you will like spiraled topiary plants. But provided that you could not keep them alive, why not give artificial spiral trees a try? Actually, these realistic spiral topiary can accentuate rooms, gardens, and offices just the same as the real ones.

Faux Single or Double Spiral Topiary Plants


Faux single or double spiral topiary plants

Some of you may feel at a loss for cutting a spiral sculpture when it comes to the topiary. But you can get out of the tricky pruning due to the artificial spiral trees.

Single fake spiral:

Lush green spiraling upward in a single way as if it’s going up to the sky. Or, this kind of topiary spiral seems like a green static ice cream, doesn’t it? Without a doubt, this interesting design can easily be an eye-catcher when others walking by. Spirals usually have no limits of going upward, and yet you can choose the suitable height for a display.

Double spiral plants:

Highly dense green foliage twist and intertwine around the central stem, so you can call it a differently double spiral plant. It implies that you will get a two-way “ice-cream” no matter what you think of artificial spiraling topiaries. They are all handcrafts, so there is a slight difference in dimension but does not affect their color and texture.

The leaves of topiary plants are darker, allowing you to have an extraordinary luster in a well-lighted room. Wherever you place the artificial spiral, indoors or outdoors, it will stay stable and tidy!

Artificial Boxwood Spiral Trees or Cedar Topiary Spirals

artificial boxwood cedar spiral tree

Faux boxwood spiral:

It’s easy to incorporate artificial boxwood in topiary spiral trees as the faux boxwood are a replica of real ones. On the one hand, Sunwing lush boxwood spirals are the best for an outstanding statement in rooms or offices. On the other hand, these artificial boxwood spiral trees consist of high-quality plastic materials that almost give a real touch. Besides, they can stay evergreen for quite a long time and resist impurities in household interiors.

Cedar spiral trees:

Twisted cedar silk trees with dark green foliage spiral upwards the sky, and they are the ultimate kind of artistic sculpture. Whether for uplifting rooms or decorating porches and foyers, this cedar with gentle curves will never captivate you. And even if other cypress trees lose color and leaves in the fall or winter, you can appreciate the geometrically designed greenery season by season.

Standing at various heights with handpicked green foliage, the perfect spiral shape can last for an extended lifespan. Anyway, these study artificial hedging spiral topiary plants will be ideal for any setting – indoors or outdoors.

“Planted” or Potted Silk Spiral Trees

Planted or potted silk spiral trees

Why not take into account artificial spiral trees in pots or planters when looking for decorative topiary plants? Especially, they are maintenance-free for green fingers in raising and keeping natural plants.


It’s flexible to move potted topiary trees from one location to another in your yard. But it requires cooperation in light of the larger and heavier pots. These potted spiral trees tend to sit in suitable places on the patio, bringing breath to this area. In addition, as you may see, near the fountain locates topiary plants, hence making it a defined separated space.

Silk planted spiral:

We call these artificial spiral greenery “planted” as they can keep evergreen without pot or soil. Planted silk topiary spiral trees can become more decorative than the potted ones as they can “grow”. But you may choose giant spiraling artificial plants and place them in an area that can turn into a landscape.

Lighted Christmas Topiary Trees

lighted artificial topiary spiral trees for Christmas

With the advent of winter vacation, holiday decorations create a wonderland in homes and commercial spaces in full swing. To be specific, spiraled Christmas trees with lights or other ornaments add accents to the shape and festival atmosphere. Or, select artificial potted plants in the design of evergreen spiraling with ribbons hanging on them.

Lighted artificial spiral trees bring out an instant feeling for annual holidays, hence you just need to choose in need. These nicely designed faux spiral topiary plants twist towards the sky in a green cascade. Also, you can light them up according to their shape, creating pre-lit topiaries in the Christmas holidays both indoors and outdoors.

Using Artificial Topiary Spiral Trees in the Landscape

Using artificial topiary spiral trees in the landscape

It is a matter to successfully integrate artificial spiral trees into your landscape. But compared with real topiary plants, fake spiraled plants are flexible to make a statement in landscaping designs. Better yet, you can choose a contrasting color of the background in order for an outstanding spiraled shape. Besides, consider stringing lights around the tree or adding spotlights on it to extend its appeal at night.

Front yards:

Topiary plants add distinction to a landscape, as well as an immediate containment appeal. These realistic spiral trees are easy to maintain and are suitable for the allocated space in any garden. They are the focal point throughout the year, regardless of what season. However, the best location where your landscape theme will work depends on your specific site. In general, these sculptural trees are ideal for the place closest to your home. Hence, visitors will have a great first impression of your landscape such as door sides and walkways.

Back yards:

Concerning a backyard landscape, the patio corner or sitting area two sides will be the most matching location. Referring to the architect’s handbook, you would rather put the artificial outdoor topiary trees in the end of an axis. And in turn, you can see a focal point in the backyard when crossing by.


1.How to make artificial spiral trees in pots or planters?

As a matter of fact, it’s quite convenient to make your potted and planted faux topiaries. From the majority point of view, the only one step is to fulfill the pot and planter. By adding soil, sand, and pebbles, the sculptural tree will ultimately become a complete artwork. Of course, the premise is that you need to fit the tree in a suitable size, or you can turn to Sunwing.

2.Do I need to maintain fake topiary plants?

It’s precisely no as the artificial spiral tree requires almost no maintenance in contrast to the real one. In most occasions, it’s extra to worry about causing upkeep costs in the long run. For one thing, you only need to dust off for the interior placement. For another thing, regarding outdoors, natural sunlight and rain will not affect its “growth” at all. Better yet, place the artificial plants under sheltered eaves to extend their life.

3.Will the artificial topiary trees maintain color under strong sunlight?

Sunwing manufactures the artificial foliage of topiaries with UV protection elements. Generally, these UV treated artificial plants are an alternative for real plants that will wither under intense sunlight. So they are safe for outdoor environments as well as can maintain their color for years to come.

4.Can we replace it with real soil?

Absolutely you can, because you don’t have to maintain the fake spiral trees if necessary and never require watering.





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