Fire retardant artificial plants have become an excellent choice for commercial or residential projects. To cater to increasing demands from clients, Sunwing has launched a series of fire-rated artificial plants along with ultra-realistic appearances. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.

1. What are fire-rated fake plants?

Flame-resistant artificial plants are fake products that have been treated with flame-retardant chemicals to resist ignition and significantly slow down the spread of fire. Once your plants encounter open flames or extremely high temperatures, plants with flame-retarded properties will reduce fire risk.

2. What makes fake plants fire retardant?

As is known to us all, the raw materials of fake plants are plastic, silk, fabric, etc. Actually, These ingredients are not resistant to fire. They need to be flame-retarding chemicals treated for safety.

3. What are the different types of fire retardant fake plants? What are they made of?

Here are two kinds of flame-retardant artificial plants on the markets: faux inherently fire retardant(IFR) plants and fire retardant(FR) plants.

  • Fake plants with FR
    These kinds of faux plants have been locally treated with fire-rated chemicals on the surface. The whole process involves dissolving the chemicals in the water to form a chemical spray and then mixing it into the product by spraying or dipping.
  • Fake plants with IFR
    This kind of fake flame-resistant artificial plant is created by mixing the flame-resistant materials and chemicals with the raw materials during the manufacturing process.

4. FR artificial plants VS IFR artificial plant

  • Production Difficulty
    The FR faux plants are produced in the form of sprayed flame retardant, which is very convenient. However, the production of IFR artificial plants requires precise proportioning and more strict procedures.
  • Final Product Appearance
    The chemical for flame-retardant on FR artificial plants will form a greasy film on the surface which will not only cause them to look like greasy inferior products but also easily attract dust particles. In contrast, IFR artificial plants can prevent leaving a filmy residue on the leaves.
  • Product Warranty
    Since the chemicals are sprayed on the surface without the insurance of even application, it is easy to lose capability due to moisture or prolonged exposure to high humidity conditions. And they won’t get any official certificates. Nevertheless, the IFR artificial plants can maintain the ultimate capability throughout the full warranty.

As you can see that IFR is safer than FR, but you must pay attention to maintaining its good fire resistance.

5. How to maintain the flame-resistant performance of indoor faux plant

  • Stay away from water
    Usually, IFR artificial plants will remain flame-retarded throughout their warranty. But if they have been exposed to high humidity environments or rain, their performance will become extremely weak.
  • Prevent dust accumulation
    If you don’t clean these fake plants for a long time, there will be a lot of dust accumulate on the surface of the trees. Unfortunately, no matter how strong the flame-retardant performance is composed of easily combustible organic matter, the dust will result in none fire-resistant performance.

6. Are inherently flame-resistant plants/trees themselves fireproof?

Typically, only the leaves and stem of the faux plants contain fire-retardants chemicals. If a fake tree uses natural wood as the trunk, it is not flame retarded.
In addition, you should know that flame retardancy is not equal to fire prevention. When encountering an open flame, the flame retardant plants will also burn, but it will quickly extinguish the sprouts after the fire source leaves and won’t spread the fire.

7. Why fire retardant artificial plants are Ur Top Choice for Commercial projects?

  • For increasing safety concerns
    Nowadays, private houses and many public workplaces prefer to take these synthetic plants to beautify their buildings. In this case, more densely populated places need more attention to the safety of customers and employees from threats. These artificial plants will not burn or drip even if they are close to heat sources such as candle flames and fireplaces. They will significantly reduce the occurrence of fires and avoid unnecessary casualties.
  • Meet local regulations
    Each state or city has its requirement for fire protection regulations, especially for the fire protection requirements of building materials. It is generally necessary to have a fake plant that meets the fire code of a Class B fire-retardant certificate. So using flame retardant artificial plants will significantly reduce your worries about fire safety inspections. If you want to know your local fire regulations, you can check with the local fire chief’s office or seek advice from your fire safety officer.

8. What’s Artificial Plants’ Fire Rating Test?


The public mostly accepted FR certificates for fire-rated faux plants and hedges is a level B fire retardant test report which shall refer to the European fire rating test standards EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 with the requirements of EN 13823:2010 & EN ISO 11925-2:2010.

  • EN13823 test
    It tests the heat release, smoke generation, lateral flame propagation, and combustion dripping of fire retarded fake plants by exposing the sample of two vertical wings in front of a propane gas sandbox burner with a heat output of (30.7 ± 20) kw, and divide it into A, B, C, D levels.
  • EN ISO 11925-2 test
    This test records the various ignition conditions of the products by selecting one of two different ignition time tests and divides them into B, C, D, E FR levels.

Sunwing‘s latest IFR artificial plants are tested to have a level B+ fire Retardant performance. (Fire test reports can be provided if needed) . For more fire test details, please contact us for more details.

9. How to choose a qualified IFR artificial plants factory or supplier in China?

Whether you want to import large quantities of fire retardant artificial plants for engineering projects or supply retailers, you need to evaluate the wholesalers or suppliers for the following aspects:
-Do you have a fire test report?
-Do they offer samples or videos to see the real first test effect?
-Do they have their own factory for manufacturing?
A professional IFR artificial plants supplier can show you the formal certificate or a copy that meets the local fire safety regulations requirements. What’s more, they can custom manufacture styles as you like.

10. Sunwing Inherently Flame Resistant Artificial Plants

As a leading artificial plants supplier in China since 2004, Sunwing now provides large ranges of fire-retardant & commercial-rated faux hedges and walls. Get full artificial plants catalog if you are interested, the most popular styles are listed in the following picture:


IFR Artificial Hedges Mats | MOQ: 200sqm

If you have any upcoming projects, view artificial plants projects to get inspired. Welcome to get a quote according to the following guidelines.

  • Where
    Is it used indoors or outdoors, and are there any precise requirements for the fire-rated performance?
  • Amount
    The cost of synthetic plants added with flame retardant chemicals will increase significantly, so it will be more cost-effective to order in large quantities.
  • Time
    A reasonable lead time will promote better cooperation. Therefore, please inform accurate time for the projects. We will try our best to offer the best solution.

Besides, Sunwing Industries Limited gives you a comprehensive after-sales service to erase your worries.


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