Artificial Topiary Letters - SUNWING Customers' Project


In the case of sufficient space, people are more inclined to three-dimensional decorations, because this can make the overall space look richer. We take shopping malls as an example, the open space is suitable for large decorations. If you want to decorate with plants, I recommend you to try the design with artificial topiary letters.

Marked Artificial Boxwood Topiary Letters

Topiary letters always catch people’s eyes on many occasions, The huge three-dimensional characters are particularly prominent wherever they are. The use of light strips can make the outline of these letters more obvious, especially in shopping malls. These artificial topiary letters are independent individuals and very easy to move, so you can change the alphabetical order as needed. This product made of UV material can be used indoors for up to five years. it is a cost-effective choice for the mall.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges as a Covering for Decorations

Some malls place large model decorations, but ordinary decorations are not new for most people. When we used artificial plants to cover them, new design ideas emerged. Coupled with the aid of lighting, the overall shape of this type of decoration has become a beautiful landscape in the mall.

The above is designed based on the shopping mall. If you have more ideas and needs, please contact us.


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