How Do Faux Boxwood Benefit Your Business_

Faux boxwood is an everlasting trend for both interiors and exteriors as it is ornamental and functional. In today’s post, Sunwing industries ltd. will take you to know how these boxwood artificial greenery can benefit your business as well as take root in your target market.

Trendy Wholesale Artificial Boxwood

As the best replica of native boxwood plants, artificial boxwood now can be blended into various shapes and designs.

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Artificial boxwood hedges mats

100% fresh new LDPE material allows you to import the up-to-above standard faux boxwood hedge panels with a lifelike looking. The connection of pins and holes is flexible for panels to be fixed together to create hedges in smaller or larger sizes as required. Hence, hundreds of boxwood panels of different colors can even provide high-impact visual enjoyment.

Faux boxwood hedge planters

Upon taking into account privacy issues other than decoration, then boxwood with a planter box will be another cup of tea. What if the touch of nature is brought by the green boxwood compared to bland walls? Simple but profound! Tall or dwarf boxwood hedges in planters have something in common but will play different roles.

Faux boxwood topiary

A wide selection of artificial topiary boxwood plants, from balls, trees, letters, and custom shapes, will be your choice. These topiaries express themselves to the fullest, catering to the diverse needs of settings and events. With the combination of sturdy pots or planters, organic-inspired faux boxwood topiary plants are suitable for outdoor use.

Artificial boxwood in frames

It’s advisable for you to purchase eco-friendly and fire-safe artificial boxwood hedges in frames, isn’t it? Made using inherently fire retardant material, all framed boxwood hedges look lifelike and are also compliant with flame tests for home and commercial interiors. Rest assured of the quality and prior factors when it comes to finding out an authentic and reliable fake boxwood and plant supplier.

Multiple Applications for Faux Boxwood

Boxwood hedges and plants are available and applicable in modern architecture, not only for decoration but also for many other uses. Faux boxwood ranges are popping up almost everywhere such as office buildings, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and residences; widely used as:

artificial boxwood in multiple uses

  • Green wall – Under many circumstances, boxwood panels serve as wall coverings for various properties, both indoors and outdoors. For instance, a faux green wall might coincide with a restaurant’s “green theme”.
  • Decorative accent – Most artificial plants are used in decorative areas where living plants are hard to thrive. A splash of green faux boxwood topiary hanging balls can highlight the design of a building facade.
  • Privacy defender – Artificial hedge walls/planters made of boxwood foliage provide a nearly 100% privacy screen and are built to the exact size for residential and commercial environments, maximizing constricted areas.
  • Space divider – A set of topiary plants or hedges in planters installed with movable wheels are applied as barriers to creating a temporary venue for weddings and other functions.
  • Reduce noise – Leaf density helps reduce noise pollution and build a more peaceful internal environment. So, why not let authentic artificial plants factory tell you what to choose to form a landscape wall that can give back lower sounds in corridors/aisles or lobbies/halls?
  • Hide unwanted view – Blocking off unsightly views is also a popular use in modern cities where exists undergoing construction sites and high-end commercial settings close to busy roadways & railroads or under bridges.

Commercial Grade Replica Boxwood

Constructed using UV powders inserted in leaves, lush faux boxwood products have capacities in withstanding external all-weather conditions from dry hot to frosty climates, built to last for year after year.

commercial grade outdoor faux boxwood

Other benefits

  • Low-to-no maintenance – Unlike live plants, you don’t have to worry about boxwood dropping leaves or even die during a long journey.
  • Instant hedging – There’s no need to wait for years of growth as long as by a manual option though real boxwood takes time to grow.
  • Portable – Faux boxwood plants & hedges differentiate from growing plants in flexibility to move to event avenues like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and anywhere else.
  • Customization – You can get customized faux boxwood which has no limits on height or length.
  • Bring greenery to places where plants cannot grow – It’s an easy-to-make option for artificial hedging to be perfect for any low-light/intense-light space.


Customization of Faux Boxood

  • Logos

Looking for a variety of faux boxwood letters used on many occasions? Then you’re in the right place because Sunwing – a leading artificial plant supplier will help you with your needs. 24 letters and any of the figures can be custom-made for different projects or company signs.

  • Frame

3D boxwood frames have been a common application for possibilities at parties, trails, museums, historical sites or weddings. They can be available for permanent or temporary/mobile uses, which is an opportunity to highlight photos in a very influential way.

  • Light

You can require lighting integrated into fake boxwood hedges in multiple ways. LED string lights can surround the leaves or spotlights can be added to any part of the hedge, both are easy to install in many spaces.

  • Movable wheels

Most artificial hedges with planters are lightweight enough for 1-2 persons to move easily, but for heavy traffic areas, we recommend installing the hedges in planters with hidden locking casters. So give the movable planters a try to create a flexible event space either for office buildings or for open areas.

  • Shape

This section needs you to be creative regarding odd shapes and even large custom-made artificial fences. We do our best on projects when you are thinking about what faux boxwood can do, from pop-up hedge mats to scalloped tops, to special mascots.

How are Faux Boxwood Used in Landscape and Interior Design?

faux boxwood leaves used under the bridge and boxwood wall in interiors

We’d like to share with you the exterior boxwood hedges case under the bridge in Dubai; another is in an interior assembly hall.

The easy-to-shape, functional green boxwood plants thrive in residential and commercial landscapes to create artistic patterns, depict roads, divide spaces, and provide privacy. Faux boxwood hedging is a popular choice as a modern design element without upkeep costs and keeps natural-looking while will not wilt or fade.

There are so many ways to incorporate faux boxwood into indoor and outdoor plantscape!

China Artificial Boxwood——An Irreplaceable Classic

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