How to secure box hedges from strong wind

High artificial boxwood planters protection from strong wind or harsh weathers are frequently asked by many artificial Hedges walls wholesale clients especially from the UK:

  • “how to secure high artificial boxwood planters from a strong wind?”
  • “how to stop hedges planters from blowing in wind?”
  • “how to protect movable artificial hedges planters when a strong wind blows?”

Three aspects to Check Before Securing The Hedge Planters

  1. Installation site: Is it against the wall? Can there be reinforcement measures on it?
  2. Height of hedges planter: If the artificial boxwood planters are under 1 meter, the planter box doesn’t need to be heavy enough to withstand wind. Artificial Hedges in planters that need to be reinforced are higher than 1.5 meters.
  3. Structure: You don’t need to worry if the box hedges structure itself is air permeable. If the boxwood planter you have is not air permeable, we recommend you improve in the following ways:

How to secure high artificial boxwood planters from a strong wind?

(The following methods are shared by our client Artigwall®)

  • For hedges planters of 79″ and 96″H height, we suggest fix them onto the ground with anchors or other tools to protect them from blowing down in the strong to secure planters to the ground


  • For high hedge walls, especially for outdoor use, you need to fill the planter box with a water bag or sandbag or bricks to give it enough weight to secure the planter from blowing over.

how to protect artificial hedges planters from blowing up

  • If the wind is too strong like 7+ levels, please move them indoors or into shelters to avoid destroying them during the strong wind blow.

About Sunwing Artificial Hedges Walls

artificial hedge planter wholesale

The artificial boxwood hedge in planter from Sunwing industries ltd consists of two main parts, the planter box, and the box hedges. They are perfect as a space divider, boundary denotation, and green backdrop for homes, events, and other landscape architecture designs. Check our regular offer below:

>>Structure: WPC bottom +mesh stand +artificial hedges panels

>>Regular Size: L100*W25*H100cm/pc

>>Custom manufacture: Available

  • For artificial boxwood hedges in the hedges box, we can offer hundreds of more styles artificial foliage styles for choices. As a leading artificial hedges supplier in China, we are especially good at supplying premium lifelike artificial boxwood hedging wholesale for traders and importers from all over the world.
  • For planter boxes, we offer three choices for different clients and markets: the stainless steel planter, the WPC planter, and the wood. Clients can choose by themselves according to the local requirements.

how to choose planters for artificial hedges walls


Artificial hedges panels certificate

All artificial hedge mats are made of fresh PE, with the certifications of Anti-UV, CA65, and Heavy Metal-Free offered if you need.

>>Product Warranty: 

The artificial boxwood mats are UV resistant with almost no fading with a product warranty. Sunwing offers at least 5 years indoors warranty and 3 years outdoors warranty.

Adaptive temperature: -98℉~212℉

>>For Package:

Sunwing can ship with a pre-assembled planter solution or separately. The hedges planters can be Easily Assembled or disassembled within 15 minutes.

Artificial Hedge Planters FAQs


  • Durable, sturdy & reusable
  • Double rust proof
  • UV resistant for indoor & outdoor event
  • Easy Assembly
  • Life-like appearance
  • Withstand Strong Wind & Harsh Weathers
  • All seasons workable


Artificial hedges walls are wonderful home privacy screens or event rental products. Check some projects below from our clients:

outdoor event backdrop hedging planters

night party with artificial hedging planters

garden artificial hedges in planters

More artificial boxwood plants to discover on:

China Artificial Boxwood——An Irreplaceable Classic

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