Highly recommended artificial wall plants

Best Artificial wall plants come into wide applications in various industries due to their strong plasticity. You can hardly imagine any industry in which artificial plants are not available, can you? As long as it is the place where we live, artificial materials make use of every single space. For instance, regarding interior design and home improvement, engineering projects, and even furniture hardware, the majority of importers have certain expectations. As a result, even if you’d like to enter the decoration market from the original industry, expansion of versatile artificial greenery walls can bring benefits, or can become an advantage for importers. Discover more artificial plants wall product guide here!

Here are listing recommendations for the best artificial wall plants or faux plants for walls from Sunwing industries ltd, check out them.

UV-resistant & Fire-retardant Artificial Vertical Garden

artificial green wall panels series

Artificial Plants Wall Panels

-Plastic Backing Grid

When it comes to real green plants, especially large living walls, they require tremendous work and high maintenance. Besides, it’s difficult for house plants to last annually because of seasonality, so plant keepers have to replace them. When choosing an artificial wall plant, it tends to be little maintenance and keeps fresh in the long term.

Artificial vertical wall

-Iron Backing Panel

Nature green, indeed, brings peace and tranquility to the homes as well as commercial settings. In view of limited time and money, an artificial plants wall is a great alternative. Additionally, in order to avoid the occurrence of safety issues, it’s necessary to use fire-retardant greenery on commercial and public occasions.

Actually, Sunwing inherently fire retardant vertical wall panels come in a wide combination of leaves and flowers to be deluxe. Ultimately, they present in high density with lush green foliage.  In order for easy installation, each panel is 1 meter by 1 meter, thus transforming into an interlocking design.

On the whole, the artificial wall plants work in:

  • Lush green coverings for restaurants, shopping malls, and a variety of stores
  • Instant backgrounds for logo, brand, and lettering
  • Decorative business events and exhibitions
  • Creating new looks in office walls
  • Interior and exterior landscaping

Check full artificial green wall import guide:

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Garden Walls

Indoor and Outdoor Faux hedge walls 

outdoor Building fence with artificial hedges for privacy screen

Artificial Hedges Walls – Asia Case Study

With respect to the long run, artificial hedges prove to be classic and versatile either for adding greenery or creating privacy in outdoor spaces. Why they’re popular along with green walls lies in minimal maintenance and UV treatment to look great season after season.

Whether looking for outdoor wall decoration materials with a long warranty? Check out no further than Sunwing hedge wall mats that are able to withstand all elements of exteriors. These strong hedges are durable and fully UV stabilized, so as to keep them from fading or discoloring. On the basis of no upkeep costs, it ensures that your bespoke faux hedge foliage stays vibrant and healthy annually.

Fake wall plants have access to specific areas such as office wall creation interiors and building exterior walls. According to your needs, Sunwing can provide custom plans to integrate into areas and offer the best artificial wall plants for your local business. Aside from making a statement for your company or brand, you can get more inspiration from Sunwing.

Indoor Artificial Wall Hanging Plants

It’s necessary to replace with plants artificial that can survive and thrive in spaces where natural green can not. Suppose you arrange trailing plants on the wall to achieve a spectacular effect, when should you plant and fertilize them? Probably not, so an artificial hanging plant is a foolproof solution to limited time, space, and wrong growing conditions.

artificial hanging plants for ceiling decor

Artificial Hanging Creepers for Restaurant Ceilings – South Africa

Though without soil, sunlight and maintenance, they stay cute and healthy all year round, brightening up the whole room. Due to textures and colors, artificial wall plant won’t be not boring that looked plastic or fake. Without doubt, they make a statement to be the artistic design originating from real things.

Mixed and collected hanging plants can be hung directly or combined with baskets, vases or pergolas to create complete artworks. Apart from wall decorations, they can be easily suitable for porches, patios or ceilings without taking up any floor space.

Sunwing fake plants hanging is not limited to ivy, fern or creeping plants, more styles are to explore. Looking for UV and flame retardant artificial wall hanging plants for indoor and outdoor green wall decorating thru sales@plantsartificial.com

Custom Designed Art 3D Green Wall

Art framed plant wall is a kind of bespoke design for a variety of green walls either indoors or outdoors. In light of frames, plants are usually mixture of simple foliage or branches, in order to meet requirements for decorations. All in all, there exists several kinds of plants frames, botanical frame wall or moss art is up to you.

artificial 3D wall plants frames

The combination of artificial leaves and 3D artificial wall plants on circular or rectangular frames perfectly coordinates the modern decorative style. It not only brings a natural accent and vitality but also refreshes the interior wall design that is full of charm.

Catering for various interior styles and design purposes, Sunwing provides multiple series of cost-effective 3D frames, such as the “Bloom the Colors Of Life” series, and so on. In addition to online listing art plant walls, there is a diversity of leaves and flowers for DIY or custom design. No matter what you desire, tell them and you will get the best solution. Check frames plants wall guide below:

A Full Guide to Framed Vertical Garden

The artificial moss develops from the blocky shape of real moss, on such a base beautifying itself to look more ornamental. On one hand, the foam interior outlines the basic shape of natural moss. On the other hand, the covering of nylon fleece gives priority to the overall appearance. You can get more inspiration from artificial moss the instant when choosing wall decor or floor elements. Otherwise, preserved reindeer moss seems to be a better choice for the majority.

Check artificial plants for walls projects supplier by Sunwing:

Up to now, hope your importers have acquired the information that you need from this recommendation. But want more? Please turn to the artificial plant wholesale page or email sales@plantsartificial.com for free samples.

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