complete guide of plastic plants vs silk plants

A Complete Guide: Plastic Plants VS Silk Plants

Both real and simulated plants have their pros and cons. However, considering various factors (weather, season, green thumb, etc.), artificial plants are slightly better. If search online, you can find that many artificial plants manufacturers made plants as plastic and silk. Both plastic house plants and silk plants look so realistic that you may need to touch and smell them to tell them apart.

If you are a plant lover but lack a green thumb, then fake plants are a great invention for you. Simulation plants of different materials have different characteristics and scope of application.

Before deciding to buy, you need a detailed description and comparison of plants made of plastic and silk . That’s what this blog is about.


  1. Appearance

In terms of appearance, the difference between the two is not much, both have a realistic appearance. Specifically, plastic plant leaves are closer to the color of real plants, and cloth plants are more vibrant. In addition, when you touch the two, you will also find that the two feel different.

realistic plastic plants and silk plants


  1. Material

First we need know what type of plastic is used to make artificial plants. To save costs, some businesses may use recycled materials as raw materials. Plants made from it are cheap, but smell great and look unrealistic. With the emphasis on safety and the development of science and technology, new HDPE materials with FR/UV flame retardants come out. Products made from it are generally considered to have the best realistic appearance and higher quality. Artificial silk plants are made of polyester, polymers and plastics.

material of plastic house plants


  1. Application

Different materials mean different adaptations to the environment. The synthetic plants made of plastic are added with high-quality chemical stabilizers, absorbers or blockers at the manufacturing stage. This additive prevents the color of plastics from fading due to sunlight.Most silk plants are not suitable for keeping outdoors. They are so delicate. Outdoor environments such as rain, sunlight, etc. can damage fibers and dyes. But decorative silk plants treated with a special coating are protected from the weather. So check them for this coating before putting them outdoors. Another thing to note is that fake plants designed for the outdoors generally last about two months.

plastic plants outdoor


  1. Clean

Wherever they are located, these faux plants become dust collectors. But one of the great things about choosing synthetic plants is that you can easily give them a new look. In some cases, you can choose water, a feather duster, a small brush to carefully clean plastic house plants or silk plants. A vacuum cleaner will work too, but take steps to prevent dust from filling your home. In contrast to fake silk plants, sturdy plastic greenery plants can also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

clean plastic plants


To sum up, for the selection of silk plants or plastic plants, factors such as the environment and the characteristics of the two need to be comprehensively considered. But it is undeniable that whether it is silk artificial plants or plastic house plants, it is a great indoor and outdoor simulated decorative plant. You can contact us for best affordable plants.

global logistics and freight changes 2022

Trend Forecast: International Logistics and Freight Changes in 2022

Falling export volumes, alternating low and high seasons, and the impact of inflation on consumer demand have led to lower global logistics prices – although they are still very high compared to pre-pandemic times.

In this blog, Sunwing reflect on the international logistics from the forecast of the ocean freight market and the air freight market, respectively.


2022 Global Logistics Shipping Market Forecast

Freight rates fell 6% to $6,159/FEU in July, driven by lower rates on the Asia-U.S. West Coast and Europe routes. The rate of decline was 39% lower than the previous year’s level, but still the pre-pandemic normal level of more than 4 times.

Sea freight rates from Asia to the U.S. West Coast have fallen 13% since the end of June to $6,593/FEU. They have reached a record low since early May 2021. The rate was 55% lower than at the start of the year and 64% lower than last July’s level.

In dollar terms, the rate of decline in ocean freight rates slowed in July compared with May and June but was still more than four times higher than pre-pandemic levels.


  • Asia to the US West Coast fell more than 50% in the second quarter and continued to decline.


  • Sea freight rates from Asia to Northern Europe have remained stable since early May.


  • Rates from Europe to the U.S. East Coast are 50% lower than a year ago and roughly four times higher than pre-pandemic levels. Of the major trade routes, only transatlantic ocean freight rates were higher than at the beginning of the year.


2022 Freight Rate Rise Chart

The past few years have been volatile for shippers around the world. When the pandemic began in 2020, consumer demand soared in the summer, and shippers tried to hedge against the sharply lower rates through capacity management.

