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We have our own factory for artificial grass and artificial hedges. The factory is located in Jiangsu Province.

There are 3 ways you can reach us.

A: You can send us an email directly through
B: Submit contact and inquiry details on our contact us page.
C: You can visit our social platform and leave us a message.

To over more diversified products and services for overseas brands and business, Sunwing is equipped with professional R&D and production team to provide quality custom manufacturing service.

TT, LC are available. Sample order under $500 is OK to use credit or PayPal.

Normally 15-30 days. And it will take 45-60 days in peak season.

You can contact us online to request a product catalog or company e-book or send email to, we will answer you within 24 hours.

Minimum order:artificial grass 1000sqm/color; Artificial hedge $3000/order.
And, discount can be offered if quantity reaches a full container.

Sample for quality checking is always free of charge, while the freight will be at your expense.

For artificial hedge, there is normally over 3 years guarantee for outdoors installation and 5 years warranty for indoors installation as we use 100% new PE.

For artificial grass, our different types of lawns have different warranty periods. Generally, it is about 5 years, our sales will provide you with the corresponding warranty time according to the products you need.

Artificial grass: Our lawns are generally packed into containers through rolls and sets of PP woven bags. This packaging method can ensure that the quality of the lawn is not damaged. For small rolls, we can also pack in cartons, but will have extra cost.

Artificial hedge: always by box/ctn, and can pass drop test.
Logo: It is ok if you need to add a logo to the outer packaging, but may have extra cost, will check in detail then.

I am glad you have such an idea. Could you send me some info of your company and yourself?

And becoming our distributor needs to be completed on the basis of our certain cooperation, and you need oder $3000 at least. If both of us have the idea of long-term cooperation with each other, our company is very willing you to become our distributor.

Our Requirement:

Brand Shipment: Y
Market report: Y
Promotion channels and plans: Y
Sample our brand:
Sales: N
Uniqueness: N

We Provide:

Delivery date: Y
Price/Rebate: Y
Support for photos and other materials: Y
New product priority recommendation: Y
Website technical support: N
Web Promotion:
Exclusive right: Y
Uniqueness: N

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Product FAQs

Top11 Artificial Vertical Gardens FAQs

What is Artificial Vertical Garden?

An artificial vertical garden is made up of interlocking panels of fake foliage, bushes, and even flowers. Artificial garden walls are usually put together in sections by fixing the backing of each panel to the surface of a blank wall or fence. Here’re 6 facts you must know about artificial plants wall.

What are Fake Garden Walls Made Of?

Cheap artificial plants can be made from plastic, silk, and paper. While on the better end of the spectrum, some artificial plant manufacturers add UV-resistant or fire-retardant additives, ensuring a longer service life for commercial projects. The panel backing frames can either be plastic or iron for different purposes.

What Certificates Should Artificial Vertical Garden have?

When it comes to interior or exterior green wall installation, you may have to take local regulations into account, such as construction terms or height. Usually, it would help if you asked for a plants wall supplier to provide ISO 9001 complaint certificates, UV-rated test reports, IFR test reports, and even NFPA flame test reports with regular guarantees.

Artificial Green Wall or Living Plants?

Unlike living plants which require severe living environments and maintenance, artificial green walls or vertical garden panels are easier to install and more cost-effective with the least maintenance like water, pesticide, or fertilizer. In addition, there will be no problem like allergies to people.

Are There Different Types of Green Wall?

For different local markets, there are demands for different artificial vertical gardens of various styles. Even if they are sold in the form of individual panels, you can mix and match them to create your own design. Otherwise, let an artificial wall plant factory supplier create a customized project or exclusive design for your business.

Where to source Artificial Green Walls?

China is the world’s largest exporter of artificial plants like artificial grass turf or artificial garden walls. Buyers or importers need to consider selecting suitable and responsible exporters or suppliers of Chinese artificial plants for business. You can search online or go to China artificial plant wall factory as far as possible.

How to Install an Artificial Green Wall?

Green wall panels are easy to install on a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard, timber, stone, brick, and concrete. The best way to install an artificial wall is dependent on where it is installed.

