Best Outdoor Landscape Artificial Plants China

In this article, Sunwing artificial plants will take some of our clients’ outdoor landscape projects to introduce the best outdoor artificial plants from China.

If you are in the landscape & build industry, you may face the following situations before:

  1. Most outdoor building or landscape products are lack aestheticism and won’t fit in actual projects
  2. Many outdoor fence products are lack privacy.
  3. Many plants used outdoors fade quickly without delicate maintenance
  4. Real plants are vulnerable and cannot withstand harsh weathers
  5. Restrict to living conditions, you can only apply a limited small amount of plants in outdoor design & build
  6. Fry plants can easily spread fire and cause danger to nearby properties
  • How Those Best Outdoor Artificial Plants Help in Solving Landscaping Problems


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In the following cases, you will see how our clients solve these problems during the projects:

Artificial hedges are one of the best outdoor artificial plants working as a kind of fence covering artificial plants that is manufactured by fresh PE with UV-stable and Fire-safe features With dense foliage mats instantly installed, they can form nearly 100% coverage for privacy. Check the following Asia project details below:

best pool privacy ideas

swimming pool privacy screen with artificial boxwood

  • Project: Swimming Pool Privacy Hedges
  • Location: UK
  • Product: Artificial Hedge Panels
  • MOQ:200sqm | 50*50cm/pc

For more details on the products, welcome to view the faux hedges wholesale page.

As one of our long-term cooperation clients, Hedged-in keeps on delivering Sunwing fire-retardant & UV-resistant artificial wall gardens to UK’s local markets. The following beautiful projects are designed and built by the Owner: Jenny. She genuinely applies the best outdoor artificial hanging plants on the outdoor garden landscape which offers a fade-resistance evergreen performance for years outdoors.

artificial vertical garden for outdoor privacy

  • Project: Outdoor Garden Landscape Design
  • Location: UK
  • Product: Fake Garden Wall Panels
  • MOQ: 50sqm | 100*100cm/pc

For more details on these products, welcome to check the artificial vertical garden manufacturer page for information.

To reduce noise nearby, our artificial grass on wall or artificial fence grass will be your best choice of product. They are weaving grass fences which offers a cheaper maintenance-free solution for buildings or farms. This does not absorb noise but also helps prevent animals from jumping out as well. If you are sourcing for a green lush alternative to other fence screen products, choose artificial privacy screen ivy rolls instead for a try!

fake grass wall supplier

  • Project: Outdoor Artificial Weaving Fence for Villas
  • Location: USA
  • Product: Artificial Wall Grass
  • MOQ:1*3m/pc | MOQ:300rolls

For more product details, welcome to visit the grass fence wholesale page for more info.

Sunwing industries ltd. actively works with overseas designers and builders on different events like red carpet shows, wedding arrangements, and event rental programs. Check some cases here:

wedding event rental with alphabet topiaty letters

  • Project: Outdoor Wedding Event Design
  • Location: Asia
  • Product: Free-standing Alphabet Topiaries
  • MOQ: 5-10pcs

The following are projects using Sunwing artificial hedges in planters:

Outdoor event with UV protected boxwood planters

  • Project: Outdoor Event Design for Commercials
  • Location: South East
  • Product: Faux Boxwood Planters #A001
  • MOQ:10-20pcs

If you are an event rental supplier, welcome to check more about these artificial hedges planters or more event artificial plants ideas below:

Top 3 Artificial Plants for Event Styling, Custom Builds and Plant Hire

The following projects are using large artificial palms and are installed by domestic installers and landscapers for buildings or theme parks.




  • Project: Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees Landscape
  • Location: Asia
  • Product: Large Outdoor Palms
  • Order to Manufacture

For more large fake trees information, welcome to discover more on:

Large Artificial Trees Import Guide

If you are looking to import best outdoor artificial plants in pots, please refer to:

Artificial Plants in Pots – An Ultimate Guide

  • Choose Best Outdoor UV Artificial Plants As An Ultimate Solution

As one of the best artificial plant wholesale suppliers in China, Sunwing manufactures and exports thousands of outdoor UV stable artificial plants, trees, grass, walls or silk flowers, etc. for business or commercial projects both indoors and outdoors. Wanna more outdoor landscape ideas, please visit our Top 7 outdoor rated artificial plants ideas page!

Any interests in having a full artificial plant catalog or importing the best outdoor faux plants from Sunwing, welcome to submit an inquiry below:





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