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Wedding Decoration is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. But with so many ideas popping up, where and how to choose the perfect wedding reception decorations feel like never-ending tasks. In order not to narrow down the best of your style, we are sharing with you nine of the most trendy inspiration.

Wedding Decor Inspiration

When it comes to wedding events, you need to integrate wedding reception decorations with venues to create an unforgettable wedding for the bride and groom and all guests.

modern wedding decor inspiration - wedding table decorations

Unique wedding table centerpieces

Centerpieces are ornaments at the center of a table to strengthen the wedding venue, style, and theme. Cluster centerpieces, including accented flower arrangements, are a popular and favorable choice for the newly-wed. You can choose a modern style of wedding decoration that combines stone/glass/metal/crystal elements with unique bouquets of different colors and textures. Even humble gadgets can be centerpieces for the sake of guests.

Tropical wedding style

Whether the event venue is in a tropical destination or not, you can forecast how beautiful a wedding with tropical ornamental character is! It’s time to go to the seaside where can be transformed into a tropical paradise. Or create a tropical landscape by incorporating tropical artificial palm leaves, exotic flowers, and fruits, into wooden objects with tropical patterns.

Copper wedding decoration ideas

Have you ever come up with wedding design ideas with a variety of copper handcrafts? It’s been a trend to add warmth and fit harmoniously in any wedding setting with copper styles such as faux copper flowers, copper wrapped cluster centerpieces, copper tablecloth. However, “too much is as bad as too little”, any copper decor is designed to embellish the wedding in an appropriate way.

What Should You Consider Before Decorating A Wedding?

Few things are more dreamy than a wedding. So we suggest five tips for a wedding decoration as you may need.

  1. Decide indoors or outdoors. An exterior wedding decor should consider the climate, so make full preparations for the venue. Otherwise, you can bring nature in with the help of greenery walls.
  2. Pay attention to all details to make your guests feel at ease. For example, floral curtains gently hung at the reception areas, bring guests into a dream. Every detail is relaxing and alluring, well-designed to combine the home comfort with nature authenticity.
  3. Add some whimsy and surprises. You can interchange chairs and benches to create a chic lounge space where guests have the convenience to stretch out to celebrate a wedding party.
  4. Put the wedding table decoration at intervals. Centerpieces are designed to decorate the table instead of obstructing communication during the feast.
  5. Lighting enhances the atmosphere. The softer the light, the better is for creating a romantic environment, so there should not be too many candles or shiny lights.

Best Wholesale Wedding Decoration Items 

Whether the wedding venue is indoors or outdoors, we recommend wedding decoration listings to be artificial, factory-direct, and cost-effective.

Artificial flowers – A great alternative to fresh flowers and are allergy-friendly at a fraction of the cost of fresh
Wreaths, garlands and swags – Available in diversified artificial decorative styles and can last a lifetime
Pampas grass – A popular accent to any wedding setting with strong durability; can be recyclable
Greenery wall – An easy-to-install and space-saving background of the wedding
Artificial trees – Can be customized to a larger size and blended well with surroundings
Boxwood topiary letters – Best wishes/blessings and striking visuals

Flower Arrangements Necessary for the Wedding

flower arrangements for the outdoor wedding decoration

Floral arrangements are more than basic centerpieces and bouquets in wedding decoration. In addition to these popular choices, there are dozens of ways to use fresh/dried/artificial flowers at weddings. Check out this list before planning a wedding event.

Wedding bouquet: Without a doubt, it’s one of the most dominant flower elements during the wedding day. These bouquets come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and can even be customized based on your event plan.

Ceremonial artificial wedding flowers: It turns out a habit when placing flowers in weddings in specific cultures and traditions like Indian and Hawaiian weddings.

Wedding aisle marks: Display a typical floral aisle using artificial wedding flowers that are suitable for the outdoor setting and can last for years to come.

Flower wedding arch: The wedding arch with a variety of flowers is an ideal wedding decoration idea especially for anyone who needs a gorgeous wedding portrait setting.

Flower strap: It’s common to tie flowers to ribbons and hang on drapery at ceremonial backgrounds, entrances to the venue, and decorative arches.

Wreaths and garlands: Both circular wreaths and a long rope of garlands with flowers and greenery are typical ornamental touches above tables, around entryways.

Endless to example as flowers are impeccable everywhere in almost all weddings.

Nature Inspired Indoor Wedding Scene

artificial hanging plants for the interior wedding decor

The natural landscape is fascinating, so are outdoor weddings. Now that you cannot change the scene of nature, why not make an interior wedding plan and get wedding decorations ready?

– Hanging plants. You can transform any indoor wedding setting into gardens by introducing flowers and greenery to the ceilings or above tables, allowing guests to feel surrounded by nature.