Concrete wall: With electric drills, screws, expansion tubes, or best with iron grid panels.

Wire fence: Use zip tiles to easily attach these plant panels or fences for privacy or aestheticism.

For more information on how simple it is to install vertical wall panels, you can refer to our artificial green wall installation guide.

How to Maintain or Clean an Artificial Green Wall?

We suggest cleaning artificial green plants with hose or similar every few months. Besides, you may also wish to add some UV-protected spray to prolong the life of artificial plants for even longer (not necessarily required though, as many garden wall panels are UV-proof).

Can You Put Artificial Vertical Garden Outside?

Yes, of course. Artificial vertical garden walls can be manufactured to be long-lasting and evergreen with UV additives to be UV proof in harsh weather outdoors.

How Long Do Artificial Vertical Garden Last?

Most artificial garden wall plants can last or be fade-resistant for at least 3 years outdoors and 3-5 years indoors.

How to Be an Artificial Vertical Garden Distributor?

Each artificial wall manufacturer or supplier has different requirements and benefits concerning the faux greenery dealership. If you’re interested in the artificial vertical garden industry and consider working with suppliers, joining the dealer program will be a great idea.

Any ideas about the artificial vertical garden or interested to get a free sample, you are welcome to request an artificial green wall catalog or check our latest artificial vertical garden designs or more artificial plants lines.

Top13 Artificial Hedges Fence FAQs

What is the material of artificial hedges?

Our artificial hedges are made of 100% fresh new PE rather than any recycled waste PE, ensuring a natural looking.

Is there any difference of different PE materials?


New PE: The product quality is better. With New PE material, the color will look more vibrant. Besides, artificial hedging or fences smell also ok, without any sharp aroma.

Recycled Waste PE: The quality is bad — the color looks very dim, appears very fake, and the smell is very almost unbearable.

Here’s some tips for telling the quality of faux hedge panels.

Do your products have UV protection?

Yes. We add UV powders into PE material so that artificial hedges panels can be UV resistant outdoors. And our products passed the SGS UV test. You can ask for our SGS UV test report.

Are your artificial hedging products fire-retardant?

No, it’s not fire-rated regarding normal artificial hedges. But if you have specific requirements like inherent fire retardant performance, we can customize for you while the price is higher than normal ones.

Can artificial hedges be used outdoors?

Yes, of course. With UV protection, our hedges fence can withstand outdoor elements without fading for years to come.

Are faux hedges & fences friendly to environment?

There’s always a myth that all plastic hedges are bad for the environment. However, our artificial hedges have passed SGS Heavy mental tests and require no water, fertilizer, or special maintenance.

What's the warranty?

Normally, we provide a 3-year warranty for outdoor use and a 5-year warranty for indoor use.

What are the certificates or test reports?

Up to now, we have got SGS UV test report, Intertek UV test report, SGS heavy mental Test report, and SGS Reach test report.

Do artificial hedges have any problems of color fading, color difference, leaves falling off? And how to control these problems?

Color Fading: Within warranty, the color will fade very slowly. After the warranty, if products under very strong sunshine, the color will fade fast.

Color difference: We have a color standard for each item. And we keep record of the color percentage for each item. During production, workers will check the leaf’s color and compare it with the standard one. And our QC team will do an inspection before container loading to make sure everything good.

Leaves falling off: As mentioned, our QC team will inspect each order. Once they find leave falling off and more than our inspection standard, we will do re-production.

What is the selling advantage of your products?

  • 100% new fresh PE
  • UV resistant
  • Environment friendly
  • 3 years warranty for outdoor, 5 years for indoor
  • Water proof
  • No smell
  • Easy to install
  • For boxwood hedge, it is 4 layer leaves. Some suppliers provide only 3 layers leaves. It looks more dense.
  • SGS UV certificate, Heavy Mental certificate, Reach certificate

What about your box quality?

We use a standard exporting carton box with 5 layers of corrugated paper. And also, we could print your brand information or logo, or other designs on our box. We also could help design a unique box for your company. For the extra cost, we need to check according to your design.

