When it comes to importing faux box hedges, many doubts appeared to like what are they made of, how long will it last, and so on? This blog will answer all clients’ frequently asked questions about importing faux box hedges from Sunwing Industries Limited!

What is The Material of Faux Box Hedges?

Sunwing artificial hedges are made of 100% fresh new PE rather than any recycled waste PE, ensuring a natural-looking appearance with a real-touch quality. Different PE materials will result in totally different impressions of the artificial hedges panels!

  • Fresh New PE: This will make the product quality better. With the New PE material, the color will look more vibrant. Besides, artificial hedging or fences smell manufactured this way will smell without any sharp aroma.
  • Recycled Waste PE: The low quality can even quickly tell by eyes — the color looks very dim, appears very fake, and the smell is almost unbearable if you install them indoors.

Here are some tips for telling the quality of faux hedge panels.

Do Your Artificial Hedges Have UV Protection & Fire-Retardant?

artificial-hedges-color-fadingYes, they are made UV stable. We add UV additive formula into PE material rather than UV spray so that artificial hedges panels can be highly UV resistant outdoors. And our fake hedges passed the SGS UV test. You can ask for our SGS UV test report if you need it.

It’s not fire-rated regarding regular artificial hedges. But if you have specific requirements like inherent fire retardant performance for fire-safe purposes indoors. At the same time, the minimum order quantity will be higher than usual. We have an international ISO certified LEVER B+ flame retardant report.

Here are some articles about UV protection artificial plants & Fire-retardant artificial plants!

Can Faux Hedges Be Used Outdoors?

Yes, of course. With perfect UV protection, Sunwing fake hedges fence can withstand outdoor elements without fading for years to come. We can offer at least three years outdoor warranty for that as well.

How About Faux Box Hedges Quality Control?

As an artificial hedges supplier, we firmly believe that quality control of artificial hedging is the first step in business development. Therefore, we set up a series of standardized inspection processes in the workflow to avoid color fading, color difference, and leaves falling off.

  • Color Fading: Within warranty, the color will fade very slowly. After the warranty, if products are under extreme sunshine, the color will fade fast.
  • Color difference: We have a color standard for each item. During production, workers will check the leaf’s color and compare it with the standard one. And we keep a record of the color percentage for each item.
  • Leaves falling off: As mentioned, our QC team will inspect each order. Once they find leave falling off and more than our inspection standard, we will do re-production.

Inspect raw material


Inspect the products production process


Inspect finished product

Check out the Sunwing quality control system!

Are Faux Hedges & Fences Friendly To The Environment?

There’s always a myth that all plastic hedges are imperfect for the environment.

However, the product speaks for itself:

  • Heavy-metal Free:

Our artificial hedges have passed SGS Heavy metal tests and require no water, fertilizer, or special maintenance.

  • Contractor Approved:

According to Sunwing’s client’s feedback, both indoor and outdoor artificial hedges are safe and produce no quality problems or pollution to the environment!

If you are sourcing artificial plants for environmental improvement, welcome to check more human-friendly artificial plants for reference.

How About Sunwing Artificial Hedges Packaging?

  1. What about your regular artificial hedge packaging?
  • Our normal artificial hedge packaging is:
  • 50x50cm per piece; 12pcs in one carton box
  • High-quality carton box to keep in good condition
  • Offer Custom Design Packaging with logos
  1. What about your box quality?

We use a standard exporting carton box with five layers of corrugated paper. And also, we could print your brand information or logo or other designs on our box. We also could help design a unique container for your company. For the extra cost, we need to check according to your design.

  1. How many sqm in one 20ft container, 40HQ container?

For boxwood hedge, like A001, we could load around 966 sqm artificial boxwood hedge panels in a 20ft container and about 2358 sqm in a 40HQ container. If different items are mixed, it may be less a little bit.

Check out the Sunwing artificial hedge import guide or download the packing system PDF for more details on Sunwing packaging.

Inspiring Artificial Hedges Projects from Sunwing Clients

The hottest product is artificial boxwood hedges this year. It is ideal for use in:

Here are some Sunwing client’s projects using faux hedges for commercial decoration:


shopping mall outfitting | Product:Fake wall plants #B041


artificial plants wall for Office design | Product: Artificial living wall #L002


Outdoor garden privacy screen | Product: Artificial wall #B004


swiming pool hedges | Product:Artificial Hedges

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Choose Sunwing Artificial Hedges Manufacturer for Your Business Boost

Some artificial hedges manufacturers in China only export single-quality fake box hedges, and Sunwing can do further to benefit your local business in providing:

  1. Ultra-Lifelike Faux walls Made from Fresh PE
  2. Perfect your projects with Long-lasting Fade-resistance
  3. Easy Installation with Instant Results & zero maintenance
  4. Non-harm Environmental High-end Artificial Hedge
  5. SGS Certified Quality from an ISO Qualified Fake Hedges Manufacturer
  6. Custom Quality Box Hedging (Density, Colors & Size)
  7. Highly UV & Fire Rated Artificial Fences

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Would you like to try ordering faux fences for your projects or business in the next business plan? We are here to supply the best quality residential or commercial-rated faux box hedges from China. Feel free to get out latest artificial plant catalogs or send detailed inquires thru!





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