all you need to know about artificial plants in pots

All You Need to Know about Artificial Plants in Pots

This is an “all-need-to-know” guide to artificial plants in pots. Over the year, we’ve received customers’ bulk orders and also win many prospects to inquire more about artificial potted plant products and market in 2021.

Whether you are new to this industry or seeking new import plans on artificial plants pots, this article will help you. 

large artificial trees import guide

Large Artificial Trees Import Guide

Large artificial trees are more popular than ever for many reasons as they look leaps and bounds better than those of years past. At Sunwing Industries Ltd., we manufacture and supply a varied selection of artificial trees products indoors & outdoors at the forefront of technology and design.

Here’s an easy Import Guide including:

7 Ideas on Artificial Outdoor Plants

7 Ideas on Artificial Outdoor Plants for Decor

Looking for greenery that is ideal for exterior design without thinking about any upkeep issues? Add some accents to your space with artificial outdoor plants, saving you money and lasting a lifetime. There is no better to decorate porches, patios, balconies, and more, than outdoor artificial plants. What are you waiting for? Come with me to explore the top 7 ideas on decorative faux greenery.


Trendy Fake Potted Plants for Saudi Arabia in 2021

Trendy Fake Potted Plants for Saudi Arabia in 2021

It’s unrealistic to carry on large-scale planting of greenery in Saudi Arabia due to the arid climate conditions. Don’t matter, household fake potted plants have become a new surge on the basis of indoor plants market restraints. Potted artificial plants, indeed, can still add touches of green to any setting.

The following are the trendy fake plants pots in 2021:

How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating

How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating?

If you love greenery with various unique shapes, you will like spiraled topiary plants. But provided that you could not keep them alive, why not give artificial spiral trees a try? Actually, these realistic spiral topiary can accentuate rooms, gardens, and offices just the same as the real ones.


Top 8 Ways about Decorative Artificial Plants

Top 8 Ways about Decorative Artificial Plants 

Decorative artificial plants have become a great choice to meet the demand in keeping houses and gardens full of vigor all year round, both indoors and outdoors. No matter how small or large your space or budget, artificial greenery can give the best solution.


how to make the office colorful with artificial plants

How to Make The Office Colorful with Artificial Plants


In China, there are about 410 million urban employed people. According to the standard, they are in the workplace for nearly half of the week. There are still many people in the world who spend a lot of time in the office every day. So it is important for many people to have a good office environment. As one kind of instant decorations, office artificial plants meet most of our needs.

indoor friendly artificial plants

Indoor Friendly Artificial Plants

Indoor-friendly artificial plants are always popular in home decoration. Plants-filled pictures are everywhere, especially on Instagram. They look so cute and make a dull room feel alive. Are you ready to jump into a business like serious gardening, adjusting indoor light conditions, watering, pruning, cleaning up shed leaves, etc. sourcing quality artificial plants China? If yes, Sunwing indoor artificial plants will be the product of choice for enriching your product lines.