whether artificial green walls or living green walls

Up to now, the fake green wall is becoming the primary solution for modern families and commercial spaces. With the continuous utilization of vertical walls in multiple ways, people have begun to find more options. It’s daunting to discuss the thorough comparison of artificial plants and real plants, so we’re here to make it simple.

Benefits of the Artificial and Live Green Walls

benefits of green walls

Same as most things, there are some mutual features between the living and artificial plant wall. The living green wall and the fake green wall can quickly become an ornament for homes, a display for offices, and a statement for projects.

Peace of mind

Both kinds of green walls present in lush green and beauty, which is beneficial to people’s mental health. It’s universally acknowledged that green has a calming effect, not merely in the visual aspect. Therefore, frequent viewing of plants can help reduce stress on over-tired eyes, lower our blood pressure, and relieve spiritual anxiety.

Noise control

When it comes to the plant landscape, designers would prefer to integrate living wall plants into interiors. Whether natural or artificial, these greenery plants can make much noise trapped in leaves to decrease sound decibels. Therefore, it’s widely accepted in offices, restaurants, and lobbies.

Privacy protection

Wherever we are, it’s uncomfortable to see some unsightly views inside or outside. Rational utilization of plants and space adds privacy to the settings and improves indoor and outdoor environments.


In fact, a majority of suppliers can provide bespoke products concerning natural vertical gardens and faux vertical garden walls. So you can tell your ideas, and the sample belonging to you will come into being.

Artificial Green Vertical Walls

pros and cons of artificial green walls


  • Little maintenance: The fake green wall plants have no vitality, so their leaves won’t go moldy or withered. Additionally, they require no watering, regular manual pruning, fertilization management, etc., which greatly reduces the upkeep cost.
  • No restrictions of conditions: For indoors, faux living green walls can easily endure and survive without sunlight in dark, humid spaces. For outdoors, they can be more cost-effective in high walls and corners.
  • Fire resistance: The simulation plant wall is not only beautiful but also safe. Sunwing artificial wall plants have passed the strict test and can reach B level of the fire rating. Rest assured that they will not cause fire hazards.
  • Anti-UV protection: The fake vertical garden wall is a perfect choice for exterior building materials, especially when exposed to intense sunlight. Indeed, under anti UV powders’ action, these fake leaves can withstand the sunlight without withering. But you have to pick out the UV resistant foliage wall panels on the market.
  • No pest: As mentioned, the faux plant wall doesn’t need water or soil, so there will be no mosquito breeding. Or to say, there’s no need to get rid of pests.
  • Easy installation: These artificial greenery walls are suitable for any building surfaces, such as wood, stone, plasterboard, brick, and concrete. People can get a great wall covering only with simple tools and few steps. You may as well get our installation guide from the online chat.


  • Cannot purify the air: The most significant is that plastics or fabrics cannot provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Therefore, a fake living wall indoors is not the best choice regarding filtering the air in homes or offices.
  • Less variety: Artificial garden walls have fewer plant types than Mother Nature. So you probably will not turn to the fake ones unless the supplier can customize them.
  • Remain static: You will have to purchase more plants to let the vertical garden “grow” since faux plants are dormant.

Living Green Vertical Walls

pros and cons of living green walls


  • Filter the air: The priority of living plant walls is to filter particles from the air and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. To be specific, a 1 square meter living wall extracts 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide from the air and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen every year.
  • Control temperature: Natural plants absorb half of the sunlight while reflex 30% of the sun, creating a calmer and more pleasant climate. The outdoor green wall also has a positive impact on the urban heat-island effect.
  • Encourage biodiversity: The living wall plants promote birds, butterflies, and insects, especially in urban environments, mainly concrete and asphalt.
  • Increase productivity: A green workplace can increase productivity by 15% because plants have a positive effect on people. Of course, this effect also reflects in employee satisfaction.


  • Constant maintenance: A vertical living garden requires frequent maintenance, including watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Therefore, it takes plenty of time, energy, and money to keep a natural vertical garden alive. Besides, you need someone to install and maintain even if there’s a water supply system.
  • Cannot get rid of pests: It’s precisely impossible to completely eliminate pests in a live wall. Although people can get pests under control, the chemicals and pesticides are harmful to our health.
  • Damage to the structural wall: As you may know, some overgrown plants can cause permanent damage to the building structure. For example, there will exist cracks caused by root damage and chronic moisture caused by water retention.
  • Probably can be allergic: It is necessary to take into account poison and allergy because some green plants are toxic. So take care when children and pets are around these plants, though they are popular in home decor. Even if small allergies can cause anything serious, from hay fever symptoms to measles.

There’s a misunderstanding that the fake green wall is far worse than the living green wall. Actually, you only need to check out the most suitable green walls, whether fake or real. Welcome to learn more about artificial plants wall from sales@plantsartificial.com





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