best artificial vertical garden import trend

According to Sunwing artificial plants’ export data 2021, here are the top-ranking best artificial green walls import trend for your reference. If you are searching for a qualified artificial vertical garden manufacturer to import the best artificial plants China, check this artificial green wall plants china import trend out.

Top 1. Artificial Vertical Plant Walls – The Night Elf Series H023-25

This night Elf series artificial garden wall panels are inspired by the exquisite modern dark interior design. These artificial vertical plants panels are best to fit in blue or black home design offering a feeling of comfort and calm. Check its fabulous features below:

  • 50*100cm/pc | ABC Panels System
  • UV protection Green Walls for Outdoors
  • Fire-retardant B+ Level – SGS Test Report Offered
  • Iron Backing with Foliage Sprays Mix

Check its application feedback from our clients:

artificial vertical garden best seller 2021 suniwng

H SERIES artificial vertical gardens iron backing

Size : 50*100cm/pc | MOQ: 100pcs

artificial vertical garden packaging


Top.2 Fake Garden Wall with Jungle Elements HL044

This is the new rookie of artificial vertical garden styles in 2021. They are a combination of 8 foliage and fern artificial trailing plants.

  • 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 100pcs
  • UV Stable with 3-year outdoor warranty
  • Fire-safe for indoor green walls decorations
  • Best for Shopping Mall Feature Malls

Check the visual effects below:

fake vertical garden for wholesale

plastic PE backing L series artificial green walls panels

Size: 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 50pcs

Fake garden wall decoration indoor


Top.3 Artificial Vertical Garden Wall with Bountiful Leaves HB031

These bountiful fake vertical garden panels are featured by dense gardenia foliage. They are perfect for vibrant office green walls.

  • Raw Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Regular Size: 100 cm x 100 cm (40″x40″)
  • UV Stable: Yes
  • Occasions: Indoor; Outdoor
  • Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
  • Certificate: UV test report, heavy metal test by SGS
  • Package: 8 pieces/ box
  • MOQ: 50 pieces
  • Supply Ability: Order for manufacture

With a delicate selection of lush leaves and varieties, these luxury artificial green walls will light up your indoor or outdoor space instantly.

B031 artificial vertical garden panels supply

Artificial Plant Wall Catalog

Artificial Plant Wall Catalog

Outdoor UV Resistant Artificial Vertical Garden Wall


Top.4 Artificial Wall Plants Panels with Ivy Bushes HB041

The faux wall plants mats are famous for their Boston ivy structure. The mix of onion grass and Persian grass makes these jungle-style artificial wall plants more energetic. The wall panels can be one of the best artificial green walls for commercial designs.

event backdrop with artificial vertical garden

artificial plants wall with flowers for events

indoor large wall covering plants


Top.5 Fake Garden Wall | The Forest Gallery Series HB052

These artificial turf green walls are combinations of shades of orange, green and yellow which makes them great for restaurant green wall installations.



Size: 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 50pcs

artificial vertical garden category thumbnail


Top.6 Artificial Garden Wall Based on Lush Tea Leaves HB028

Tea leaves featured artificial garden walls are perfect for outdoor garden privacy screens. It gives the private outdoor garden a splash of red flowers. Check its perfect performance in outdoor garden landscape installations:

outdoor artificial flower wall design for fence screen

Artificial Garden Wall HB028

outdoor UV treated artificial privacy plants hedges

There are more fabulous projects to check out on our artificial plants for walls page!

Newly Released Artificial Vertical Plant Walls 2021

Apart from these top-exported artificial vertical plants wall styles, there are some newly developed styles for your reference:


Choosing Best Artificial Green Walls Manufacturer for Business:


Sunwing artificial plants is an expert in manufacturing premium versatile artificial wall plants for different markets. We get your cost-control in mind and supply different qualities of artificial green walls system for your profitable business. For more details on different styles of artificial vertical garden or import guide, welcome to submit to request an artificial vertical garden catalog with pricing for reference.

Sunwing original design artificial vertical garden

best artificial green walls

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