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Hi! Glad you’re here! This is Cassie Wong from Sunwing Industries Ltd. In addition, to be a business development manager, I’m also a blogger to offer your industry-leading advice and help when you encounter different kinds of problems concerning products, import manuals, or even how to start a new business or add Sunwing artificial plants to your current product line.

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About Sunwing

Have you known about Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer China? In this section, you will obtain further more knowledge of Sunwing Industries Ltd on the basis of company identity, showroom display, daily updates, and so on.

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Market Analysis and Trends

Are you new to this industry? Or do you want to invest in the artificial plant market to make your business more profitable? I’m here to help you get a thorough understanding of faux plants in diverse markets.

In this section, we’ve covered a range of tips for import manuals in different countries such as the UK, US, and decorating inspiration for different occasions like interior design, commercial decor, swimming pool decor, etc.

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Artificial Hedges Blogs

Are you interested in Sunwing artificial hedges? Do you want to add our artificial hedging fence to your business line? Do you know how to import from China? In this section, you will get to learn the ultimate guide to artificial hedges and case studies from customers.

I’ve covered a wide range of artificial hedges & fences blogs and news regarding artificial boxwood hedges, artificial hedges panels, artificial ivy fence, and artificial grass fence. Want to know more about artificial hedging products? Download the catalog below for reference if there’s any interest.

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Artificial Plants Wall Blogs

Are you interested in Sunwing artificial plant walls? Do you want to add our artificial green wall or vertical gardens to your business line? Do you know how to import from China? In this section, you will get to learn the ultimate guide to artificial wall plants and case studies from customers.

I’ve covered a wide range of fake wall plants regarding artificial vertical gardens, framed green walls, moss walls, and hanging plants. Want to know more about artificial wall products? Download the catalog below for reference if there’s any interest.

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Artificial Plants & Trees Blogs

Are you interested in Sunwing artificial plants and trees? Do you want to add our artificial potted trees to your business line? Do you know how to import from China? In this section, you will get to learn the ultimate guide to artificial trees and case studies from customers.

I’ve covered a wide range of fake plants trees regarding artificial trees in pots, fake potted plants, large artificial trees, artificial topiary, etc. Want to know more about artificial plants pots products? Download the catalog below for reference if there’s any interest.

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Artificial Flowers Blogs

Are you interested in Sunwing artificial flowers? Do you want to add our artificial flowers wholesale to your business line? Do you know how to import from China? In this section, you will get to learn the ultimate guide to artificial floral products and case studies from customers.

I’ve covered a wide range of artificial flower arrangements regarding artificial wreaths garlands swags, artificial flowers, artificial floral baskets, artificial pampas grass, etc. Want to know more about artificial flower products? Download the catalog below for reference if there’s any interest.

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Artificial Grass Blogs

Are you interested in Sunwing artificial grass? Do you want to add our artificial grass wholesale to your business line? Do you know how to import from China? In this section, you will get to learn the ultimate guide to artificial grass manufacturer, artificial landscape grass tips & ideas, and FAQs about artificial grass deck tiles.

Want to know more about artificial flower products? Download the catalog below for reference if there’s any interest.

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Technical Blogs

What makes artificial plants UV resistant or fire retardant? How to tell different qualities from diverse artificial hedges, plants, trees or flowers with special features? In this section, you will get to learn a full guide to UV protection and fire retardant and top faqs collected from our customers.

Want to know more about our technical information? Or sourcing fire-rated/ UV stabilized artificial plants? Ask the manufacturer for related testing reports first.

