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Fake topiary plant is a popular ornamental artificial plant with different patterns and shapes for indoors and outdoors. If you are interested in wholesale artificial topiary trees, balls or animals, etc., please read the following artificial topiary plants faqs for reference:

What is An Fake Topiary Plant?


An artificial topiary, made of synthetic materials, can be built in a variety of shapes. Simple geometric options, such as balls, spheres, or cubes, are the most common. More complex topiaries, on the other hand, resemble animals or other characters. Our alphabet artificial topiary plants are on trend currently.

Why are Fake Topiary Trees So Popular?

Faux topiary balls or trees are made of the Boxwood leaf tapers from a round base, with tiny, shiny leaves that are leathery to touch. Because the foliage is dense on every branch, artificial green walls and artificial boxwood hedges serve as a privacy screen.

Many people who enjoy topiary trees have turned to fake plants because of the busy life and the cost of maintaining pruned trees. faux topiary trees are incredibly malleable and can be styled to your liking without waiting for them to grow before pruning.

So, do all people choose artificial boxwood? What is the difference between real and fake?

Artificial vs. Real Topiary Trees For Indoor and Outdoor

Compared with fake topiary, a real trimming tree requires a long growth cycle and a lot of effort to fertilize and water it. In addition, you can use excellent gardening skills to prune the tree and avoid going bald in the process.

Here are some pros of artificial topiary trees for outside:

  • Zero maintenance

They don’t require any watering or trimming so you can enjoy the garden without any burden!

  • Safety & Non-toxic

Fake topiary won’t attract any insects and is friendly to pets. Pets are always attracted to garden foliage, which is good news for pooper scoopers!

  • Incredibly authentic

The high-quality artificial plants are often complex to distinguish between real and fake. Furthermore, there will be no” balding” spots where the leaves are not growing normally.

  • Suitable for any area

The fake topiary plant won’t grow; you no need to worry about chemicals killing it. If the artificial topiary ball is made with cheap materials, it is more likely to deteriorate in the sun; now, many artificial plants manufacturers add anti-UV additives to fake plants that won’t lose their vibrant color.

Here are details of UV protection artificial plants!

What Types of Artificial Topiary Are There?

topiary trees for indoors and outdoors

Sunwing Artificial topiary

What attracts people to the artificial topiary is the interesting shapes it provides. The most common type of artificial topiary is in the form of a ball, which is often seen hanging outside people’s front doors or on patios. Sunwing artificial plants supplier have the following types of fake topiary:


Sunwing industries ltd is a professional indoor or outdoor artificial plants manufacturer and exporter in China. We can also add LED lights surrounding the balls and trees, turning them into a boxwood lamps at night!

Can Artificial Topiary Plants Go Outside?

Of course, yes. On the market, most artificial plants can have UV production, which varies depending on the raw materials used by the manufacturer during production. Fake plants sprayed with UV on leaves generally only last 1-2 years and required regular maintenance.

Sunwing Artificial plants Insert UV-resistant additives During production. They can usually stay indoors for at least five years and three years outdoors.

How To Select Fake Topiary?

When you start to select, why not consider the following aspects: topiary styles, accessories, sizes, leaves styles.

sunwing artificial topiary trees projects

Sunwing artificial topiary trees projects

Fake Topiary Plant For Indoor & Outdoor Decor

  • Artificial plants for indoor decor: Some small potted plants for corners that need decoration or artificial boxwood balls for the ceiling of shopping malls are a good choice!
  • Fake plants for outdoor decor: Some faux topiary with unique shapes can be used to decorate places like gardens, which seems to be both beautiful and a lot of fun!

Commercial & Business Projects

For commercial & business decor, you need to choose according to the feature of the project, for the lively and cute style you can choose the topiary with letters and animals, for the business style you can choose the spiral type! Also, pay attention to the availability of UV.

Event Design or Rental Artificial Plants

For some clients with the ability to hire for events, a topiary in the shape of animals or letters is the best choice, they look realistic and are often the most attractive at events!

Any Foliage Option For The Topiary Plants?

Yes. There are many different types of foliage, the most common of which is artificial boxwood. For a clean-looking, distinct topiary shape, we suggest using boxwood and ivy. Wild grasses and other free-flowing foliage can be used when a topiary doesn’t need a distinctive shape.

How to Import Artificial Topiary From China?

Importing artificial plants is the most important thing is to select supplier, choosing the suitable product according to the needs of the local customer base. If you are only buying a small number of artificial plants, we recommend choosing a local supplier for your purchase. Suppose you want to import artificial plants in large quantities. Here is a guide to importing artificial hedges that may help you!


Sunwing fake topiary plant series covers an extensive range of foliage and different shapes. If you prefer exact foliage or style, we support customized services as long you can meet the MOQ. Don’thesitate to contact us thru sales@plantsartificial.com.

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