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Are you commercial designers finding commercial green walls ideas for projects? In this article, we will introduce some inspiring commercial artificial green walls cases studies for your reference.

6 Reasons to Have an Artificial Green Wall for Commercial Building

  • Less Maintenance

Unlike living walls or green walls, artificial plants wall décor can keep its perfect green performance without any cost on lateral maintenance.

  • Human-friendly

All artificial wall garden panels are tested toxin-free or heavy-metal free to the international standards. They can even produce Negative ions which have a health benefit on the human body.

  • Nature & Health Denotation

Green shades denote a natural or healthy feel that conveys your products are healthier among competitors.

  • Diversified Designs

There are different designs of artificial wall panels for choices in different commercial environments.

Fake vertical gardens can be inherently fire retardant to fulfill requirements for interior building in restaurants, hotels, or shopping malls.

With stable UV protection and Fire retardant treatment, the fake garden walls can last at least 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors.

Commercial Grade Green Walls Vs. Residential Grade Green Walls

  • Commercial Green Walls Are More Durable!

Commercial grade artificial green walls are built to meet the durability standards for a harsh indoor or outdoor environment. The most long-lasting residential artificial plants walls cannot even survive the huge exposure of a commercial building.

  • Commercial Artificial Green Walls Panels are Fire Safe!

Fire certificates are required for building appliances of fire codes in normal commercial green wall installations in restaurants or offices. Some designers or contractors need to require a B+ level FIRE retardant report for this application.

  • Outdoor Wall Plants on Commercial Building are Made High UV-protected for Long-Lasting Fade-resistance!

With a UV test over 2000h or longer, most outdoor commercial façade greenery can keep its evergreen performance with over 3+ years warranty and some even longer.

  • Commercial Design Need to Comply to Certain Color Psychology!

Unlike home décor artificial plants which require fewer color choices. As the feature wall of a property, a commercial green wall needs to be functional enough to fit in the background and represent the essential feel of the building.

For example, green color is a popular color for restaurant design, especially for those muted earth tone green shades. The fake green walls or accents walls represent health and nature which to some degree shows the food on the menu is healthier than the others. The mix of green, orange, or bronze will be a great solution for a fresh interior design of sandwich or bakery shops. While for steak restaurants or bars, the green may not be the color of choice when design because the green color will be less fit in for the atmosphere.

Commercial-grade Artificial Vertical Garden

The most popular commercial green walls products on the markets are artificial wall hedges, artificial living walls, or moss walls.

Artificial hedges are a kind of artificial foliage mats manufactured to solve privacy or greenery issues indoors or outdoors. The most popular type is classic artificial boxwood hedges. They are featured for:


green maze artificial hedging in planters

  • 50cm*50cm/pc | MOQ: 800pcs
  • Nearly 100% Coverage
  • Hundreds of Foliage Styles & Colors
  • Highly UV Resistant outdoors
  • SGS Tested
  • Eco-friendly RoHS Tested
  • Mixed for Vibrant Designs

Check more artificial hedges faqs here:

Top FAQs About Faux Box Hedges Wholesale From Sunwing

Faux greenery walls system are a lusher form of artificial vertical plants for walls compared to fake wall hedges.

artificial wall garden features

  • 100*100CM/PC | MOQ: 50PCS
  • Instant vertical garden system
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Distinctive Lush Designs
  • Fire-retardant Inherently
  • Outdoor 3 Year Warranty

Here are several top artificial leaves wall styles for your reference:

Best Artificial Wall Plants for Importers

Here are two moss wall art forms on the markets, the preserved reindeer moss walls or artificial moss walls. They can be even installed in frames for wall-mounted green wall decorations.

reindeer moss wholesale category thumbnail

presered moss category thumbnail

moss frame category thumbnail

  • 50*50CM/PC | MOQ: 50KG/50SQM
  • Customizable Colors
  • Natural Moss Preserved
  • Best for Commercial Interiors

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Top 8 FAQs About Preserved Moss Wall Art

6 Commercial Green Wall Projects from Sunwing Clients

Here are some representative commercial green walls cases study from Sunwing clients.

  • UV-stable green commercial wallcovering

outdoor Building fence with artificial hedges for privacy screen

Outdoor Building Fence Walls

garage design with artificial vertical plants walls

Artificial Hedges for Outdoor Garage Facade

artificial hedges walls for shopping malls

Shopping Mall Exterior Facade Green Walls

  • Fire-safe fake plants wall ideas for restaurant interiors

indoor artificial jungle wall for office

Office jungle green wall

restaurant fire-retardant artificial wall hedges

Opening ceremony green walls

restaurant commercial design with artificial hanging ivy

Interior restaurant green walls

restaurant ceiling decor with artificial ivy screepers

Hanging creepers for ceilings

  • Hospitality artificial living wall design ideas

hospitality design artificial plants wall

Hospitality green wall ideas

  • Privacy hedges ideas for outdoor swimming pool


Swimming pool privacy hedges

200708-artificial green wall for swimming pool


Outdoor green wall hedges

  • Commercial fake garden walls for office interiors

office wall design with fake living walls

indoor office wall design with fake hedges

artificial hedges panels for office wall design


  • Commercial moss walls for Interiors

indoor reindeer moss for walls

reindeer moss or rock like moss lichens for wall design


Discover more artificial plants for walls cases from Sunwing like event artificial plants ideas or landscape build artificial wall ideas.

Choosing Green Wall for Commercial Use

As one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers in China, Sunwing artificial plants have rich experience of supplying overseas businesses with artificial plants walls wholesale. We help global commercial designers import artificial plants from China. If you are searching for artificial green wall ideas for commercial buildings, welcome to discuss your requirements for your projects.





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