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Indoor-friendly artificial plants are always popular in home decoration. Plants-filled pictures are everywhere, especially on Instagram. They look so cute and make a dull room feel alive. Are you ready to jump into a business like serious gardening, adjusting indoor light conditions, watering, pruning, cleaning up shed leaves, etc. sourcing quality artificial plants China? If yes, Sunwing indoor artificial plants will be the product of choice for enriching your product lines.

Instant Results

Made from 100% fresh PE, dyed vivid and rich colors, artificial plants are well-manicured to your taste. Already and will always be in their prime time, the household artificial plants can be placed literally anywhere you like.
With indoor artificial plants, you don’t need to be a green thumb to own a greenery room. They save you time and energy to go through all the tedious preparing work to wait for the final blossom. The worst can be after all strenuous efforts, you become no one but an indoor serial plant killer. However, with ultra-realistic artificial flowers and plants, you only need to brainstorm about the layout ideas, which our company is also happy to help you with. We have professional design consultants whose indoor designs can shed some light on your home décor.



A corner of nature (from marksandspencer)


Low Budget & Low Maintenance

Artificial plants are cheaper than live ones not only because their price tags said so. The quick results of the former ones also greatly cut down on your costs, for example, you don’t need to worry about nutrients, soil, insecticides, or any other plant needs. They never die and their color remains vibrant and vivid for as long as 5 years.
Then comes your favorite part: indoor-friendly artificial plants are almost maintenance-free! You are spared any haste and hassle: you don’t have to clean up the fallen leaves, manage the indoor temperature, move plants here and there for optimal sunlight, etc.
Indoor-friendly artificial plants save you both money and effort. If you have no about artificial plants, refer to “artificial plants in pots full guide

Health Benefits

It’s true that artificial plants are unable to release oxygen or clean indoor air but a bunch of research works show that simply looking at green plants can be beneficial to your health, releasing stress and easing nerves. Drawing on characteristics of real plants and flowers, we produce our artificial plants with a natural-looking. Feast your eyes on them, they will definitely refresh your mind.
Although our artificial plants cannot produce oxygen gas, they don’t produce any toxic gases either. They are totally toxin-free.
Moreover, there is no scent or pollen in artificial plants. To some extent, they are a better companion for people with allergies and pets.

Safety Guarantee

One of the concerns about using artificial plants is that they may easily set a fire and ruin everything. The worry exits for some reason. There are lots of electric home appliances and artificial plants that could be placed anywhere to decorate the house. A short circuit may cause outlets to sparkle and even ignite a fire. Any non-fire-resistant plants can fall prey to electrical fire right then but our fire-rated artificial plants are not afraid of fire. We have an international fire rating. Sunwing artificial plants suppliers have been tested many times. Even with a fire-lighter, they don’t ignite. You can refer to the fire-retardant testing article below:

Top FAQs About Fire Retardant Artificial Plants

Real or Fake Plants: Definitely Not Rivals

When it comes to real plants and faux plants, people tend to think this is going to be either A or B decision. It is not true. Real plants definitely have plenty of benefits we appreciate in home decoration, such as cleaning the indoor air. The thing is, one can combine real plants and artificial ones to create a beautiful and natural environment.
Artificial plants can be placed to fill the rooms where the light is so dim and the temperature is so high or low. Moreover, since they are always in full blossom, faux flowers can be mixed with real bushes with real greenery to create a better sight and the naturalistic outlook of our products won’t make that bunch of plants look anything but true-to-life. You will definitely impress your friends and guests with your house plants.


A mix of artificial and real plants (from homemix)

Sunwing Indoor Artificial Plants for Home Decor

>>Indoor artificial hanging plants

>>Indoor artificial floor plants

>>Indoor artificial plants in pots

Indoor-friendly artificial plants can make a real difference to your home décor because they are friendly to your body, energy, purse, safety, spirit, and desire for beauty. In addition, indoor decoration walls and artificial topiary can be good indoor decorations as well. For the best indoor artificial plants for interior design. please refer to:

4 Best Fake Indoor Plants for Interior Design

Choose quality fake indoor plants and give a refined touch to your home décor. The first step is to select a reliable artificial plants supplier. If you are searching for a reliable artificial plant factory in China for indoor decor, Sunwing Industries Ltd is willing to provide you with assorted indoor artificial house plants.





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