As an idea, try to use artificial hanging creepers or faux hanging flowers for places where real ones are difficult to be watered or survive. Even though you dislike too much faux, you can pair live plants with artificial ones, making them look more natural and lifelike. Here are some benefits of using artificial hanging plants in wedding interiors.

  • Flame retardant for long-term indoor use
  • Non-heavy metals for indoor environmental protection
  • Space-saving
  • ISO, BSCI, GMP and other certificates as high standards
  • Wholesale options; acceptable for wedding events

Outdoor Simple yet Chic Wedding Decoration

Looking for something easy yet modern and chic for the wedding decoration? Do you envision an outdoor wedding with vibrant blossoms and trees?

– Wedding trees. We have noticed a trend that brides increase their awareness of environmental protection in their weddings. Introducing incredibly realistic artificial trees is a trendy concept in no waste and no mess.

To fill a vast external space, using trees would be as great as floral arches down the wedding aisle. When speaking of the large trees with dense foliage and blossoms, you’ll find they also create an aisle and boundaries in an open space. A sing and statement artificial tree is really an on-budget addition to luster any outdoor wedding and impress attendees.

Pampas Grass – Wedding Landscaping

pampas grass - wedding landscape

Ideal for large-scale decorations owing to its size, pampas grass is an excellent ornament to bohemian events. Though it tends to be related to bohemian styles, we see it’s more frequently used in modern and romantic weddings. So whether the wedding venue is indoors or outdoors, pampas grass is easy to make it feel like a sort of paradise.

Multiple colors. Different colors can be symbols of four seasons and also acceptable on other occasions.
Customized sizes. Catering to diverse needs of projects and events, reed grass is able to be reproduced into taller dimensions.
High-quality materials. Especially regarding the faux pampas grass, it’s manufactured with durable stems in paper-wrapped iron and lifelike reed tips in silk.

Browse a collection of wedding decoration trends, pampas grass is certain to attract your attention. The tall, wheat-colored dried pampas grasses have never been out of style since a couple of years. With soft, wispy quality, they add an instant accent to any wedding decor from bouquets & centerpieces to ceremony backgrounds.

Impressive Weddings with Lighting

Candles, string LED lights or lanterns help create a warm, relaxing, and even romantic atmosphere in any wedding setting. Greenery is probably an element that most wedding decorations can’t lack, so what if decorate greenery and flowers with lighting?

– Pre-lit topiary balls. As one of the most cost-effective wedding decoration items, artificial topiary is a creative way to make a dreamy wedding come true within a budget.

Besides, topiary balls can well fill the gap in space. Through the combination of heights and string lights wound around the topiary balls, the atmosphere of the indoor wedding hall is quickly set off.

Tonal Coordination in Wedding Decoration

Skillfully using colors to set the tone for an entire wedding is already a basic talent for a mature wedding planner. Colors can be symbols of different wedding decoration styles, or romantic and aesthetic, or forest and fresh, or retro, or modern and simple, etc.

chic stylish wedding decoration with soft tones

Romantic & aesthetic wedding decor

Colors: Pink, blue, purple, and dreamy colors

Exquisite cotton lace tablecloths, small and slender royal candle holders mixed with linen napkins, printed dinner plates, white gold-rimmed goblets and fragrant flower decorations all demonstrate the unique style of romantic wedding banquets.

Forest & fresh wedding reception decoration

Main tones are dark green and gray-green with white and yellow accents

Wooden tables and chairs, rustic brick walls, and unpretentiously natural style reflect the beauty of nature, making a wedding full of natural freshness. This kind of style rather than luxurious adds tranquil and moving touches to a wedding.

Retro wedding decoration

Chinese style: Night Shanghai, hot-blooded youth, Mahua braids, cheongsam, Zhongshan suits, and other elements symbolizing the era of the Republic of China are popular among the newly-wed.

European style: The rustic retro tables and chairs can set the tone for the wedding. Camel-colored arrangements emphasize the feeling of European medieval times. The gorgeous and exquisite retro objects are used as ornaments. While colorful patterns and gorgeous golden embossed paintings express the luxury and sophistication of the European Baroque period.

American style: American retro weddings, represented by Broadway-style, are full of classic flavors in the 1920s and are suitable for people who are passionate and art-loving.

Modern yet simple

With the rise of minimalism, wedding decorations have also begun to adopt simple, delicate, and low-key concepts. Simple signs, white dinner plates + metal tableware, low-key and elegant backgrounds, with geometric and line elements, create extremely stylish and tasteful weddings.

Theme wedding decoration

Of course, there’s no second choice other than a theme wedding, which is interesting and innovative. If you’re planning a unique wedding, you can give it a try for diverse themes for instance Alice in Wonderland, One Piece, Superhero, The Great Gatsby, and so on.

Romantic, economical, and environmentally friendly wedding decoration is what modern young people need. We are here to help you with the top-recommended wedding decoration scheme. Welcome to download our brochures and get the factory-direct price!





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