Plant Wall - Hot Landscape Trend for 2021

Plant Wall – Hot Interior & Landscape Trend for 2021

Enough of bland walls? With a plant wall, you bring biophilic design into interiors and landscaping. What about its situation in 2021 though the green plant wall has been in the limelight in recent years? Today, we will focus on the up-to-date trend regarding hot vertical walls in the landscape industry.

top 8 moss art faqs

Top 8 FAQs About Preserved Moss Wall Art

Are you still doubtful about preserved moss wall art? That’s okay because we have sorted out the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Hope this article will be of some help to your interior design and inspire your purchase desire in the future.

Now we will focus on the following top eight faqs for your quick view.

Case Study-Suwing Outdoor Artificial Hedge Wall

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Wall – Before & After Case Study

Artificial hedge wall is an incredible way to brighten dull exterior fences. More than that, the utilization of artificial hedges is so useful in increasing garden yards’ privacy. Here, we’d like to share what difference faux hedge fences can make in residential spaces.

Let’s see how the project is going.

Outdoor Artificial Flowers An Easy Solution for Curb Appeal

Outdoor Artificial Flowers: An Easy Solution for Curb Appeal

Have no green thumb? It doesn’t matter as outdoor artificial flowers will be an easy solution to curb appeal. Without a doubt, it is an increasing trend to improve exteriors, whether in residential and commercial spaces. Hence you’re right here if you have no idea how to expand the curb appeal to new levels.

Let’s get started as follows:

Trendy Fake Potted Plants for Saudi Arabia in 2021

Trendy Fake Potted Plants for Saudi Arabia in 2021

It’s unrealistic to carry on large-scale planting of greenery in Saudi Arabia due to the arid climate conditions. Don’t matter, household fake potted plants have become a new surge on the basis of indoor plants market restraints. Potted artificial plants, indeed, can still add touches of green to any setting.

The following are the trendy fake plants pots in 2021:

Inspired by Best Fake Indoor Plants for Interior Design

Inspired by Best Fake Indoor Plants for Interior Design

Greenery is an essential factor when it comes to interior design, regardless of the surroundings. In the fast-paced life, fake indoor plants, as an excellent alternative for green plants, have become the choice of many homes and commercial places. You designers will indeed get inspired by these faux plants that can bring leafage and life into interiors.

Here are some ideas for integrating artificial plants into the indoor design:

How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating

How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating?

If you love greenery with various unique shapes, you will like spiraled topiary plants. But provided that you could not keep them alive, why not give artificial spiral trees a try? Actually, these realistic spiral topiary can accentuate rooms, gardens, and offices just the same as the real ones.


Top recommended artificial living walls in 2020

Top Recommended Artificial Living Walls in 2020

At this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, it’s time to make a year-end summary! Based on Sunwing’s export data, we are willing to offer this top recommendation for the 2020 top-selling artificial living walls series. Make full preparation for your import plan for the coming 2021.

To be specific, you will get inspired by the following best-selling artificial vertical wall gardens:

Easy Ideas for Faux Green Wall in Restaurant Application

Easy Ideas for Faux Green Wall in Restaurant Application

Have you ever noticed that we pay more attention to the dining environment when we eat out? Absolutely, people go to restaurants to fill stomachs and get relaxation off work. Greenery is the motive for these restaurants to perform well with a collection of faux green walls. Given this, here are a few ideas that artificial plants wall can help restaurants achieve the desired results.