Both real and simulated plants have their pros and cons. However, considering various factors (weather, season, green thumb, etc.), artificial plants are slightly better. If search online, you can find that many artificial plants manufacturers made plants as plastic and silk. Both plastic house plants and silk plants look so realistic that you may need […]

Falling export volumes, alternating low and high seasons, and the impact of inflation on consumer demand have led to lower global logistics prices – although they are still very high compared to pre-pandemic times. In this blog, Sunwing reflect on the international logistics from the forecast of the ocean freight market and the air freight […]

In hot summer, people tend to be more indoors. Fill your house with some summer-appropriate decorations such as artificial indoor plants to make your home a great escape from the summer sun and a great place to relax, work or play. In summer, there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal in a summer house. […]

Are you a beginner, amateur, or a professional fake plant seller on amazon? Do you wish to step up your game and learn to be a successful amazon fake plant seller? Do you have what it takes to set on this quest? Well, you should place your worry aside, as this guide is here to […]

The application range of simulated plant wall is very wide. Types of industry designers who have to choose artificial plant wall panels in their design: Architects Landscape architects Interior designers TV/movie producers Industrial designers Home renovators Photographers Trade show managers and more

This article shows the top 9 questions and answers about artificial grass for dogs. Read now!   Nowadays, more and more people have dogs, I’m sure you’re very concerned about your dog’s health, and that’s why more and more people are looking at artificial grass, but you must still have a lot of doubts about […]

Need free samples from Sunwing artificial plants? Read Now! Are you looking for a satisfactory product for your project? Are you concerned about the quality of the product and the actual visual impact? The free sample is a great way to ease your concerns. Follow the next steps to get your free samples from Sunwing […]

Personalization and privacy are core features of modern gardens and outdoor spaces. Although there are several ways to ensure garden personalization, creating a grass wall is one of the best greenery inclusion and personalization techniques. So often, most homeowners are caught between exploring live or artificial grass walls.

Are you new to artificial grass? Are you considering artificial grass as a business because of its huge market, but you know little about it? In this article, you will learn more about artificial grass and how to choose the materials for it. Read now!

Are you eager to learn how to increase sales for your artificial turf company in the post-pandemic era? Don’t worry. It’s not a big problem. This article will ease your anxiety. Read now! Do you find a downturn in sales of your company? Are you anxious about your company’s declining performance due to the pandemic? […]

Are you confused because you can’t figure out what kind of artificial plant wall your British consumers will like in 2022? This article will solve your puzzle. Read now! Do you feel that consumers’ preferences are changing rapidly? Do you find that more and more consumers prefer artificial plant walls instead of living walls? Do […]

Are you newcomers searching for the latest popular artificial green wall panels in the Middle East? Combining the Sunwing Research Report on Hot-selling Artificial Hedge Walls & Vertical Garden in the Middle East and Sunwing hot-selling leaves wall panels in the Middle East 2021, we forecast the best sellers in 2022.

Undoubtedly, adding plants to the interior or exterior parts of your home or office gives a touch of life to it and lightens up the environment. However, it is sometimes difficult to maintain plants indoors as they require watering, trimming, fertilizing daily. Due to these shortcomings, the attention from real plants has been shifted towards […]

In this article, you will learn the best four artificial fence screen products in the coming 2022. According to Sunwing artificial plants export data 2021, the best-seller goes to expandable faux privacy fence:

Do you have full knowledge about artificial trees in pots before importing artificial plants from China? This blog will take you through how artificial plants and trees are made, pricing elements of artificial plants pots & How to tell the quality of artificial trees? Etc.

Fake topiary plant is a popular ornamental artificial plant with different patterns and shapes for indoors and outdoors. If you are interested in wholesale artificial topiary trees, balls or animals, etc., please read the following artificial topiary plants faqs for reference:

Sunwing knows your business project needs a high-quality and cost-effective artificial boxwood hedges planter without thinking about the lead-time issue when it comes to importing artificial plants from china! How do you benefit from faux boxwood hedges planters? It’s time to give your clients outstanding, before that, you should read this article, including:

In this article, let Sunwing artificial plants introduce all moss ranges from artificial moss, preserved moss, living moss, and dried moss on their features and differences.

Sunwing Industries Limited has released the latest artificial box hedges in Planter for commercial use: HPA001–BC: Fordable Package Artificial Box Hedge Walls with Casters HPA001-NC: Free-standing Artificial Boxwood Walls without Planters This article will introduce the difference between the latest artificial hedge planters and the old planters and the application of these new faux hedges planters.

