artificial trailing plants trending in 2024

Undoubtedly, adding plants to the interior or exterior parts of your home or office gives a touch of life to it and lightens up the environment. However, it is sometimes difficult to maintain plants indoors as they require watering, trimming, fertilizing daily. Due to these shortcomings, the attention from real plants has been shifted towards artificial plants which depict quite the difference from real plants in terms of visual appearance. Furthermore, artificial plants require minimal or no maintenance serving the same purpose as real plants. Without further ado, let’s explore some trending artificial trailing plants.

2024 Best Design Trends for Trailing Plants

Artificial trailing plants can be used in different designs adopted for the interior of your residence. Down below we will discuss some of the best design trends for trailing plants in 2024:


1. Rustic Decor

If you want to add some greenery to your rustic décor, then you can consider artificial trailing plants. These plants would change your décor entirely without you having to do much or spending a lot. You can put hanging plants on your walls and ceilings and can also hang artificial baskets too.


2. Boho Theme

Do you think artificial trailing plants would not go well with your boho-themed décor? Wrong. These trailing plants would add class to your prior bold and full of cultural décor. You can add potted plants with enormous leaves in the empty corners of your home and that would complement your interior quite well.


3. Contemporary Country

You can use different types of faux trailing plants for your abode if you prefer a mixture of contemporary and modern interiors. Using a lot of white, grey, and beige in your décor can make it look dull. For the sake of this, you can place potted plants with enlarged leaves touching the floor. You can also go with topiary plants and balls too. This would add some greenery and freshness to the dull colors.


4. Traditional Decor

If your home gives out traditional look with thick curtains and rugs, it might get depressing at times. Add some life to it by using topiary balls hung from the ceiling along with different sized plants adjusting them on side tables and dining tables. In this way, there would be the addition of greenery while keeping the traditional look undisturbed.


What are the Best Artificial Trailing Plants?

Diversity can be found in artificial trailing plants each serving its purpose. Some of the best artificial trailing plants include tradescantia trail, trailing weeping ivy vine, Boston fern, artificial ivy hanging vine plant, lavender fake flower garland hanging vine string plant, and many more.


Top 6 Trending Artificial Trailing Plants in 2024

Let’s enlist the top 6 trending artificial trailing plants from Sunwing:


1. Artificial Hanging Creepers

Artificial hanging creepers can be hung on the patio, porch, bar, or ceiling wall not taking up the floor space. These creepers have proved beneficial for both indoors and outdoors due to their UV resistance and fire-retardant properties.

In addition to that, artificial hanging creepers come in two colors: light and dark green. These creepers in combination with white lamps would turn out to be the perfect choice for the ceiling of an office, building, or bar resulting in more customer traffic.


artificial hanging creepers


2. Artificial Hanging Basket

Artificial hanging baskets suit best the outside of any shop, balcony, patio, etc. These baskets consist of several contrasting flowers such as lilies which are further available in different colors (red, white, pink, and yellow). They are made from silk and fresh PE (polyethylene) material giving them a realistic appearance.

These baskets possess the ability to resist light hence there is no fear of fading color when exposed to direct sunlight. They would go well for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


artificial hanging basket


3. Artificial Floral Hoop Wreath

These floral wreaths are in fashion during festivities such as Christmas, weddings, funerals, etc. They can also be used inside hanging on walls or as a centerpiece on tables as decoration. These artificial floral wreaths are composed of fresh PE and silk.

They can be maintained by simply dusting with a cloth. They are made UV resistant hence lasting for a longer time when hung outdoors.


artificial floral hoop wreath


4. Artificial Trailing Plants in Pots

Isn’t the idea of keeping trailing plants in your workspace sounds exciting? It does. But, natural trailing plants would require trimming, cutting, and watering almost regularly. Therefore, artificial trailing plants would do the job.

These artificial trailing plants are manufactured from silk and give out a nice and soft texture and can be easily maintained. They would elevate the overall look of your boring workspace creating a zestful atmosphere.


artificial trailing plants in pots


5. Artificial Leaves or Artificial Shrubs

Having been formulated eco-friendly, artificial leaves or shrubs come in various shapes and colors. They are also made UV and fire resistant enabling them to be used inside restaurants and offices. Their different shapes and colors can be combined onto the ceiling of a restaurant giving it a jungle-like effect thus inviting diners into a warm and lively atmosphere.


artificial leaves or artificial shrubs


6. Hanging Artificial Topiary Balls

Artificial topiary balls can be used with or without lights according to your needs. These topiary balls can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. These topiary balls can last for years even when exposed to direct light as they are made UV resistant.

A touch of flowers can also be used in topiary balls instead of the regular boxwood balls. On top of that, these balls can also be customized to add iron wrought structures, LED lights, or pots.

hanging artificial topiary balls


Where to Source Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants?

You can source realistic artificial hanging plants from Sunwing. why choose Sunwing? Sunwing is a renowned SGS and ISO certified artificial plants supplier in China since 2004. Sunwing produces artificial plants from fresh PE thus giving it an almost real visual. Besides that, these artificial hanging plants are made UV resistant keeping safety measures in mind.


Sunwing’s Artificial Trailing Plants Featured Project


sunwing’s artificial trailing plants featured project


Location: South Africa


The client wanted to add life to the dull ceiling of her restaurant to invite more diners and make the environment cozy and comfortable. She wanted a fresh and green atmosphere. One other thing that she wanted was plants that were formulated fire-resistant.



We used artificial hanging creepers of both light and dark green colors along with white lamps to give the ceiling a subtle look. Since there was a risk of fire from plants, we customized the plants with fireproof properties.



After installing this ceiling, an increase in customer traffic was observed and reported. The dull ceiling was now converted into a breathing and fresh space giving out calm vibes. The client was very satisfied with what we offered and she was hoping to ask for more in the future.



Artificial plants are best for public places where real plants are not preferred due to fire hazards and other safety issues. In the past, artificial plants seemed fake but today they are giving tough competition to real plants and becoming a popular choice among people for their businesses. They can be used in the adornment of an office, apartment, garden, balcony, etc. Sunwing, no doubt, is the most reputable supplier of artificial plants to different countries. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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