How many pieces in one box?

Our artificial hedge is 50x50cm per piece; 12pcs in one carton box.

How many sqm in one 20ft container, 40HQ container?

For boxwood hedge, like A001, we could load around 966 sqm artificial boxwood hedge panels in a 20ft container, and about 2358 sqm in a 40HQ container. If different items are mixed, it may be less a little bit.

Read this guide to Sunwing artificial hedges or download the artificial hedging & fence catalog. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top11 Moss Wall FAQs

What is a moss wall?

A moss wall is a decorative wall made up of natural reindeer moss or lichens adhered to the wall. Most installations are designed using real moss that has undergone a preservation process to extend its lifespan.

How is a moss wall different from a living wall?

The critical difference between the two is that living walls are built from plants actively growing while moss walls are preserved. In such way, a living wall requires lots of upkeep but preserved moss does not need water or light.

Where do you get your moss? Is it sustainable?

We get the harvested moss from remote mountains in China. And of course, it’s sustainable because we try to keep a small carbon footprint. And other living plants or decorations like ferns, rocks, branches, and frames are all sourced locally. Every aspect of production is conducted here in the China factory by us.

How to distinguish different qualities?

The height, diameter, size and color lasting time of the moss itself

How long do preserved moss walls last?

As far as the shelf life of Sunwing moss wall supply is concerned, 3 years warranty is essential. While the preserved moss wall can last 5~8 years with care.

What kind of colorant do you use?

Reactive dyes (new water-soluble dyes), reactive dyes with bright color, good dyeability, simple dyeing

Tell me about the process manufacturing process?

The moss is screened first, then rinsed, dried, re-screened, colored, preserved and softened, and finally screen again packed in boxed.

What's the conditions of use/ environment?

Can’t be near water, windows, or radiators. It’s best not to be near places with strong sunlight. The operating temperature is between -20 and 50 degrees.

Can I have a moss wall outdoors?

We do not recommend installing moss walls outdoors. Exposure to direct sunlight or rain can greatly shorten the life expectancy of moss walls. However, it may be permissible in certain cases, such as in the partially open position where the wall itself is protected from the elements.

How much does a moss wall art cost?

While there are a lot of factors that impact cost, such as design, transportation, and installation, in general, a moss wall is less expensive than a living wall, as much as 40 percent. Where an owner also saves money is on the cost of ongoing maintenance. But if reindeer moss is housed in frames, and the type of moss wall frame impacts the overall cost.

How to maintain a preserved moss wall?

Moss walls almost require no maintenance — proper humidity, and protection from direct sunlight. That’s about it.

Read more about preserved moss art FAQs.

Welcome to download our moss wall catalog for reference. If there’s any question about artificial moss or reindeer moss wholesale, feel free to contact us thru

Top9 Artificial Potted Plants FAQs

Do artificial potted plants actually look real?

Yes. We guarantee that our lifelike artificial potted plants are as beautiful as the real ones. In fact, our research and development apartment has created a line of real-touch artificial plants that mimic Mother Nature’s intricate details, such as naturally occurring variegation and lifelike textures.

Are fake plants tacky?

Not really. Nowadays, artificial greenery with a pot is no longer tacky-looking. Because of high-end technology, expertly detailed to reflect a natural appearance, artificial plants have been in a rising decor trend both indoors and outdoors. They are popular for natural realism, versatility and long-lasting beauty.

Are artificial potted plants better than the real deal?

More and more plant shops and commercial projects use artificial plants pots — there are some additional benefits to introducing faux plants. From eliminating toxic threats to pets and children to helping to cut down on budgets, artificial plants can prove to be a better investment than living plants while the choice is entirely up to you.

What different types of your artificial potted plants?

As a leading artificial plant supplier and manufacturer in China, we have covered all your selection from office plants, house plants to large outdoor artificial plants with planters. Our plant collections including UV-resistant artificial plants are more than natural-looking features.

Can artificial plants go outside?