When it comes to importing faux box hedges, many doubts appeared to like what are they made of, how long will it last, and so on? This blog will answer all clients’ frequently asked questions about importing faux box hedges from Sunwing Industries Limited!

According to Sunwing artificial plants’ export data 2021, here are the top-ranking best artificial green walls import trend for your reference. If you are searching for a qualified artificial vertical garden manufacturer to import the best artificial plants China, check this artificial green wall plants china import trend out.

Discover commercial green walls ideas for indoor or outdoor projects. Wholesale in bulk! Explore artificial green wall garden idea Now!

In this article, Sunwing artificial plants will take some of our clients’ outdoor landscape projects to introduce the best outdoor artificial plants from China.

Compared to real plants, artificial plants for event can be more profitable with their year-round evergreen appearance for event styling, custom builds, and plants hire business without maintenance. As a China artificial plants supplier from China, here are three fake plants hire recommendations for your business. Get inspired by Sunwing clients’ projects:

High artificial boxwood planters protection from strong wind or harsh weathers are frequently asked by many artificial Hedges walls wholesale clients especially from the UK: “how to secure high artificial boxwood planters from a strong wind?” “how to stop hedges planters from blowing in wind?” “how to protect movable artificial hedges planters when a strong […]

Fire retardant artificial plants have become an excellent choice for commercial or residential projects. To cater to increasing demands from clients, Sunwing has launched a series of fire-rated artificial plants along with ultra-realistic appearances. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

When it comes to UV protection artificial plants, many doubts appeared like how it is produced, how it works, how long will it last, and so on? In this blog, Sunwing will answer all clients’ frequently asked questions regarding UV artificial outdoor plants.

Artificial vertical gardens can come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. The design and manufacturing of all types of artificial green wall panels is constantly developing, providing even more options for various purposes. Even if the production process of your own wall plants may be daunting, Sunwing makes it easy.

” Hi I estimate your info about your factory. I can see is nice. Thanks for all I watched you’re attached, I would like to get from you a FOB quote of your main products.” We’re happy to receive feedback from overseas customers when they choose to import Sunwing Industries Limited. But for the first […]

Wondering whether to cover your place with the aretificial grass deck tiles? This blog will guide you thru the differences from artificial turf rolls, their installation process, con & pros, and more. If you are interested, let’s start right now!

This is an “all-need-to-know” guide to artificial plants in pots. Over the year, we’ve received customers’ bulk orders and also win many prospects to inquire more about artificial potted plant products and market in 2021. Whether you are new to this industry or seeking new import plans on artificial plants pots, this article will help […]

In this ultimate guide, we answer all your questions about artificial garden walls and provide expert advice for you. We dig into the differences between faux greenery and natural plants, explore the different types of green wall panels available, and offer tips on other top concerns.

Take the organic beauty indoors and outdoors to the next level with the best artificial hanging plants. At Sunwing, we supply premium, commercial, realistic fake hanging plants in a full range including artificial creepers, artificial hanging plant baskets, artificial potted hanging plants, floral hoop wreaths, etc. for indoor and outdoor projects. With brilliantly vivid colors, […]

Large artificial trees are more popular than ever for many reasons as they look leaps and bounds better than those of years past. At Sunwing Industries Ltd., we manufacture and supply a varied selection of artificial trees products indoors & outdoors at the forefront of technology and design. Here’s an easy Import Guide including:

Artificial landscape grass is the ideal solution for residential and commercial applications. Or else, a high-quality fake grass lawn is a safe, durable, and perfect play surface for children and pets. Sunwing landscape grass has proven to be the smart choice for homeowners, businesses, and contractors as it saves money, precious resources, utilities, and maintenance […]

Are you going to import from an artificial grass manufacturer rather than purchase locally to get more profit? Are you planning to alter to a more reputable artificial grass supplier? Are you seeking to invest in the beneficial synthetic grass industry? Are you simply adding artificial grass as a profitable sideline to an existing business? […]

Discover multiple roles of Sunwing Industries Limited in the Article! Are you sourcing an authentic artificial plants supplier, whether for wholesale and retail business or interior and landscape projects? Even if newcomer, you’re in the right place as Sunwing is one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers with the pursuit of innovation, quality, and service. […]

Provided you are starting the faux greenery business in the UK, whether for retail, landscaping or wholesale, do not miss this artificial plants import guide to help you with your profitable business plan.

