top 4 artificial fence screen for landscape

In this article, you will learn the best four artificial fence screen products in the coming 2022. According to Sunwing artificial plants export data 2021, the best-seller goes to expandable faux privacy fence:

No.1 Expandable Artificial Ivy Trellis

Unlike fixed artificial fence screening panels like artificial hedges or artificial ivy screening rolls, expandable ivy trellis is perfect at covering the unsightly areas with an embarrassing size.

Leaves are firmly attached to the grid panels. Each leaf is expanded accordingly to ensure that sufficient air and sunlight pass through while providing maximum privacy for the client. A Practical and beautiful artificial fence from Sunwing Industries Ltd never lets you down.

  • Product Name: Expandable Ivy Trellis
  • Size: 90*180cm/pc | As Required
  • Material: Willow Trellis + Wrapped PE Foliage
  • Density/Coverage: Sparse with About 50% Coverage
  • Warranty: Outdoor 2 years, Indoor 3 years
  • Applications: Outdoor Privacy Screen without Fence

Artificial Ivy Fence Top Sellers

Three best selling artificial fences from Sunwing:

Artificial Lattice Silk Leaves Privacy Fence with Lights

Made with natural fabric and willow (fumigation required) gives it is a more authentic look, and LED lights are hidden in the leaves to brighten up your garden at night and provide a warming space to sweep your worries away.

Faux  Flower Trellis with Ivy Leaves

Made with silk and fresh PE, Many small flowers make it a splash of color in the garden. Don’t worry that the leaves will fade over the seasons; they are fake.

Artificial Trellis with PE Foliage

Made with UV protection PE foliage, safe for both human beings and pets as no toxic ingredients are involved.

artificial ivy fence with lights

Artificial ivy fence with lights for garden decor

artificial trellis with pe foliage

Fake ivy fence with flowers for indoor and outdoor

artificial fence screening on a roll

Artificial Trellis with PE foliage for outdoor

No.2 Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen

Artificial ivy fence screen is lightweight and easy to install; it can be quickly tied, screwed, or hooked onto any surface. Unlike artificial Ivy trellis, this one is more flexible and can be rolled up.

For the ivy leaf fence, Sunwing artificial plants have designed two styles with different densities of leaf distribution, which will impact the coverage. Any interest can get artificial fence catalogs to view more.

  • Product name: Artificial Ivy Fence Roll
  • Material: Fabric and plastic net
  • Regular Size: 1 m x 3 m, 1.5 m x 3 m
  • UV / Fire Resistant: Yes or Optional
  • Coverage: 70-100%
  • Warranty: Outdoor 2 years,Indoor 3 years
  • Certificate: UV Test Report by SGS and Intertek,Heavy Metal Test by SGS
  • Applications: Fixed on Fence for Screening
outdoor artificial ivy roll for garden decor

outdoor artificial ivy roll for garden decor

Artificial ivy plants for retail or wholesale are a cost-effective solution for outdoor decor. Get more inspiration from “artificial ivy products for home decor.”

No.3 Artificial Hedge Fence Screen

Artificial hedges are perfect for fence screen outdoors. The backing grid panels are added with dense boxwood leaves to offer over 98% coverage for outdoor privacy. UV engineered or fire-resistant treatment can stay outdoors with an evergreen appearance for over ten years.

  • Product Name: Artificial Hedges Panels
  • Product Size: 50*50cm/pc | Custom
  • Product Materials: 100% fresh PE
  • UV Protection: >=2000h
  • Fire Retardant: B+ Level (can pass NFPA 701 flame test)
  • Heavy-Metal Free: Yes
  • Applications: Residential or Commercial Landscape
  • Warranty: 3 years outdoors + 5 years indoors

Fake Boxwood Hedges Top Best Sellers

Artificial fence screening panels

Artificial fence screening is more diversified because the foliage can be customized to cater to different markets. Escapically the boxwood leaves are trendy with Sunwing customers.

Artificial boxwood hedge with planter box

Artificial boxwood planter is easy to move and a perfect way to divide any space as you like. They have a high reputation in event supply and commercial use.

fake fence screen for landsacpe

Fake fence screen for landsacpe

artificial hedges with planters for indoor& outdoor

Artificial hedges with planters for indoor& outdoor

No.4 Artificial Grass Fence Covering

Artificial grass fence or artificial wall grass is synthetic turf-coated iron wire structure rolls which is great for farm or property safety and privacy protections outdoors. This privacy fence is cheaper for marketing or selling in a less affordable country.


Artificial grass fences have three weaving methods: vertical, grid, and diagonal. The more complex the wall is, the higher expense you must pay. Different weaving methods will impact custom length. Precisely, vertical weaving can customize 10 meters, grid or diagonal weaving longest is 3 meters.

weaving method of artificial grass fence

detailed dimensions of artificial grass

How to Choose the Best Artificial Fence Screen

Perhaps, It’s time to choose the most suitable artificial fence to import.

Usually, First, you need to investigate local consumption levels and customer needs. Then search for artificial plants suppliers and so on; refer to the artificial hedges import guide to learn more.

How do you choose depending on the four types of fake fences mentioned above? A picture will tell you!

expandable ivy trellis

The above picture shows that different products are suitable for other consumer groups.

Artificial grass fences

are suitable for:

  • Targeted Area: Backward Areas
  • Coverage Needs: High coverage
  • Desire Warranty: 2 years for outdoor

Artificial Hedges

is suitable for:

  • Targeted Area: Developed Area
  • Coverage Needs: High coverage
  • Desire Warranty: 3+ years for outdoor

Faux ivy rolls

are suitable for:

  • Targeted Area: Developing regions
  • Coverage Needs: Middle coverage
  • Desire Warranty: 2 years for outdoor

Expendable faux ivy trellis

is suitable for:

  • Targeted Area: Developing regions
  • Coverage Needs: Low coverage
  • Desire Warranty: 2 years for outdoor
fake green ivy fence screen

Fake green ivy fence screen

outdoor activity scene a001

Outdoor Event Supply Screen a001


sunwing artificial plants system

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