Yes, of course. It mainly depends on different materials. Most of our faux greenery plants come in plastic and can be UV-proof, especially designed for outdoor environments.

Polyester plants. Polyester is a material that is often used in outdoor furniture and décor. Polyester plants are naturally mold- and mildew-resistant.

Plastic plants. Plastic is another material that can withstand the elements, so keeping them outside is fine.

Silk plants. Most silk plants and flowers are not meant to be kept outdoors.

UV-treated faux plants. One of the best things about many artificial potted plants is that not only can they be kept outside, but they are designed for outdoor use.

Paper plants. Like silk, anything made of paper should not be stored outside.

Read more about reasons to choose artificial plants for the outdoors.

How long do artificial pants last outside?

Since our artificial plants are made of synthetic plastic materials, you will expect them to last longer than weather-resistant silk. More importantly, when treated with UV protection additives, they will have a lifespan for several years. Regularly, we provide a 3-year warranty for artificial outdoor plants.

Where to buy artificial potted plants?

When sourcing faux potted plants, you have to know 8 ways about artificial plants. As mentioned before, at Sunwing Industries ltd., you can opt for multiple artificial plants that can meet your local customers’ needs. You can place a trial order or require samples to check quality at the first time.

Can I change the pot or planter?

Yes, you can ask for customization as long as your order meets a certain quantity so not only the pot can be changeable but also the foliage type can be customized. According to the way of planting pots, we stock cement and ceramic pots in high quality and durability. But once put into mass production, artificial plant pots can not be changed nor replaced.

Is there any need to maintain fake potted plants?

Yes, but only a little maintenance needed. While our selection of fake plants in pots eliminate the need for daily maintenance, we suggest cleaning it and wiping away any dust it might have gathered.

Any more questions about indoor friendly artificial plants or artificial potted plants trees? Welcome to get in touch with our Customer Support.

Top9 Artificial Topiary FAQs

What is an artificial topiary plant?

Faux topiary plants are popular decorations for interior and exterior use. Composed of synthetic materials, an artificial topiary can be constructed in various shapes. The most common form is simple geometric options, such as balls, spheres or cubes. But more complex topiaries resemble animals or other characters.

What are faux topiary balls or trees made of?

Artificial topiary balls and trees are mainly made of LDPE structures and leaves, sometimes supported by iron. To achieve UV protection and flame retardant effect, we manufacture artificial topiary plants with polyester blend materials and additives.

Can artificial topiary plants go outside?

Of course yes. As mentioned above, we insert UV resistant additives during production. Instead of UV spray coated on the foliage, our artificial topiary plants can be fade-resistant and last longer for years to come.

How long do artificial topiary plants last?

With industry-leading materials, UV-proof additive, or fire-retardant manufactured, artificial topiary balls and trees can usually stay indoors for at least 5 years and 3 years outdoors.

How to choose artificial topiary?

You need to consider these aspects before importing or according to the indoor and outdoor landscape design.

  • Topiary Styles: artificial topiary trees like cone trees, spiral trees, or topiary balls trees; artificial topiary balls; topiary letters or animals
  • Accessories: In-pot or without pots
  • Sizes: Tall, large, or customized?
  • Leaves styles: Select unique foliage for your artificial topiary like boxwood balls, ivy balls or etc.

Read more about artificial spiral trees for decorations.

Do you also supply pre-lit artificial topiary plants?

Yes, we do. As required, we can also add LED lights surrounding the balls and trees, turning them into a boxwood lamp at night.

What types of topiary designs can I have made?

Endless possibilities. We can make pretty much anything you can dream up—just provide us the artwork and watch your topiary take shape! We can also work with you on creating original designs based on your logo, brand name, trademark or other brand-centric design, or by re-creating a topiary design that you see on our website.

What foliage options are available to make my topiary?

Although our topiaries are often made using faux boxwood, we have a range of both green and floral foliage options at our disposal to make your brandy new topiary.

For a clean-looking, distinct topiary shape, we suggest using boxwood and ivy. Wild grasses and other free-flowing foliage can be used when a topiary doesn’t need as distinct a shape.