Two years have passed since the supply chain crisis. For a complete picture of the increase in freight costs in 2022, see the table below:

2022 freight rising chart


Air Freight Market Forecast 2022

The recurring epidemic is disrupting air cargo schedules and putting pressure on air cargo rates, especially in the Asia-Europe airline business.

Prices from China to the U.S. West Coast fell 15% last month but are still about double their pre-pandemic normal, Freightos data shows. Meanwhile, prices from Europe to the U.S. East Coast are 28% lower than they were a year ago, but combined with fuel costs and labor shortages; they are still about 50% higher than normal.

air freight market forecast 2022


Freight Delays and Increased Costs

U.S. diesel prices have risen sharply from last year and are likely to continue higher as the U.S. imposes sanctions on Russia, the world’s third-largest oil producer. These costs may also be passed on to shippers, affecting the international logistics status.

International conflict affects European ground transportation. Trucking in Europe is reportedly at an impasse. In the U.S., warehouse space is still scarce, and increased railroad pressure is becoming a growing problem. Additionally, a looming industrial dispute could further disrupt ground traffic.

All of the above factors may cause fluctuations in the transit time of imported and exported goods.

The good news is that Sunwing can analyze the international logistics and provide consulting. Our team can help customers choose the shipping method; customers can also give us their logistics provider, and we guarantee the delivery time. So contact us for further service.

ways to style your home for summer

13 Ways to Style Your Home for Summer

In hot summer, people tend to be more indoors. Fill your house with some summer-appropriate decorations such as artificial indoor plants to make your home a great escape from the summer sun and a great place to relax, work or play. In summer, there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal in a summer house. It can also be the perfect place for a weekend party with friends or family.

2022 Summer Interior Design Trends

  • Biophilic design
  • Curves and comfort
  • Maximalism
  • Green shades
  • Sustainability
  • Mixing vintage and new
  1. Biophilic design is all about accepting the rules of biophilic architecture, which means integrating nature into our interiors. Connect human space with nature by introducing plants and colors and materials that represent nature. The easiest way to introduce biophilic design is to use houseplants.
  2. A major trend in interior design for winter 2022 will continue into summer 2022. Curves are still very popular in interior design. From the curved designs in walls and cabinets to the curved backrests of sofas and dining chairs, the angular lines of furniture are moving in a softer direction. White log furniture with curves seems to bring a fresh and soft feeling to summer.
  3. Minimalist interior design is gaining popularity. Google searches for this trend tripled by the end of 2021. Minimalists don’t go for the number of decorative items in space but instead incorporate a variety of patterns and colors to appeal. Bright wallpaper, chandeliers, and other elements are common items in the minimalist style.
  4. In color psychology, green is a color associated with health and nature. Green is a color that brings balance and harmony to the surrounding environment and is refreshing in the heat. Therefore, it is the most popular choice in interior design. There are many ways to add shades of green indoors. The first thing that comes to mind is plants. Potted plants, plant walls, pruning balls, and more can all liven up your environment.
  5. Sustainability is very easy to embody and achieve in home design. Here are ten tips to help you achieve this benefit in your interior design.
  • Energy efficient building and decoration
  • Sustainable interior designer
  • Choose low-impact materials
  • Choose recyclable furniture
  • Install energy-saving lamps
  1. Incorporate different era themes and personalities into your interiors. Combining modern items with antiques can create a retro look that is sleek, stylish, and comfortable, with a sense of visual balance.

summer house interior decor trend 2022


13 Summer Home Decorating Ideas 2022

Here are 13 ways to get your house ready for warmer weather. Keep going.


1. Simplify

The key factor in summer decorating ideas is simplicity. Use practical items for summer home decor to reduce clutter.


2. Feeling rugs

How little is the interior decoration of the summer abode without a thick and comfortable carpet.

