Top FAQs About Fire Retardant Artificial Plants

Fire retardant artificial plants have become an excellent choice for commercial or residential projects. To cater to increasing demands from clients, Sunwing has launched a series of fire-rated artificial plants along with ultra-realistic appearances. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

1. What are fire-rated fake plants?
2. What makes fake plants fire retardant?
3. What are the different types of fire retardant fake plants? What are they made of?
4.FR artificial plants VS IFR artificial plant
5. How to maintain the flame-resistant performance of indoor faux plants?
6. Are inherently flame-resistant plants/trees themselves fireproof?
7. Why fire retardant artificial plants are Ur Top Choice for Commercial projects?
8. What’s Artificial Plants’ Fire Rating Test?
9. How to choose a qualified IFR artificial plants factory or supplier in China?
10. Sunwing Inherently Flame Resistant Artificial Plants


Top FAQs About UV Protection Artificial Plants

When it comes to UV protection artificial plants, many doubts appeared like how it is produced, how it works, how long will it last, and so on? In this blog, Sunwing will answer all clients’ frequently asked questions regarding UV artificial outdoor plants.