How to maintain artificial topiary balls or trees?

Unlike living plants, artificial topiary plants require less maintenance. But without maintenance, an artificial topiary will be a dust collector, so just clean them with water or cleaning cloth regularly is okay.

Interested in our artificial topiary plants and trees or would like to add artificial plants to your current product line? Welcome to get a quote by email at

Top 13 Artificial Trees FAQs

What are artificial trees made of?

Most artificial trees are made of metals and plastic. Sunwing Artificial Trees consist of silk fabric leaves, FRP trunk, and steel bottom for fixing.

Why artificial trees are better?

Here we listed five reasons to choose Artificial Trees ⇓

  • Artificial trees can be reused year by year
  • There’s no mess and maintenance
  • They’re easy to assemble and store away
  • Fake trees are allergen-free
  • Real trees have an increased fire risk; however, artificial ones can be flame retardant

Can I put artificial trees outside?

Of course! Sunwing’s UV-resistant Artificial Outdoor Trees can be displayed outside, resisting wilting or discoloration.

Are your fake trees fire retardant?

We offer fireproof options. We can use flame-resistant foliages during the manufacturing process of fake trees, which adhere to international safety requirements when installing in public spaces.

I’m new to artificial trees, what do you recommend?

As a Leading Artificial Trees Manufacturer, Sunwing supplies high-quality

Firstly, we need to know where you will apply the trees or some info about your business. Then, our professional sales team will give you targeted recommendations.

We care about the environment and human health, is the material of your products toxic?

Sunwing artificial flowers and plants used in faux trees are made from 100% fresh silk fabric & plastic without any chemical odor. Our products are SGS certified and ROHS compliant.

Do you offer Christmas trees?

Yes. Besides Artificial Green Trees, Artificial Flower Trees, Artificial Fruit Trees, Artificial Palm Trees, we offer Artificial Christmas Trees with lifelike foliages, visibly textured trunks, and bendable stems. Our business partners include Christmas product importers, Christmas shows planners, retailers, and distributors.

Can I enjoy customized service?

If you are looking for custom manufacture or package service for your artificial trees, welcome to contact us thru our email or leave an inquiry on our contact us page. We are able to find the perfect artificial tree solutions according to your space or budget.

What is the minimum order quantity of your artificial trees?

We do have minimum order guidelines; however, MOQ can be flexible according to the specific request. Please contact our Sales to get your MOQ and pricing details.

How long do artificial trees last?

Most quality artificial trees have a life span of 3-5 years indoors.

Where to import artificial trees?

China has a vast territory and abundant products, and it never lacks the raw materials needed to produce artificial plants and trees.

Looking for premium wholesale artificial trees suppliers? You’ve certainly come to the right place!
Started in 2004, Sunwing has developed into one of China’s professional manufacturers and suppliers of faux trees used for landscape, residence, and commercial purposes.

How to import artificial trees?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to import from China:

1. Select an audited artificial trees manufacturer or supplier
2. Check the classification of artificial trees and get product catalogs
3. Confirm if your supplier can provide related certificates
4. Negotiate the MOQ, pricing, packing, delivery time, and other details

Welcome Importers, Distributors, Retailers, and Wholesalers to partner with Sunwing!

How do I clean my artificial trees and plants?

Artificial trees and plants only require easy dusting. Use your cloth to wipe down any silk leaves, textured trunks, and pots/planters that show signs of dust.

Any inquiries are welcome! Request an artificial tree catalog here or check this Large Artificial Trees Import Guide for more info.

Top13 Artificial Grass FAQs

What is artificial grass made of?

Usually, the fake grass is made from a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene, which is made into synthetic fibers to look like natural grass. It is then combined with rubber granules and silica sand to help keep the blades upright.

Will my artificial grass turf look fake?

No, it’s fake grass, but it doesn’t look fake or tacky. Instead, many artificial grass manufacturers have been developing products that look and feel like real grass for years to come. So today’s grass turf are never more natural-looking.

Are all synthetic turf products the same?