Plants artificial are not tacky with continuous development, instead there exist more prospects. Do you want to follow the path to success of leaders in the artificial plant industry? Exactly you will make profits of products if you are engaged in this business with effort more or less. Refer to these tips and avoid dropping […]

Faux boxwood is an everlasting trend for both interiors and exteriors as it is ornamental and functional. In today’s post, Sunwing industries ltd. will take you to know how these boxwood artificial greenery can benefit your business as well as take root in your target market.

Have you ever stumbled when starting your artificial plant business? Today, I will guide you with a shortcut to success in the flourishing faux greenery industry. Please keep your eyes open on this authentic artificial plant supplier and follow me in the right direction.

Unlike common photo frames, the framed vertical garden presents a stereoscopic 3D effect with luxuriant plants. Only with simple and even DIY creation can you bring a high-impact miracle plantscape to the indoors and outdoors. Look no further than this full guide which will inspire you in the following contents:

Add some accents to your space with artificial outdoor plants, saving you money and lasting a lifetime. There is no better to decorate porches, patios, balconies, and more, than outdoor artificial plants. What are you waiting for? Come with me to explore the top 7 ideas on decorative outdoor faux greenery.

Artificial ivy, as one of the trendy artificial plants in 2022, will elevate your business regarding design and decoration. I’m glad you are in the right place. Today, you will get up-to-date news about the best choice of lifelike ivy products and inspiration from our cases. Still have no idea in mind? Keep up with […]

Enough of bland walls? With a plant wall, you bring biophilic design into interiors and landscaping. What about its situation in 2022 though the green plant wall has been in the limelight in recent years? Today, we will focus on the up-to-date trend regarding hot vertical walls in the landscape industry.

Are you still doubtful about preserved moss art wall? That’s okay because we have sorted out the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Hope this article will be of some help to your interior design and inspire your purchase desire in the future.

Artificial hedge wall is an incredible way to brighten dull exterior fences. More than that, the utilization of artificial hedges is so useful in increasing garden yards’ privacy. Here, we’d like to share what difference faux hedge fences can make in residential spaces. Let’s see how the project is going.

Have no green thumb? It doesn’t matter as outdoor artificial flowers will be an easy solution to curb appeal. Without a doubt, it is an increasing trend to improve exteriors, whether in residential and commercial spaces. Hence you’re right here if you have no idea how to expand the curb appeal to new levels. If […]

It’s unrealistic to carry on large-scale planting of greenery in Saudi Arabia due to the arid climate conditions. Don’t matter, household fake potted plants have become a new surge on the basis of indoor plants market restraints. Potted artificial plants, indeed, can still add touches of green to any setting. The following are the trendy […]

Discover the best fake indoor plants for interior design from China Exporters. Import Artificial Plants China. ODM & OEM is available. Contact us now!

If you love greenery with various unique shapes, you will like spiraled topiary plants. But provided that you could not keep them alive, why not give artificial spiral trees a try? Actually, these realistic spiral topiary can accentuate rooms, gardens, and offices just the same as the real ones.

Based on Sunwing Artificial plants’ export data, we are willing to offer this top recommendation for the 2022 top-selling artificial living walls series. Make full preparation for your import plan for the coming 2022 2023. To be specific, you will get inspired by the following best-selling artificial vertical wall gardens:

Up to now, the fake green wall is becoming the primary solution for modern families and commercial spaces. With the continuous utilization of vertical walls in multiple ways, people have begun to find more options. It’s daunting to discuss the thorough comparison of artificial plants and real plants, so we’re here to make it simple.