The floors of many summerhomes are made of wood. Wooden floors can feel peaceful and natural. Carpets and wooden floors are two items that complement each other. Rugs of different materials, shapes, and colors can transform a simple floor. They have many functions. The first is to ensure that your feet are warm to the soft touch no matter the day or night. In addition, you may want to put a small wooden table in the room. If the table is directly placed on the floor, it will not look good. You can put a rug in the middle as a transition.

feeling rugs in summer domicile


3. Bold color

Summer is the brightest and longest time of the year, so it’s no surprise that bold colors are a summer interior design trend. Most people will default to white, gray, or neutral colors, and few choose bold and bright colors. Summer is the season for enjoying fun and a great time to experiment with bold decorating styles. Choose the right bold color in combination with the overall theme of the interior to give your summer domicile a whole new look.

bold color about summer house deocr ideas


4. Active with plants

Green shades can bring natural breath on hot summer days. Artificial indoor plants can also provide visual shading for families lacking green thumbs. Technology has been able to make fake plants to achieve the effect of fake and real. There are many kinds of artificial plants on the market to choose from. We need to pay attention to distinguishing product quality. Choose ones that contain UV resistance, so you don’t have to worry about leaf breakage even in direct sunlight. Artificial plants indoor in summer villas are not limited to trees. Others, such as artificial vertical gardens, artificial topiary, and faux hanging balls, are all good choices.

artificial house plants in summer house


5. Change the curtains

Another easy summer decorating option is changing the curtains. Pulling heavy curtains up like a wall is not for summer. The breathability and lightness of the material are important factors in summer interior decoration. Replace the room with light cotton, silk, or linen curtains.

light cotton curtains in summer domicile


6. Use mirrors

Yes, mirrors are also an amazing summer outfit idea. Mirrors are generally used for functional purposes in our perception. But they can also serve as design elements. They refract and reflect sunlight, making the entire space brighter and more spacious. With a simple installation, you can add summer vibes to your villa.

add summer vibe in house with mirror


7. Keep bright

The most notable feature of summer is that the days are longer, and the daylight is brighter. This means we decorate our house with natural light and let as much light as possible into our spaces. The trick is to keep key items like walls, furniture, etc. light in color. Opt for large floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the full sun. Enjoy summer in the sunshine.

keep bright in house with window


8. Different patterns and textures

Mixing patterns and textures is what breaks up a dull and boring interior style. Summer is the season of lethargy, adding breath through patterns and textures. Such as textiles. Not only are they available in a variety of looks, but they can also be easily replaced.

breathable pattern and texture in house for summer


9. Select a summer theme

If you feel that individual decoration will affect the overall feeling, try to transform the whole by choosing a theme. Nautical themes are a common summer theme. Whether in an inland city far from the sea or in the remote countryside, these beautiful summer-themed decors will make you feel like you’re on the seaside.

nautical decor style in summer house


10. Choose a porch

Summer decorating ideas don’t have to be limited to indoors. The extension of daylight makes the porch the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors in summer. As an extension and part of the home, the role of the porch is no longer limited to practicality; perhaps it can also play a decorative effect. Bring color and fun to your porch with colorful furniture, flowers, flags and doormats, and more.decorate porch in sumer house



11. Summer lantern décor

A summer evening is a must with a backyard BBQ with friends. A summer homestead yard is great for hosting an outdoor summer party. Colorful lights can help add to the atmosphere.

lantern decor in summer homestead


12. Reading corner

Taking time to read amidst life’s hustle and bustle is very important. Set aside a small space in the summer house for bookshelves and transform it into a study. Feel the beauty of writing in a quiet corner.

summerhouse reading corner


13. Gaming room

Build the playhouse of your dreams in the villa. It’s a good idea to stay at home and play without going out in the hot summer.

gaming room in summer house


There’s nothing quite like having summer fun in your own decorated home. If you are willing to think and have your own ideas, you can build your own summer dwelling. A summer house can be your summer retreat and the perfect place to unwind. We hope you’ll be inspired by our ideas on how to make your summer habitation special.

Start by purchasing a few pots of artificial plants, and you can contact us for professional advice.

11 success tips for amazon fake plant sellers

11 Success Tips for Amazon Fake Plant Sellers

Are you a beginner, amateur, or a professional fake plant seller on amazon? Do you wish to step up your game and learn to be a successful amazon fake plant seller? Do you have what it takes to set on this quest?