No, there are a variety of different types of synthetic turf products and systems. Read this article to know about Sunwing best fake grass wholesale products.

Is artificial turf safe for children and pets?

All of our artificial lawns are proven safe for children and are pet-friendly, no harmful materials included. Fake grass produces no pollen, so it’s great for kids and dogs playing.

Is synthetic grass environment-friendly?

Yes. Over the years, there have been no reports of its negative impact on the environment. Synthetic turf is environmentally friendly as you neither need to sprinkle any pesticides or chemicals to keep the grass growing nor water, protecting the environment in a good condition.

What’s ‘infill’ and do I need infill for my grass?

Infill is the material spread over the artificial turf during installation to keep blades upright, protect the lawn and extend its service life. The most common infill materials are silica sand and rubber granules. Proper infill quantity will ensure the performance of the product.

Does artificial grass drain well?

Artificial grass drains very well, depending on the infill. Our turf products are water-permeable and drain water fast. Please note that you should make sure the base drain well first.

How long does artificial grass last?

The lifespan depends on the application of course and use of the synthetic turf itself to bear. Our turf products are delivered with a 5-7 years warranty in UV resistance and wear resistance. But the life expectancy will be longer than our warranty.

How hot does it get in summer?

Artificial grass gets hot in summer, depending on the infill used. Generally speaking, the temperature on artificial grass is higher than that on natural grass. Silica sand is light in color, which can reflect heat and cool down the lawn.

Will the turf catch fire?

No. However, the artificial turf is not flammable. Rest assured that it has no ignition point, and it simply melts. Actually, our artificial landscaping grass withstood the challenge of a Spitfire experiment suffering only minor damage from the heat and embers.

How much maintenance and upkeep does an artificial lawn need?

It’s easy to maintain and needs super-low maintenance cost. Unlike natural grass, the main thing is regular brushing to keep dirt and leaves off. Whether it’s a sports pitch or a residential garden, the upkeep cost is minimal compared to that of natural turf surfaces.

How much does it cost?

Artificial grass prices will vary depending on the specifications of the products. Our synthetic grass is priced by square foot and installation costs vary based on each specific project. To complete an artificial grass project, you may also need accessories like seaming tape, adhesive, and infills, etc.

What about installation?

We suggest seeking a local artificial grass installation company or hiring a professional artificial grass installer for your project, saving time and ensuring the final result and performance.

If you are a handy DIYer, you can also research and install the course surface yourself. Refer to this synthetic turf installation video

Any more questions about artificial grass wholesale? Please get in touch with us at

Top9 Artificial Flowers FAQs

What artificial flowers are made of?

Artificial flowers are made of paper, cotton, parchment, latex, rubber, sateen (for large, bold-colored flowers and arrangements), plastic and dried materials. Most artificial flowers in the market nowadays are made of polyester fabric.

What are real touch flowers?

Real touch artificial flowers are also called natural touch flowers, life-like flowers, realistic flowers or high quality artificial flowers. They may or may not refer to the same manufacturing process. However, they don’t really have the soft “feel” of natural flower petals.

Are artificial flowers tacky?

Fake flowers used to be considered tacky. Not anymore. Cheap fake plants can definitely look tacky. However, artificial plants and flowers that are carefully crafted with high-quality materials by a company that cares about their craftsmanship can fool even the keenest eye.

Can artificial flowers get wet?

Silk flowers and plants should not get wet, as it can damage them. This method removes the debris without cleaning the plants with water. This will also work well for other fabric plants, such as polyester.

Can artificial flowers go outside?

Normally, we do not recommend using artificial flowers for the outdoors as they are delicate in silk material. But for outdoor weddings or other events, silk flowers can temporarily serve as arrangements once coated with UV-resistant sprays.

Read more about outdoor artificial flowers ideas.

How to keep fake flowers from fading in the sun?

Use Fabric Protection Spray. Lay your artificial flowers down on some sheets of old newspaper in a well ventilated area. Apply the UV resistant spray in sweeping motions and leave to dry for approximately 10 minutes before you place your artificial flowers back in the path of direct sunlight or weather exposure.