Have you ever noticed that we pay more attention to the dining environment when we eat out? Absolutely, people go to restaurants to fill stomachs and get relaxation off work. Greenery is the motive for these restaurants to perform well with a collection of faux green walls. Given this, here are a few ideas that […]

Many customers expressed their desire in this artificial greenery industry, given the United States’ current situation and competitiveness. For instance, some plans to build a local hedge plants company of retail, design, and supply. Then how to start a business in the USA, and what issues should you pay attention to?

In addition to mainly adding beauty and art to life, artificial plants also meet more requirements of the majority. For example, in terms of privacy, whether it is for home or business use, it seems that the topic cannot be avoidable. Might as well, let’s discuss how to use artificial hedge as artificial privacy plants […]

Best Artificial wall plants come into wide applications in various industries due to their strong plasticity. You can hardly imagine any industry in which artificial plants are not available, can you? As long as it is the place where we live, artificial materials make use of every single space. For instance, regarding interior design and […]

Regardless of the environment, safety often takes the first place, especially in public or commercial spaces. Considering this aspect, continuous innovation of fake plants is underway in order for safety precaution. In fact, Sunwing artificial plants involved indoors or outdoors cater to customized large projects or landscaping. Of course, some people can’t help but question […]

Due to the impact of the epidemic, we made an analysis of “Global Trend for Artificial Plants Market 2022”. On the basis of thorough data and reports, it points out that the faux plants industry is competitive but profitable. In order to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, Sunwing Industries Limited sincerely invites you to […]

When many people are still hesitating between real plants and artificial plant walls, some fashionable interior designers begin to add indoor preserved moss to their designs. People try to improve the surrounding environment with various decorations, and the use rate of indoor plants is getting higher and higher.

Como fabricante y proveedor líder de plantas artificiales en China, los setos artificiales Sunwing tienen una larga trayectoria de elevar los estándares de la industria. Nuestra misión es producir plantas ultrarrealistas de alta calidad.

As a leading artificial plant manufacturer and supplier in China, Sunwing artificial hedges have a long track of elevating standards in the industry. Our mission is to produce ultra-realistic plants with high quality.

According to export statics in 2021, artificial trees in pots have become the first choice of faux plants and furniture supplying industry.

Home decoration has become one of the focuses of people’s attention in recent years. In consideration of convenience and cost, new artificial vertical garden decoration has become the first choice of many people.

Pool decor ideas Browse modern swimming pool decoration to get inspiration for your own backyard oasis. Discover modern pool deck ideas and landscaping options to create your unique pools. Spectacular Swimming Pools That Will Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Resort. When decide to make a Decoration and upgrade your pool, some building material ,such […]

Today, artificial plants for outdoors are well UV protected, shaped, and painted to look very lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from real plants. These ultra-realistic fake plants are making their way into interior and exterior spaces. If you are looking for durable, low-maintenance plants, then faux leaves and flowers are the best choices.

The artificial garden wall is a wall decoration designed according to the needs of users by splicing individual foliage branches together. The branches increase the sense of hierarchy and diversity of the artificial plant wall. If you are looking for a faux plant wall supplier, there are 6 facts you must know about it.

Decorative artificial plants have become a great choice to meet the demand in keeping houses and gardens full of vigor all year round, both indoors and outdoors. No matter how small or large your space or budget, artificial greenery can give the best solution. contents: What are artificial plants made of? Are artificial greenery plants still in style? Why people […]

Do you require the installation of an artificial greenery wall for the exterior of a parking lot? Do not worry because we got you covered. In this post, we will analyze the steps and elements necessary for the proper installation of an artificial green outdoor wall.

  In the case of sufficient space, people are more inclined to three-dimensional decorations which make the overall space look richer. We take the following shopping mall project from Sunwing industries ltd.‘s customer as an example. If you need to decorate commercial interiors, try a totally different design with artificial topiary letters landscape.