Well, you should place your worry aside, as this guide is here to set you on the right path. The article covers all it takes to make you the successful amazon fake plant seller you want to be.

how to buy artificial plants online


Here are 11 success tips to help you become a better amazon fake plant seller. Read on!

Adjust Your Amazon Seller Plan

Selecting your amazon seller plan is a vital step in becoming a successful amazon fake plant seller. Your plan can decide how much money you lose to the commission and gain in profit. There are two amazon seller plans to choose from; individual and professional plans.

When you choose the individual plan, you pay a commission of $0.99 on every item you sell. On the other hand, the professional plan costs you $39.99 commission, regardless of how many items you sell.

You should go for the professional plan if you are confident that you will sell more than 40 of your products. However, Amazon offers flexibility, so you can switch to the individual plan whenever you are unsure of the seller of up to 40 items. You have to get your calculations right and ensure you lose less.


Keep on Market Research

Market research on faux plants is also essential in stepping up your game to become an amazon fake plant seller. You have to know or have an idea of the product’s popularity and figure out which product is the most researched or the product your target audience loves the most.

You also must select your target audience, people who love or need your products, and what products they order the most. Also, it is essential to know your competitors, strategies, operations, etc. You will only get this essential information from your market research. Make sure you do it well.

market research on artificial plants


Find a Reliable Fake Plant Supplier

You are far from being a successful amazon fake plant seller if you do not have a reliable supplier. Once you start running out of stock too frequently, your audience will start losing their trust in you, which is something you do not want.

You have to ensure you are always in stock, and a perfect way to do that is to have a reliable artificial plant supplier. You should get a supplier that is always a call away. The supplier should also be ready to provide you with various products if needed.


Place Orders

If you intend to become a successful amazon plant seller, you must learn to place orders, and the plan category can be a huge determinant for your success. There are two plans for placing orders; FBM, the fulfillment by the merchant, and FBA, the fulfillment by amazon.

With FBM, your customers will pay for the shipping, which Amazon will calculate. The payment falls on the product category and quality of the product. With FBA, things are a lot easier as amazon handles the orders for you.

Most sellers and buyers prefer the FBA order plan. But the only thing is that you will have to pay for amazon services. So, you must choose the best order plan that suits your budget.

choose the best order plan


Choose the Right Pricing Strategy

Your main goal as an amazon fake plant seller is to generate more sales, get good reviews, and provide great service to your buyers. And one of the ways you can influence this is through your pricing strategy. You must be sure you are placing the right price on your product to help your buyers get a high value for money.

You have to be sure the price you choose for your product isn’t too high to scare your buyers away and not too low to make you lose profit. You can employ four pricing strategies: cost-plus pricing, competitor-based pricing, stable pricing, and value-based pricing.

Cost-plus pricing is the go-to pricing strategy for most people. It mainly entails selling a product for more than its cost, so you are sure to make a profit. The competitor-based pricing requires you to check out your competitors and their price range and choose a price that is not too low or too high for your products.

Stable pricing deals with having your product prices stable as customers do not value products when the pricing is too volatile. The value-based pricing, also known as customer-based pricing, requires you to check out for signs of pricing from your important customers. This will give you an idea of what your product price should be.


Optimize Product Listing

Your product listing is also essential when aiming for success as an amazon fake plant seller. It is essential to optimize your product listing to get the best turnout on amazon. Optimizing your product listing needs you to follow simple steps;

You must take a high-quality picture of the product’s identity and face. This picture must be very captivating to catch your customers’ attention. You must also create a product title and description that includes every necessary product detail. With these done perfectly, you have a higher chance for better sales.


Carry Out a Promotion

Everyone loves discounts, free products, and offers. So, you can decide to gather more audience and customers through promotion. You can start your business with limited promotions like buy one get one free, giveaways, product testing, free shipping, and the likes.

You can also make use of social media platforms to increase the awareness of your products. You can use paid adverts to increase the turnout, hence, more product sales.


Manage Your Inventory

Another thing you have to keep in mind is managing your inventory. Managing your inventory will help you keep track of your sales activities and also help with the necessary things you need to do. It will also help you know when to make price changes, restock items, run promotions, and many more. Amazon also has an Inventory Performance Index scoring system that tells you how well you manage your inventory.


