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Need free samples from Sunwing artificial plants? Read Now!

Are you looking for a satisfactory product for your project? Are you concerned about the quality of the product and the actual visual impact? The free sample is a great way to ease your concerns. Follow the next steps to get your free samples from Sunwing artificial plants. Let’s move on.

Why do you need free samples?

1. Confirm the product quality

If you have never cooperated with Sunwing artificial plants before, you may be concerned about the quality of our products. All Sunwing products are made from 100% fresh new materials and are available with or without UV and fire protection. We are 100% confident that the samples are accepted for testing.

2. Confirm the actual product effect

Maybe you are wondering if the real product really looks like the pictures? Are you worried that after ordering you will find that the product you receive is quite different from what you imagined? All the pictures of Sunwing products are real photos, so we are happy to offer you a free sample to dispel your doubts.

3. A better idea of the product

If you are just starting a business with artificial plants and do not have a concrete idea of the product yet. Then you may need a free sample to help you get a better idea of the product.

Who gonna need free samples?

If your business is in the following areas, then you are certainly looking for suppliers of artificial turf, artificial green walls, vertical gardens, or artificial plants. Below you will find the main business areas of our customers. We recommend different products for different customers to solve your problems to win the market.

  • Hardware Wholesale Supply
  • Home decoration Homeware Supply
  • Floor coverings supply Extention
  • Event hire Supply 
  • Construction projects
  • Landscaping or Gardenware Supply
  • Building materials Supply
  • Agriculture Supply
  • Faux plants Shops

What products can you get samples of?

Generally, you can get a sample of any product. However, due to the high cost of international shipping, it is not advisable to send samples of products that are too large or too heavy for quality checking, such as large trees, planters, etc. However, if you think it is necessary, we can offer it.

Order your favorite artificial plants free samples!

1. Styles recommendation

If you already have a product in mind, we will give you a detailed overview of the product and recommend other products that may be suitable for your project. If you are not currently interested in a particular product, we will recommend the most appropriate product for your business.

artificial green wall

2. Offer samples List

After the recommendation, we will send you a list of products. You can choose the samples you want.
sample list

3. Confirm the sample list

After you select your product, we will confirm the sample list with the item ID and size. Shipping costs vary depending on the shipping method.
confirm the sample list

4. Pay Shipping & Wait

Now you just have to wait for your samples. Shipping times depend on the shipping method you choose.
wait for samples

FAQs about free samples

1. How are the samples sent? Delivery Method?

We use international courier services to ship samples. Generally, we use DHL, FedEx etc. The sample can be packed in a box or a bag.

2. Are the samples really free?

Yes! Samples are all FREE while the shipping fee is on your side, but we only supply a small piece (25*25cm/50cm*50cm/1m*1m). If you want a bigger piece, you need to pay extra.

3. Do you offer a sample board If I want to order one for a post-sale display to my customers?

Yes! The sample board is available. Please contact Sunwing artificial plants.

4. Where can we deliver?

We can deliver to almost all countries in the world. If your location is too far away, please consult us to check.

Sending free samples daily


Now, I hope you are fully aware of that how to get free samples from Sunwing artificial plants. I would be happy if this article would help you with your business as we have been prioritizing providing value to our clients. If there is anything you are confused about, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. Welcome to contact us thru





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