Are artificial flowers cheaper than real?

Fake flowers, depending on the quality of the flowers can be much cheaper in the long run. They do have the advantage of not wilting and won’t freeze in cold weather. Good artificial flowers are easy to maintain can be reused during the next event.

Why artificial flowers are better?

Artificial flowers are the answer to most of the disadvantages of fresh flowers. They don’t have any pollen, which makes them safe for those who are allergic to fresh flowers. They last forever and will remain beautiful for as long as you keep them dust-free. Best of all, you can have all kinds of flowers in all imaginable colors no matter the season.

Where buy artificial flowers in bulk?

Sunwing is an Exporter and Supplier of Quality Wholesale Artificial Plants and Flowers. At Sunwing, you’ll find favorite types of premium silk flowers for your silk flower arrangements, perfect for DIY flower projects. Wholesale pricing available.

Anything else questions about faux flowers bulk wholesale? Welcome to get in touch with us for custom manufacture, quality assurance, and get the latest artificial plant catalogs, etc.

Top10 Christmas Decorations FAQs

What Christmas decorations do you supply?

We supply the following four collections of Christmas decorations.

Christmas Wall Decor (Christmas Moss Frames, Artificial Christmas Greenery Frames)
Christmas Table Decorations (Christmas Flower Baskets, Christmas Flower Boxes)
Artificial Christmas Trees
Outdoor Christmas Decorations (Christmas Wreaths Art, Christmas Pine Wreaths, Swags & Garlands)

Discover more details & info on Best Christmas Decorations to Import 2021 | Christmas Decor Supplier China.

Can Christmas decorations be recycled?

Most of our Christmas decorations are made of artificial plants that cannot be recycled but can be reused year-on-year. For those that are completely worn out, you can donate them to your local charity shop.

Is it OK to customize Christmas decorations products?

If your business desire different or brand new styles, our team is here to help you make them come true. We can do customization or combinations, materials, and frames etc.

You can learn more about artificial plant factory’s custom manufacture.

Can your Christmas decor items go outside?

Yes. Some of our Christmas decorating items can be used for the outdoors. For clients who are searching to bulk purchase outdoor Christmas decorations, we offer not only the classic artificial Christmas trees, but we also prepare these Christmas wreaths for the front door and other styles of swags and garlands for reference.

Should I consider an artificial tree, or should I stick with the natural version?

Artificial trees have existed for decades, but in the last decade or so, they have been comparable in appearance and value with natural trees. Not only are high quality artificial trees indistinguishable from natural trees, they can be used year after year, can come prelit, are lighter and easier to set up, and will not cause allergies. Not to mention, they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Are there more reliable and easier to use holiday lights available?

This is one of the most common Christmas FAQs. Actually, many lights now come designed in ribbon or net forms, which makes for easy draping and reduces the chances of tangling. Holiday lights are now made with LED technology as well, and LED lights are brighter, much more efficient, and will last significantly longer, reducing the need for replacement bulbs.

What is the warranty of your Christmas decorations?

Normally, we guarantee a 3-5 years warranty for the indoors.

Where to buy Christmas decorations?

For personal use, you’ll find plenty of Christmas decor items on Amazon or can purchase from a local retailer. But for business use, you can import from us. Sunwing is more than an artificial plant manufacturer in China. We have capacities to create brand new Christmas decorations ranges for your special needs. Moreover, we can also provide OEM & ODM as required.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Once your first order quantity meets the specific amount or you place an order with us regularly, we can give you a certain commission. In such way, each time the price is unbeatable compared to wholesale pricing.

What shipping/ delivery options are available?

We are located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. We will be happy to work with you on a variety of shipping options to make sure that your decorations arrive on schedule and safe. For smaller items, we can ship either UPS or Fedex. For larger items, we can use most freight lines. We make sure that the product is crated properly.

Would you like to make a detailed import plan before the Christmas season? Or any more questions about other faux plants? Please turn to page artificial plant catalogs based on your interest. Get a quote today!