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Although many people like to catch up with the trend and look for new items, there are also more people who prefer the classic that won’t become outdated. According to our years of sales experience, China artificial boxwood is the most popular one without a doubt. Here Sunwing industries ltd wants to recommend to you some items about boxwood hedges.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels

Artificial boxwood hedges belong to the earliest batch of products, the exquisite leaves look playful and cute, which is unique and classic. To meet your different requirements, we offer more densities,  thicknesses, and colors, so you can choose freely according to your preferences. Sunwing artificial hedges are now popular among overseas businesses for:

  • Require less maintenance
  • Optimize the environment
  • Provide safety and beauty
  • Bring happiness and relaxation

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Application

Artificial Hedge Application

1. Outdoor Artificial Hedge Privacy

Among all artificial products, an artificial boxwood hedge panel has a better hiding power for privacy. It can cooperate with other products such as artificial leaves and artificial flowers to achieve aesthetic effects.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Decoration for Privacy

2. Artificial Boxwood Hedge Space Divider

Companies can use connected mats to distinguish among the reception area, work area, and rest area. Sunwing faux boxwood with 4 layers is denser and higher than other similar products. Therefore, a quieter and cleaner space will come into realization.

indoor outdoor application of artificial hedge planters

Artificial hedging Planters for Space Divider

Artificial Topiary Ball

Artificial Topiary Ball

As the derivative, artificial boxwood ball is very popular among gardeners. Whether the ball is hung on a wall or put in a pot, it’s very convenient and beautiful. In order to be able to use outdoors, we use the fresh PE with UV added to ensure that our boxwood won’t fade within three years.

boxwood ball application

Use Artificial Potted Boxwood Topiary in Home Decor

Potted topiary plants are a sweet seasonal accent for freshening up your home decor. The high flexibility allows you to move them almost anywhere at less cost, with free maintenance.

Place Artificial Hanging Topiary Balls Outside a Doorway

With this topiary ball, you can keep its beauty on show all year round. Hang it up outside a doorway or place it in a plant pot, Sunwing can cater to all your tastes and needs.

Artificial Boxwood Planter

artificial hedge planter wholesaleSome customers want to use the movable decorative partition for area division. Maybe our artificial boxwood planter is a good choice. It can shield your eyes well and play a role in partitioning. We have different sizes and support for customized services. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

Wholesale Artificial Hedges in Planters

Boxwood Artificial Hedges in Planters

• 100% Fresh new PE materials with SGS certificate
• UV treated, fire retardant & waterproof functions
• Long-lasting, fade-free property both indoors and outdoors
• Customizable sizes, colors, and designs


Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Tree

Some customers cannot own private gardens due to conditions or have time to take care of real plants, so the growth of these plants is not satisfactory. Therefore, you may see artificial boxwood topiary trees in some corners of the house. Sunwing offers the following ready-stock artificial topiary trees with a minimum order of 20pcs.


These trees are easy to store and do not require special care, so you can enjoy the beauty all year.

  • Delicate trimming and unique style
  • Bringing vibrancy to interior and exterior settings
  • Evergreen foliage & Without upkeep costs

Learn More about how to get artificial spiral trees engaged in decorating:

How to Get Artificial Spiral Trees Engaged in Decorating?

Artificial Letters

Sunwing artificial plants offer customization on different shapes or styles of alphabet boxwood letters for outdoor landscapes.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Letter with hedges

Copmany logo with artificial topiary letters

artificial boxwood balls mats trees and topiaries supplier


China artificial boxwood has attracted many customers with its classic and durability. As an artificial boxwood supplier, we will satisfy your reasonable requirements as much as possible. If you are interested, welcome to visit our artificial boxwood import guide page to know more about how faux boxwood gonna benefit your business.

How Does Faux Boxwood Benefit Your Business?

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