Inspired by Best Fake Indoor Plants for Interior Design

Fake Indoor Plants are an essential factor when it comes to interior design, regardless of the surroundings. In the fast-paced life, indoor artificial plants, as an excellent alternative for green plants, have become the choice of many homes and commercial places. You designers will indeed get inspired by these faux plants that can bring leafage and life into interiors.

Here are some ideas for integrating artificial plants into the indoor design:

Fake Indoor Trees Can Make An Accent

Fake Trees Can Make An Accent

Looking for an accent in your interior design for aisles, corridors, or places with larger spaces? Then fake indoor trees are undoubtedly a great choice. Unlike real ones, artificial trees can add leafy green leaves to interiors without worrying about maintenance. Here are the best faux plant trees from Sunwing.

Fake Areca Palm Tree


When it comes to artificial trees, the areca palm adds a tropical touch to homes. It’s easy to remind you of the sunny beach as this tree has tons of slender leaves.

Artificial Traveler’s Palm

This potted large fake tree plant is easy to become an eye-catcher to fill the empty corner or increase greenery. The broad tropical leaves are full of personality, so they can spruce up interior spaces.

Monstera Fake Plant

Applications of Artificial potted tree Monstera FoliageIt perfectly refines the appearance of a real monstera. Hence, you can engage this faux plant tree with the carefully made foliage in your design. Besides, artificial plants will keep green all year round and allow people to have nature indoors.

Please don’t underestimate the value of decorative fake indoor plants as they can bring touches of greenery to these settings. Moreover, Sunwing artificial plants factory will customize the size of your design. You can get more ideas in “Trendy Artificial Trees in Pots for Home Interiors 2020“.

Potted Fake Indoor Plants Form A Unique Plantscape

Small Potted Indoor Fake Plants Form A Plantscape

Regarding the limited, narrow, or crowded interior spaces, small desktops, floors, and potted hanging plants can work well. These small fake indoor plants are flexible to be an addition to your interior design as well as indoor environments.

Desktop Artificial Plants in Pots

sunwing small sized artificial plant potsUsually, there are books, daily necessities, and a touch of green on the table. Hence, apart from large potted trees, make homes and offices lively with Sunwing’s collection of faux dest plants. It’s not apparent if the desk green is fake or not until you give a real touch.

Floor Artificial Plants

Sunwing products series - potted plantsHow to go on when there is only a tight space for you to perform? Don’t worry, small floor leafy plants can solve this problem in perfection. You may also be interested in more about Sunwing’s “Indoor Friendly Artificial Plants.” No matter where to showcase the life and color, fake plants make a statement without upkeep expenses.

Hanging Potted Faux Plants

indoor artificial potted hanging plantsThese fake indoor plants hanging have no need for extra space; instead, they can enrich the interiors with drooping branches. You can integrate them with stable pots into your design in cabinets, lockers, or shelves.

Take into account color fusion with green plants given the general interior style. But fake interior potted plants need no water or sunlight and even withstand the intense light. Hence, your customers can enjoy the beauty in windowsills, tables, floors even in all seasons.

Create Fake Indoor Garden Plants

Create A Fake Indoor Garden

Probably you’ve thought of creating a stunning living paradise garden indoors, don’t you? Well, honestly, it’s great, but people have to pay for this idea – high costs, frequent upkeep, and potential health threats. However, fake indoor plants are safe and cost-effective, especially for large-scale wall designs though they cannot purify the air.

Ceiling Artificial Hanging Baskets

artificial hanging baskets wholesaleAs a specialized interior designer, you’d better not ignore the greenery that’s hanging in the air. Faux hanging baskets are alternatives for the real ones, which are difficult to water and take care of. When grouping with other plants or faux flowers, you succeed in creating an eye-catching indoor garden.

Faux Vertical Garden

restaurant commercial design with artificial hanging ivyThe design of vertical walls is another essential factor when it comes to the interior project. As mentioned, you have to consider the budget as well as the preferred indoor settings. Sunwing artificial green wall is suitable to form a paradise and can be fire retardant for safety.

The fake indoor garden is commonly acceptable in commercial places such as restaurants, real estate, office buildings, halls, etc. Some residents without yards may also desire to “plant” a garden indoors.

Moss Wall Art

preserved-moss-detailsIf you like simple and three-dimensional wall decoration, I recommend using a fake moss wall. The color of the moss is not abrupt, it won’t be overwhelming, but it’s easy to upgrade the style of your living room.

Artificial Topiaries Show Off “Natural” Beauty

With the increased awareness of bringing nature accents indoors, artificial plants have become more popular among residents. There are various ways to show off natural accents by using fake indoor plants. For example, artificial boxwood is the perfect replica of real boxwood and never goes out of shape.

Indoor Fake Boxwood Topiary

Artificial Topiary PlantsHow about faux boxwood topiary trees? Sunwing reproduces the classic boxwood into well-shaped with dense leaves. The boxwood ball stands upward the sturdy stem, which extends to the pot. Hence, this piece of man-made art greenery is a good idea for your interior design.

Faux Hanging Topiary Ball

artificial hanging topiary balls for decorHigh-quality and realistic boxwood balls without pots are sure to make a statement by hanging them indoors. You can imagine how wonderful it is, especially in the shopping mall with a high dormer. In view of this, if you design for the commercial interiors, you could be interested in “The Most Suitable Artificial Plants Indoor For The Shopping Mall.”

Choosing Sunwing Artificial Plants for your Business

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