Package with Care

Packaging is also very essential. You want your product to appear excellent and also in good shape when it gets to your customer. So, you have to make sure your packaging is top-notch. You have to ensure your packaging provides a grand entrance for your product. You also have to ensure the packaging keeps the product safe and intact.


Handle on Proper Delivery

Your sales or service is not complete without proper delivery. You have to ensure you have the best delivery service. You should not stress your customers when delivering the product. You have to make sure they are comfortable with the delivery as this can greatly determine the review they leave for you.

online fake plants delivery


Focus on Customers

You also have to pay attention to your customers. Your customers are the ones that can determine how well you can get more customers on amazon through their reviews and feedback. So, you must focus on how well they can enjoy your service. Check out their reviews, know your lapses, and make regular updates on your product. Also, ensure that you are making them the best offers and quality.



Becoming a successful amazon fake plant seller does not just happen in your imaginations. You have to take certain steps that might be rigorous and stressful but assuredly provide the best results. Becoming a successful seller starts from the day you take the right steps. Have fun becoming the best amazon fake plant seller.

dog turf

TOP 9 FAQs About Artificial Grass for Dogs

This article shows the top 9 questions and answers about artificial grass for dogs. Read now!


Nowadays, more and more people have dogs, I’m sure you’re very concerned about your dog’s health, and that’s why more and more people are looking at artificial grass, but you must still have a lot of doubts about artificial grass for dogs. Here I’ll answer your questions one by one.

artificial green wall banner

Artificial Green Wall: Artificial Turf Business Breakthrough in 2022

Are you eager to learn how to increase sales for your artificial turf company in the post-pandemic era? Don’t worry. It’s not a big problem. This article will ease your anxiety. Read now!

Do you find a downturn in sales of your company? Are you anxious about your company’s declining performance due to the pandemic? Congratulation! You are luckier than your peers because you have found this article that offers the secret to improving the performance of faux lawn companies in the post-pandemic era. To make it clearer for you to read, I’ll start with a brief overview of the information you’ll get next.

market trend of artificial wall in the uk 2022

Artificial Plant Walls Trending in the UK 2022

Are you confused because you can’t figure out what kind of artificial plant wall your British consumers will like in 2022? This article will solve your puzzle. Read now!

Do you feel that consumers’ preferences are changing rapidly? Do you find that more and more consumers prefer artificial plant walls instead of living walls? Do you want to meet your consumer preferences and stand out in the marketplace? Well, you’ve found luck today! This article is set to help you stay ahead of the market and tell you the secret: which faux green walls will be immediate hits in the UK in 2022. Sellers who think for their customers will always be successful. I know you are super excited to get this secret. To give a briefing, I will list what you will get out before diving deep into them one after the order:

artificial trailing plants trending in 2022

Artificial Trailing Plants Trending in 2022

Undoubtedly, adding plants to the interior or exterior parts of your home or office gives a touch of life to it and lightens up the environment. However, it is sometimes difficult to maintain plants indoors as they require watering, trimming, fertilizing daily. Due to these shortcomings, the attention from real plants has been shifted towards artificial plants which depict quite the difference from real plants in terms of visual appearance. Furthermore, artificial plants require minimal or no maintenance serving the same purpose as real plants. Without further ado, let’s explore some trending artificial trailing plants.

FAQs About artificial boxwood hedge planter wholesale

All Need to Know About Artificial Boxwood Hedge Planter Wholesale

Sunwing knows your business project needs a high-quality and cost-effective artificial boxwood hedges planter without thinking about the lead-time issue when it comes to importing artificial plants from china! How do you benefit from faux boxwood hedges planters? It’s time to give your clients outstanding, before that, you should read this article, including:


Update Artificial Box Hedges in Planter From Sunwing

Sunwing Industries Limited has released the latest artificial box hedges in Planter for commercial use:

HPA001BC: Fordable Package Artificial Box Hedge Walls with Casters

HPA001-NC: Free-standing Artificial Boxwood Walls without Planters

This article will introduce the difference between the latest artificial hedge planters and the old planters and the application of these new faux hedges planters.