In order to be beautiful and close to nature, many outdoor projects also choose artificial hedges exterior walls. Some people may wonder why plants like creepers are not needed. This is because there are many uncertainties in the growth of real plants. Especially on the exterior walls of the building, it is difficult to take […]

  The unchanging garden pattern will eventually make people lose their freshness. Instant artificial plants stand out among many garden decorations. Instantly removable garden decor products will provide you a private garden that changes in real-time. Let Sunwing artificial plants take you to know several top instant artificial garden plants for reference:

  Sunwing, faux hedges manufacturer will be present at Germany Hannover Domotex 2020.

Some people like a house with a garden, but privacy screen has become a problem for them to consider. Aside from all kinds of traditional decorations, an outdoor artificial boxwood hedge is a new and exciting way to dress up your wall in your yard. In all products, the artificial boxwood hedge is undoubtedly the […]

With the popularity of environmental awareness, more and more people start to get close to nature. Faux hedge panels have been creative in accordance with the requirements of the times. After decades of development, artificial hedge panels have evolved from the original concept into a mature product. While there are some unqualified products at a […]

  In all of our customer base, there is a class of customers with a preference for artificial foliage, those are landscape designers. Although many of our artificial products are designed to be full of design, it cannot meet the needs of some customers for creativity. So products like faux leaves which is convenient for […]

  Although many people like to catch up with the trend and look for new items, there are also more people who prefer the classic that won’t become outdated. According to our years of sales experience, China artificial boxwood is the most popular one without a doubt. Here Sunwing industries ltd wants to recommend to […]

  Sunwing will be present at the 2019 Germany Spoga & Gafa garden fair to display its main products lines like artificial grass and artificial green walls. What is special? We will bring our newly developed new products to enrich your business sales force.

  Although there are still a few months away from Christmas, most of the merchants have prepared Christmas items early. It is essential to have some decorations used to set off the atmosphere. We have extensive experience in artificial plant decoration. Among all products, we list artificial plants recommendation that are best for Christmas.

For customers, the attractiveness of the door decoration is one of the factors that determine whether they will enter a store. How to choose the decoration is a problem that these shopkeepers need to consider. Among all artificial plants and preserved plants, I think that using the artificial wreath garland is a good choice.

Nowadays, more and more artificial plants appear in our lives, in restaurants, shopping malls, or private gardens? We also have some customers in the real estate industry, they are willing to use commercial artificial hedges for property development. This trend is becoming more and more obvious.

  Do you have more time and energy to take care of living plants? Or throw it away after using it once? It may be a small cost, but a waste, and the next time you need it, you have to order it again. Now, you can have another choice! That is art framed plants […]

Artificial plant arrangements or artificial flowers arrangements are recognized and accepted by more and more people, and this industry is becoming increasingly popular. Halfway through 2022, we made rough statistics on product sales in the first half of the year. Based on these data, we have sorted out some popular wholesale artificial plants categories. Newcomers […]

Wedding Decoration is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. But with so many ideas popping up, where and how to choose the perfect wedding reception decorations feel like never-ending tasks. In order not to narrow down the best of your style, we are sharing with you nine of the most trendy inspiration.

  Recently, many customers ask for some suggestions about renovation, especially the shopkeepers in some shopping centers. The vast majority of these shopkeepers have the same requirements, beautiful and easy to install at the same time, variety, and convenient to change them instantly. After thinking for a long time, the answer I gave is an […]

Nowadays, many fires are caused by the improper use of electricity. Besides, small fire sources such as cigarette butts and lighters are also easily overlooked. You will get inspiration from the indoor artificial vertical garden decor in this article.

  In this article, we have listed the top-recommended artificial hedges panels from China for your reference. Don’t worry, you can get the remaining eleven kinds from Sunwing artificial plants!

Have you visited Sunwing Plants Artificial website? Maybe you don’t have the time to read carefully about what’s available in each category. Therefore, this article provides a general overview of all artificial plants ranges and their use.

Indoor-friendly artificial plants are always popular in home decoration. Plants-filled pictures are everywhere, especially on Instagram. They look so cute and make a dull room feel alive. Are you ready to jump into a business like serious gardening, adjusting indoor light conditions, watering, pruning, cleaning up shed leaves, etc. sourcing quality artificial plants China? If yes, […]